10 Best Tomatoes To Grow Indoors

You can buy tomatoes from the market but homegrown tomatoes are fresher. If you are facing the problem of shortage of space then you should not worry about this problem as you can easily grow tomatoes indoors. 

With little care and maintenance, you will get a continuous supply of homegrown tomatoes effortlessly.

When you decide to grow tomatoes then the first question that comes to your mind is what variety you choose. Selecting a suitable and appropriate variety is an important step. 

Some cultivars give the best results as indoor plants. The size of the plants is very important while deciding the variety. If the height of many tomato plants can be about 8 to 15 feet such plants are not suitable for indoor gardening.  

It is better to select a small-fruited variety because it can produce a large number of tomatoes. Small fruits ripen faster and can adjust in limited light. In this article, we are going to discuss with you the 10 best varieties you can grow indoors.

Can We Grow Tomatoes Indoors?

If you fulfill the lighting requirements of the tomato plants then it is possible to grow tomatoes indoors. When you grow them indoors then it is better to start from seeds. 

Prepare your seedlings in a planting tray and place the tray on a windowsill. Make sure the soil of the planting trays remains moist. The suitable temperature for the germination process is 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  

After 7 days, you will see the young seedling start emerging from the soil. The true leaves will start appearing after one month. Now, this is the time of transplanting. Transplant these seeds to a larger pot or container.

You need a five-gallon bucket or a square foot pot for transplanting the young seedlings. Make sure your pot, bucket, pot, or container must have drainage holes at the bottom. 

This is essential for the healthy growth of your tomato plants and your plants will be saved from many diseases. Fill the pot with a high-quality potting mix. Avoid using garden soil as the potting mix has all the essential nutrients for your plants. 

Now take out seedlings from the tray with care to protect roots from any damage. It is better to loosen the roots before placing them deeply in the soil of the container or pot. 

Now water your young seedlings so they can easily adjust to a new environment. As potted plants dry out quickly you have to take care of the frequency of water. 

6 hours of light is the need of tomato plants so you should maintain the lighting requirements if you are not getting sunlight for your plants when it is better to arrange artificial sunlight.    

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Best Varieties Of Tomatoes For Indoor Gardening

There are different types and varieties available, it is very difficult to choose the right one. First, you should understand the different varieties and their requirements. After that, make a decision. 

Determinate and indeterminate are two main types of tomatoes. You should understand the difference between these two types.

  • Determinate tomatoes are perfect for indoor gardening as they are bush varieties and need less space for growth. The height of this type reaches up to 4 feet. The size of this plant is suitable for indoor planting.
  • The height of indeterminate plants grows up to 20 feet tall. So you should avoid indeterminate varieties if you want to grow them as indoor plants. 

For indoor gardening, you can choose grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and other varieties that produce small fruit.


This is a compact plant that produces small tomatoes. The diameter of the fruit is about the size of a quarter. You should prefer pixie tomatoes for indoor planting due to their size and density of foliage. 

These tomatoes come in different varieties such as Orange Pixie,  Striped Pixie, and Scarlet Pixie. Every variety has its characteristics but all have a meaty and sweet flavor. You can harvest these tomatoes after 52 days of planting. 


This is a dwarf variety that can grow 18 inches. You can easily grow them in containers. The hybrid and determinate variety produces bright cherry tomatoes of this variety that have a sweet taste. The diameter of the fruit is about ¾ inch. The maturity time of this variety is 45 days. 


This is a hybrid and determinate variety. This is a compact plant that can grow 18 inches tall. The pot or container you use must be 12 inches in diameter. The depth of the pot must be 12 inches.  

This variety produces round and red fruits. The diameter of the fruit is about 2 inches. This is a disease-resistant variety and you can pick the fruit after 70 days.


This variety is crack-resistant and slicing tomatoes. It is suitable for indoor gardening. The maturity time of this variety is 72 days and the weight of the fruit can be 8 to 10 ounces. 

Mountain spring tomatoes are perfect for growing in containers. The height of the plant can reach up to 18 inches. The diameter of the fruit is about ¾ inches and has a sweet flavor. 


This is a disease-resistant variety that can tolerate harsh conditions. You can get a continuous supply of fresh tomatoes if you choose to grow this variety. 

The shape of the fruit is round and the color is red. The weight of the fruit is between 8 to 12 ounces. You will get mature fruit within 70 days. 

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A determinate variety that is ready to harvest within 50 days. Interesting thing is that Siberia tomato plants can adjust to cool temperatures. It can survive up to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The globe-shaped tomato variety has a bright red color. If the climate of your area is cold then Siberia variety is best. 


It is a determinate variety that produces crimson red tomatoes. The height of this bushy and dwarf variety can reach up to 12 to 18 inches. The shape of the fruit is round and maturity time is about 70 days. 

You can easily grow this variety in containers, pots, or window boxes. This is the best choice for indoor growers. This variety doesn’t need any skating or support due to its smaller size. 


This is another determinate variety that matures within 72 days. The height of plants of this variety reaches up to 18 to 36 inches. Baxter’s early bush tomatoes can adjust in any environment and you will get continuous production. 

The fruits of this variety resist splitting and after picking they keep well. The shape of the fruit is round and the flavor is sweet. The diameter of the fruit is 1 ½ inch and the color is red. 

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It is an early-season tomato variety. This variety is famous for its small and delicate foliage. The size of the fruit is medium and the color is red. The height of the bush type of plant can reach up to 18-24 inches. 

This variety is perfect for pots or containers. Deep watering keeps the soil moist for tomato plants. When you see the soil is dry then water the tomato plants.  

You can pick the fruit when they are desired color, firmness, and size. If you want to keep the flavor of picked tomatoes then keep them at room temperature. 


The shape of the tomatoes of this variety is just like a pear. The size of the fruit is small so it is best for growing indoors. This variety belongs to the heirloom group and bears distinctly mild-flavored. 

The yellow pear tomatoes enhance the flavor of salads and sandwiches. Yellow pear tomato plants are midseason plants. The maturity time of this variety is about 70 to 80 days. 

The soil you are using for growing this variety must be rich and full of nutrients. Water regularly and keep the soil moist. Apply fertilizer every 3 to 4 weeks after transplanting.  You can use liquid fertilizer or compost tea for better results. 

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Taking Care Of Indoor Tomato Plants

You can easily grow tomatoes indoors and get tasty and fresh tomatoes for your kitchen. We have made a list of the 10 best tomato varieties now. We are going to guide you more and make this article more helpful for you. 

Following are the tips that help you in the growth of tomato plants. Hope these tips and instructions help you to maintain your tomato plants. 

  • If you want your tomato plants to flourish and produce tasty fruit for you then you should use well-drained soil and fertilizer for healthier growth. 
  • Besides this, you should be careful about water and light. If you see the surface of the soil is dry then water your plants. After the production of the first fruit sets, you should feed your tomato plants.
  • Pruning is very important, discard yellow, dead, and withered leaves. This will encourage the plant to focus on the development of fruit. 
  • If you want to protect your plants from diseases then you should choose a disease-resistant variety for indoor planting. You can get all the information about the variety on the packet of seeds.
  • Discard brown leaves from your tomato plants. This is the best way of protecting your plant from more damage. You should disinfect the tools because they can become the reason for the spreading of diseases.
  • Rotate your pot container so each side of the plant will get ample light.
  • Fresh air is also an important factor for avoiding disease. So select that location where your plants get proper air circulation. 
  • The fruits may attract many pests and insects such as aphids, hornworms, and cutworms. Remove them to stop destroying tomato plants. 

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