10 Reasons Why Kitchen Gardening As Hobby Is Better Than Any Other Hobby!

Kitchen gardening

My hobby is gardening. I think I love gardening, but in fact, gardening loves me. How? 

It keeps me in touch with plants, greenery and nature. The kitchen gardening gives me the pleasure of growing my own vegetables, fruits and herbs I needed every day and eating them. In this article, I am trying to explain, how beneficial is Kitchen gardening, in terms of physical health or mental health and many more. 

Here are 10 reasons why kitchen gardening is the best hobby of all. 

Number one: Kitchen Gardening Is Good For Your Kids.

Kitchen gardening is a great activity for your kids. Most of the kids love to play in the soil. So why not make it an educational play for kids, which is no doubt is healthy too. 

Why Kitchen Gardening is good for kids?

  • It is like an outdoor activity for them, instead of playing video games.
  • Kids will learn counting and names of plants and vegetables.
  • They will learn how to grow plants and vegetables, which is good for there future.
  • It will develop a love of nature and plants in them.
  • We all know, how much plants we need nowadays.
  • It teaches kids responsibility. 
  • When they own a kitchen garden, they have to water plants every day, trim them and much more. That’s how they will learn about ownership and responsibility. 
  • Kids will love to eat what they grow in there kitchen garden. So it makes them healthy because they are growing fruits, veggies and herbs, instead of burger and pizza. 

Number Two: You Will Grow Your Own Organic Food.

Let’s be honest with each other. Supermarket organic foods are so costly, less nutritious and not even 100% organic. Supermarket organic foods travel a long way to come to you. It took days after the harvest. Foods will lose its nutritional value each and every day after the harvest. 

But if you have your own kitchen garden, you can eat right after harvesting your veggies. It means there is no loss of nutrients. You are eating 100% nutrient full veggies and fruits. 

In your Kitchen Garden, you have control over everything:

  • Seeds Selection (GMO or Non-GMO).
  • Soil Selection
  • Fertilizers Selection. 

Growing your own veggies and fruits in your kitchen garden without toxic sprays and fertilizers is the best things. These veggies will be Non-GMO, 100% organic, full with nutrients and taste freakishly good. 

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Number Three: A Great Exercise.

Gardening is a great activity. It is not as good as running or gym but “doing something is better than doing nothing”. Gardening will help you to burn some calories and flexibility. According to estimates, you will lose 300 calories per hour of gardening. Eating your own veggies and fruits suppress your cravings and help you in losing weight. 

Some Exercises involve in gardening are:

  • Shovelling (act as resistance exercise)
  • Weight lifting (bags of mulch or soil)
  • Trimming of branch and leaves (stretching)   

These exercises will help in burning calories, healthy bones and joints.

According to some experts: gardening is also good for your immune system. A little dust will improve your immune system. 

Number Four: Kitchen Gardening Save A Lot Of Money.

As other hobbies are costing you a great amount of money, Kitchen Gardening is saving you a lot of money. 

In the grocery store, 60-70% of our everyday cost is fruits and vegetables. Which we can grow in our kitchen garden very easily. As I mentioned above our own growing food is also going to be 100% pure. 

How Growing Our Own Food Save Money?

  • If you spend $50 on seeds and grow them very wisely, you will grow fruits and veggies worth $1250.
  • Grow what you really going to use in daily life.
  • Don’t grow anything that you or your family don’t like. That will be a waste of money. 
  • Grow weather crops and store them, like onion and potatoes. 
  • Herbs like rosemary, basil, oregano and parsley are used in almost every dish. Grow your own herbs and save money.
  • Plus, you will love to eat what you grow in your garden. That will suppress your cravings of fast foods and save a lot of money every day.  

Number Five: Relieve Stress: 

Gardening is a very soothing hobby. Playing with dirt, watching your plants to grow slow and steady, eating their fruits while sitting or walking in the garden will help you in your stress and anxiety issues. Gardening is like outdoor activity and light exercise, which is good for stress problems. What more can do gardening?

  • There is not work stress when you’re gardening.
  • It is playing time with your family and kids. According to science, this playtime is beneficial if you have stress problems. 
  • Controlling each and everything about your kitchen garden will make you feel special. 
  • Reading or watching some comedy in your garden feel so good and soothing.
  • If you are growing plants you already know in your heart how good this is. Because we need earth and earth need plants. 

Number Six: Gardening Teaches You Patient:

Veggies take a long time to grow. Waiting for the time of harvesting is a bit difficult. Watching veggies every day, water them,  trim them and taking care of them for a long time will produce a lot of patience in you. After a long wait and all the work, when you eat your own grown food of patience, that will worth it. 

Number Seven: Varieties of Your Own Choice. 

You are in a supermarket or grocery store. How many varieties you can buy? 1 0r 2 maximum. But if you grow your own, you can grow as many as you want or like. Think how many varieties of tomatoes and potatoes you can grow in your own kitchen garden. And all of them 100% organic and very cheap.

Number Eight: Kitchen Garden Don’t Even Need A Piece Of Land.

You wanted to adapt kitchen gardening as a hobby and you don’t have a back yard or front yard or any piece of land. No need to worry about that. You can design your kitchen garden on your roof or terrace or even your walls. Here are different forms of kitchen garden you can make right now. 

  • Pots or containers
  • Raised Bed Garden
  • Vertical Garden

Pots or Containers:

Choose some bigger and deeper pots for the kitchen garden. Avoid thin and low quality plastic pots and containers, because they have drainage problems. You can grow a lot of veggies and herbs in pots like tomatoes, cucumber, reddish, beans, potatoes, beetroot, parsley, rosemary and basil etc. For pots and containers, you cannot use normal soil, you must use some special potting mix soil. You can make this soil your own or can buy from stores. 

Raised Bed Garden:

This is same as pots but has a broader area. You can grow a lot more veggies and fruits and herbs in a raised bed garden than pots. 

Vertical Garden:

This is the most fun one. You can grow your foods out of your walls. Just buy some pots and planters, hang them with your walls and have fun. Mostly you can grow shrubs and herbs in the vertical garden.

Number Nine: Extra Beauty To Your Home.

We all know plants are beautiful . They add an extra layer of beauty to your home, workplace or any other place you love. The green colour of plants is a refreshing view of the eyes. And if you have your own kitchen garden, you can design it, according to your likings. You can rearrange the pots, change the position of the pot or change the colour of pots to match with your wall colours. Vertical gardening is the most beautiful form of kitchen gardening. Add extra planters or remove them to make your wall more beautiful and green.

Number Ten: Saves Environment.

As I mentioned above, We need earth and earth need plants. If you are a gardener, you are already doing a great favour to yourself, your future and all other people. This is what plants are doing to save our environment:

  • Plants purify air 
  • Provides us fresh oxygen
  • Making 10% of all the clouds
  • Play hard against global warming
  • The only way to stop or reduce the rate of global warming is plantation. 


In my opinion, kitchen gardening is not just a hobby. It is life. It is a great work for great souls. So if you think you have one (a great soul) give it a try. You will have everything, nothing to lose here. You will have health, money and our environment. 

I hope you enjoy this article. Please share it with your friends and family. THANK YOU!

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