14 Store-Bought Vegetables and Herbs You Can Regrow in your Kitchen Garden

Number one: Ginger.

Take a long piece of Ginger 2 inch long and 2-inch wide. Break into two pieces, plant these pieces 1 inch deep in the soil. Potting mix is more suitable. Water the pieces and ginger will produce shoot in one month and produce your own homegrown ginger. 


Number Two: Green onion.

If you have fresh green onion cut the bottom of green onion about half-inch with roots. Plant the cut of green onion in potting mix. Water them and green onion start producing shoots in a couple of days. 

Number Three: Garlic.

Select the big bulb of garlic. Break it into cloves. Pick the bigger cloves and use your hand-thumb method to plant these cloves. Buried the clove about your thumb length in soil and hand apart. Or you can plant them 2 inches deep and 6 inches wide simply. Garlic should plant in very loose soil. Water them and every clove will produce a bulb of garlic.

Number 4: Potatoes. 

Potatoes are very easy to grow. Potatoes produced little eyes when they are ready to grow. When you saw little eyes on potatoes, plant the whole potato in potting soil. Dig a hole in the soil and plant the potato eye facing up. Water them and you can grow a lot of potatoes.

Number 5: Carrots.

Cut the top about 1 inch in length. Plant the cut in potting soil (stem facing up). After a week cut produce leaves. After about one month, leaves will get bigger. If you don’t want to wait, you will happy to know that, the leaves are edible too. They can use in the salad.  

Number 6:  Lettuce.

Lettuce is very easy to grow.  Cut the bottom part of lettuce about one inch long.  Plant the cut and cover the bottom part of the cut in the soil.  After about two weeks lettuce will regrow. If not all of them survive half of them will regrow. 

Number 7: Leaks:

Leaks will regrow the same as lettuce.  Cut the bottom part of leaves about 1-inch long. Plant the cut and cover the bottom part of the cut in the soil. Water them and in 2 weeks leaks will regrow. 

Number 8: Celery.

Celery also has the same method to regrow as lettuce. Cut the bottom part about an inch long. Plant these cutting in potting soil and cover the bottoms of these cutting with soil. Water these cuttings and after 2 weeks, shots will come out. 

From 14 plants, 6 of them are herbs. These herbs can regrow in your kitchen garden very easily. All of them have the same method to grow, but the time frame is different for some. 

These herbs are:

  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Sage
  • Thyme

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Number 9: Basil. 

Select some healthy cuttings of basil. Remove the leaves from cutting, leave only 2-4 leaves at the edge of cutting. Put the cutting in a bottle filled with water. If your water is chlorinated, use boiled water. In two weeks, cutting will produce roots. Now, its time to plant these cutting with roots in the soil. You can plant them in soil, container or anything that is available. 

Number 10: Oregano.

The method is same

  • Pick healthy cutting
  • Remove leaves
  • Put in boiled water
  • In 4 weeks roots appear
  • Plant in soil

Number 11: Rosemary.

The method to regrow rosemary is same. The only thing you need to take care of is choosing stem, Choose the stem which is totally green. All other process is the same:

  • Healthy green cutting
  • Remove leaves
  • Put in water
  • In two weeks roots will appear
  • Plant these cutting in soil

Number 12: Mint. 

The process of regrowing mint is so easy. The only thing you need to take care of is the area where you grow mint. Mint grows like a weed, it will cover every part of the area where you grow them. So select a pot or container to grow mint. 

Number 13: Sage. 

Sage took a little longer than rosemary. 

  • Select a cutting
  • Cut the end of cutting by 45 degrees
  • Remove leaves
  • Put in water
  • Plant in the soil after 4 weeks, when roots appear

Number 14: Thyme.


  • Avoid overly branched thyme cutting
  • Choose green cuttings
  • Cut them by 45 degrees
  • Put them in water
  • After 4 weeks roots appear
  • Plant them in soil.


2 thoughts on “14 Store-Bought Vegetables and Herbs You Can Regrow in your Kitchen Garden”

  1. Did you know you can grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs from the food scraps you normally throw away? Never go to the store again for any of these easy home-grown goodies! Read on to find out what you can start growing in your own home today.

  2. It’s always nice to have some ginger lying around, and having fresh ginger is even better. To grow your own, all you need to do is plant a small piece of another ginger root that you’ve already bought from the store in potting soil (make sure the buds are facing up). In about a week, you should see new shoots and roots. From there, pull them up, use them, and repeat the process.   Spring onions are another very easy vegetable grow right in your kitchen. Once you’ve gone through a bundle of spring onions from the store, place the root into a jar of water (fill the jar a little less than half way), and the onions will begin to regrow in just a few days. Be sure to keep the water clean and replace it as needed.


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