15 Best Plants For Terrariums

A terrarium is a small glass container in which we grow terrarium plants and moss. The terrarium plant does not like bright light so should you keep them indoors. 

Terrarium plants take more time for their growth. It does not need more care for growing. You can grow them in small vessels and enjoy the greenery. With the help of a terrarium plant, you can make your home more gorgeous. 

1. Air plant:

Air Plants ( Tillandsia ) is the best idea for the terrarium. Air plants do not need more places to thrive. Air plants grow on the other plant where they absorb water and nutrients. Air plants need no soil. So we can grow them in any place. Air plants also play a particular role in purifying the air. 

2. Succulents:

Succulents are also best for terrariums. Succulents are slow-growing plants. Their shiny leaves make the terrarium more beautiful. 

Succulents are small tiny plants that can live years without transplanting. It is also a low-light plant. These plants survive in a little amount of water, excess amount of water can damage their roots. 

3. Jade plants:

We grow Jade plant (Crassula ovata) in terrariums. Jade plants have thick leaves and it is bright light plant. Jade plants do not like soggy soil so you give them water in a sequence way. When the upper layer of soil is dry then you should give water. You can grow Jade plants in open terrariums because they are good for them. 

4. Nerve plant:

Nerve plants (Fittonia) is also terrarium plant. It is a bright light plant. Its leaves are so beautiful. They have many colors like red, pink, green and purple. With the help of the nerve plant, we can make our terrarium more beautiful. 

5. Artillery Fern:

Artillery Fern is also a fantastic choice for terrariums. Its leaves and shoots produce a popping sound. Due to its sound, we call them Artillery fern plants. In this way, they are interesting plants for terrariums. Artillery Fern is low light and less care plant. So you can easily grow in terrariums. 

6. Ferns:

Ferns is also a terrarium plant. They can grow in a closed terrarium. We can grow ferns types like lemon buttons and maidenhair ferns in the terrarium. It is also a slow-growing plant. They need a moist and low-light environment. 

7. Aluminum plants:

Aluminum plants have shiny leaves due to their features it is best for terrariums. Its leave has white marking and beautiful shine. It is a slow-growing and attractive plant. You can grow them easily, take small cuttings and plant them in the moist soil. 

8. Polka dot plants:

The plant is found in many colors like red, pink, and silver shades. So they make our terrarium more attractive with polka dot plant. We pinched it when they get spindly. It is a warm and easy care plant. 

9. Moss:

Mosses are slow-growing plants. They need moist soil and low light for their growth. They take less space for its growth. It is also best for terrariums. 

10. Carnivorous plants:

Carnivorous plants trap the insect for nutrients because they live in wet conditions. These wonderful plants are also grown in terrariums. We can grow carnivorous plants in both ways open and closed terrariums. 

But when you grow in a closed terrarium they face the problem of catching the insect so open terrariums are best for them. 

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11. Miniature English Ivy:

We can grow miniatures English ivy in terrariums. It has small green leaves. Its vines covered the ground. It is a slow-growing plant.

12. Strawberry Begonia:

Strawberry Begonia (Saxifraga sarmentosa) is the perfect choice for open terrariums. it’s small in size. You do not throw water on leaves because water can damage them. 

13. Bonsai:

Bonsai are small in size. They easily fit in glass containers. we can grow bonsai open and closed both terrariums. They are tiny and tropical plants. Like the bonsai, other tropical plants like Ficus and Aralia are also grown in terrariums. 

14. Watermelon peperomia:

Watermelon peperomia is the simple best plant for terrariums. It is slow-growing and a small plant. Its leaves are smooth and oval-shaped. Watermelon peperomia leaves and watermelon skin seem to be the same. It needs high humidity and moderate light for growing.  

15. Baby rubber plant :

We can use baby rubber plants in terrariums. It grows in a closed terrarium. It needs moist soil and moderate temperatures. Its shiny and fleshy leaves make the terrarium more gorgeous. Baby rubber plants have many varieties which you can grow in terrariums. 

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