Fertilizers are like nutritious food to any plant. We get ill or sick, we need medicine to fight against the germs of any disease. But before getting ill we should be careful about our diet for our good health. 

In the same way, we should be careful about the diet of our plants. It means that your soil needs to be enriched. If your garden’s soil is weak or you can say poor then your plants will also be weak. 

Gardening is not just your hobby but it will provide better and cheaper vegetables for your people. People think that they need a lot of money to spend to have a productive garden. Gardening should not cost your pocket if you make your own compost and homemade fertilizers.


You can find simple and common items in your kitchen in the making of inexpensive fertilizers at home. Some people think that making fertilizer home is a difficult task but in reality, it is not.


Used coffee Grounds is not a useless thing but contains nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potash. All these things are very good for your plants, especially which are acidic like blueberries, tomatoes, evergreens, azaleas, roses, camellias, and many fruit trees. 

You should leave the coffee grounds to dry and then use them. Start scattering them lightly on your plants. Don’t scatter them thickly when they are wet because wet clumps get moldy.

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Cooking water is full of nutrients. It means that many nutrients are released when food is cooked in that water. Many things like potatoes, vegetables, eggs, and even pasta are boiled in water then you cook it. The water which is used for boiling is full of Nutrition you have to do only one thing that lets that water cool before applying it to your soil.


Before using eggshells you should wash them first then start crashing and making a powder from them. Eggshells are practical fertilizers that have nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and calcium. The calcium of the shells is an important part of cell manufacture and growth, they also help to fend off blossom end rot. 

Eggshells have 93% calcium carbonate, which you can use in your homemade potting mix for healthy and beautiful fruits. As with the growth of your plants, a large amount of calcium is removed from the soil. Your soil needs more calcium so this is an ideal way to recycle your eggshells and sprinkle around your garden soil.

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In the water milling process of corn, you can get corn gluten meal as a byproduct. You can use it as an organic pre-emergent herbicide. As it contains 10% nitrogen so you can say that it is a fertilizer. 

The use of this fertilizer is simple, you can spread the thin layer of corn gluten meal and scratch on the top of your soil. This will not harm your plants but give optimum nitrogen benefits.


Green tea is good for your health but after using the green tea leaves or bags are useless for you. You can make a weak solution of green tea which can be used for your plants after every 4 weeks. Only one tea bag is enough for 2 gallons of water.

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As you know milk is a good source of calcium then powder milk also contains a good amount of it. It is not only good for humans but also for you. You have to do just a little task. Add or mix powder milk in the soil before planting. As milk is in powder form so it is ready for the use of your plants.


You will be surprised to know that simple old fashioned easy strike matches are good fertilizer and a great source of magnesium. The question arises in your mind of how these matches are used as fertilizer.

Simply just place the whole match in the hole with the plant or you can soak matches in water for further use. This water will become a good source of magnesium as this liquid is ready to apply in the plants’ soil.


It is an excellent fertilizer because it has a great ingredient which is molasses. You can use it as a soil amendment in a simple way just by sprinkling it on the top of the soil you can use it in another way just dissolve in water alone or with another organic fertilizer. Now apply this solution as a soil drench. 


When you start cleaning your aquarium, don’t waste water taken out of the tank. This water can be used for your plants because the fish waste is very useful as it makes a tremendous plant fertilizer.


Bananas are good for your health. There are countless benefits of this wonderful fruit. But it is advantageous for plants also like roses. Before planting the rose bury a banana or a peal of it, in the hole along with the rose.

With the passage of time as your plant will grow the banana peels will come out into the top layer of the soil, this is a good way to provide potassium to your plants.


If your plants need magnesium and sulfur then Epsom Salt is a good source. The use of Epsom Salt is very easy, just take one tablespoon of Epsom salt and dissolve it in one gallon of water. Now you need a spray bottle, pour the solution into the bottle, and spray once a month directly to the plants.

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12- WOOD ASH (from your fireplace or fire pit)

Potassium and calcium carbonate is good for the growth of any plant. You can use wood ash for this purpose all you have to do is just sprinkled this nutritious powder onto your soil for the supply of potassium and calcium. 

Please don’t use charcoal on lighter fluid because it is not good for your plants. Hardwood is the best option for making wood ash for plants. It is important to know that ashes are not good for acid-loving plants. As ashes are alkaline and can increase alkalinity in the soil.

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13- Gelatin

If your garden soil is very weak and poor, it means, it needs fertilizer. Fertilizers are a good source of nitrogen, you can also get a good amount of nitrogen from gelatin powder.

Dissolve only one package of gelatin in just a cup of hot water after adding you should add three cups of cold water. Every month pour this solution directly on the soil around your plants.


Cow manure is a good source of all-important healthy nutrients. It is a common organic fertilizer. You can also use poultry manure instead of cow manure when your growing plants need a quick boost.

Mostly poultry manure is added to the soil after harvest and before a second planting, it works very fast on the soil for organic growing.


Grass clippings make a great weed-blocking mulch. It is full of nitrogen which is very important for plants. If you have a lawn you can collect grass clippings from your growing area.

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