20 Dwarf Fruit Trees You Can Grow Indoors 

Growing fruit trees can be a difficult task. This is especially true for those who are living in small spaces with limited gardening space. We may also not have the time or inclination to maintain a larger tree. 

Luckily, there are many different varieties of dwarf fruit trees that are perfect for growing indoors. 

What Are Dwarf Fruit Trees?

Dwarf Fruit Tree

Dwarf fruit trees can easily be grown in containers, pots, or buckets. If you are interested in growing fruit trees but do not have enough space to accommodate them then don’t worry. 

The maximum height of the dwarf tree is about 8 feet or 2.4cm. A small tree is easily adjusted in a pot or container and you will get fruit without any trouble. 

When you grow dwarf trees in the pot or container then you can easily move them. When fruit trees grow in the garden, they are stuck in one place.

Another advantage of growing dwarf trees in containers or pots is that they mature very quickly. The fruit will start producing earlier than standard fruit trees. 

This article will tell you about some of the most popular fruit trees that grow in pots, containers, or buckets. These types of plants are developed by grafting a fruit tree onto a dwarfing rootstock. 

They can be grown indoors and provide delicious fresh-picked fruit in just a few short years. 

Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dwarf Fruit Tree pin

Now we are going to discuss with you 20 dwarf trees that grow indoors in containers. You can easily choose one for your container. 

1- Dwarf Apple Trees

This tree is perfect for growing in containers. The height of this tree can be between 3 feet to 8 feet and is perfect for container gardening. You must grow two apple trees for pollination. 

Small apple trees are hard and come in different varieties. Crabapples are one of the dwarf varieties that can grow 6 feet tall. This tree produces white or purple flowers that look fabulous. 

If you want to grow fruit trees to add beauty to your living area then you should choose weeping dwarf apple trees, columnar apple trees, or small shrub-like trees. 

Place your container in the bright indoor area so the plant can grow well and produce fruit. If you don’t have enough space and you can only grow one plant then you should look for a self-pollinating variety. 

2- Dwarf Pear Trees

This is a bush variety and perfect for growing in pots or containers. The size of this tree is 8 feet or 2.4m. As you are growing this pear tree indoors, you should not worry about the frost. You can select this tree for growing indoors without thinking too much.

3- Dwarf Lemon Trees

For container gardening, you can select the dwarf Meyer cultivar. This is a perfect choice for growing fruit trees indoors. This tree is self-pollinating so you can easily grow one plant in one pot. 

Place your pot in a bright location where your lemon plant gets a reasonable amount of sunlight. Dark green foliage and yellow fruit will add colors to your indoor area. 

Lemon trees are perfect for growing outdoors but you can grow them indoors as well. Place the pot near the window so your plants get sunlight and fresh air. 

At least eight hours of sunlight is the requirement of the lemon trees. Moisture is very important for the growth of dwarf lemon trees so keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering.

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4- Miniature Orange Trees

Moisture and warm climate are perfect for dwarf orange trees. If you want to make your plant happy then you should keep the soil moist. Place the pot or container near a sunny window where your dwarf orange tree gets plenty of sunlight. 

There is no danger of frost when you grow your dwarf orange trees indoors. You can also grow this tree as an ornamental plant in your house. Green foliage and fragrant flowers will enhance the beauty of your living area. 

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5- Dwarf Lime Trees

The dwarf lime tree is also included in our list because of its manageable height.  The maximum height of this small tree is about two feet or 0.6m. 

Bears or Persian lime trees are the best cultivars that you can choose for your indoor gardening. The beautiful small tree produces lime green citrus fruits every year.  You can grow this plant as a house plant effortlessly. 

6- Dwarf Plum Trees

The famous plum tree varieties are Stanley, Damson plums, Johnson, and Methley. You can select any cultivar according to your climate. You must select a large pot with drainage holes for growing dwarf plum trees. The small plum tree can grow up to 8 feet tall. 

7- Dwarf Peach Trees

Dwarf peach trees are self-pollinating so you grow one small tree in a pot. This tree can produce sweet, firm, and juicy fruit. In spring, you will see pink or white flowers and in mid to late summer this little tree will produce delicious fruit. You can brighten up your room with the addition of this dwarf tree.

8- Dwarf Apricot Trees

For small areas, you choose dwarf apricot trees. Indoor plants do not get the appropriate amount of sunlight. You should place your large pot of dwarf apricot tree near a sunny window. 

If you don’t have a window then you can arrange artificial light. The small apricot tree can grow up to 8 feet. Well-drained and moist soil is perfect for the good production of fruit. This is a self-fertile small tree so you can grow a single tree in your room.

9- Dwarf Cherry Tree

The spectacular blossoms of the dwarf cherry tree are very attractive. This is a self-fertile plant so you can grow only one plant easily. This tree grows well in shady locations. The fruits you get from cherry trees have a salty taste and bright red color. 

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10- Dwarf Fig Trees

Dwarf fig trees are a good option for growing in containers and buckets. Pruning will keep their height down so you can easily grow them indoors. If you are living in a temperate climate then you should select fake plants. 

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11- Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

Another dwarf tree that can easily adjust in the limited space is the dwarf pomegranate tree. Self-pollinating bushy pomegranate cultivars are best for growing in a pot. 

This is a small bush-like tree and a perfect houseplant. The height of the pomegranate dwarf tree can be between 2 and 4 feet; this height is perfect for indoor growing. Dwarf pomegranate trees produce sour fruits. 

12- Dwarf Banana Tree

You can choose smaller varieties of banana trees for growing in containers and pots. Dwarf Cavendish, Dwarf Lady Finger, Grain Nain, and Dwarf Red are perfect for growing in pots or containers. The bananas you get from these dwarf trees are very small and delicious. 

13- Pineapple Tree

If you want to grow pineapple trees indoors then you have to place south or west-facing window. The size of the pot is very important,  the depth of the pot should be 12 inches and the width should be about 12 to 18 inches. 

This size is perfect for growing pineapple plants in a container or pot. If your plant is small you can also use a 6 to 8 inches deep pot. As the plant grows you can transplant it into a larger pot or a container. 

Keep the soil moist and never allow the soil to dry. When you grow a pineapple plant as a houseplant then you should apply 20-20-20 fertilizer. The best time for fertilizing is from April to September if you are living in a cold climate. You can also use liquid fertilizer. 

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14- Goji Berries

A Sunny window is a perfect place for keeping the pot of vitamin-rich and tasty goji berries. This is a low-maintenance plant so you can easily grow it indoors without facing any difficulty. 

The color of the berries is orange-red and the size is 1-2 cm. As you are growing goji berries indoors, you have to use pots for growing them. The size of the pot should be deep and large enough to hold the plant. 

As your plant grows, you have to transplant it into a larger pot. During the growing period, goji berries are fertilized with tomato feed twice a month. 

Make sure you are using a light potting mix for growing goji berries in a pot.  When you grow goji berry plants in a pot then water them three times a week during hot days.

15- Avocado Trees

The oval and glossy leaves of the avocado plant look great when you grow them indoors.  Holiday and Wertz are a variety of avocados that can grow easily in a small space. 

Select the container according to the size of the plant so the roots will develop easily. The size of the container or pot should be 18 inches for dwarf avocado trees. 

Make sure the pot or container has drainage holes for healthier growth. You can easily grow an avocado tree from seeds or pits; the other option is you can buy a healthy grafted avocado plant from any local nursery or gardening store. 

Place your container or pot near a bright window where it gets maximum sunlight. A south-facing window is perfect. If your plant won’t get proper sunlight then it will not produce fruits.

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16- Mulberries

It is a fast-growing plant and the fruit is just like blackberry. You can prune this tree to keep the size in shape according to the size of your containers or pot. 

Choose a sunny spot for your plant and it will produce fruit for you. Loamy, well-drained, slightly acidic, and rich soil is needed for mulberry trees. Make sure the container or pot you are using must have drainage holes at the bottom. 

Maintain the frequency of water when your mulberry dwarf tree is established. In winter, you can reduce the amount of water. Granular or liquid fertilizers both are best for feeding. 

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17- Almond Trees

The warm climate is perfect for dwarf almond trees. This is a self-fertile plant and pruning will keep the tree small according to the size of the container. In late September or at the start of October the almonds ripen. 

18- Olive Tree

The botanical name of this tree is ‘Olea Europaea’. The maximum height of a dwarf olive tree is 6-8 feet. Sage-colored foliage looks stunning when you place the pot in any room. 

Place your pot near a sunny window so your plant gets sufficient sunlight. The olive tree starts bearing fruit after a long time, so you have to show patience. 

19- Coffee Tree

The botanical name of this plant is ‘Coffea Arabica’. The size of the coffee tree can be grown up to 5 meters. You can prune the plant and keep it according to the size of the container. 

The seeds or coffee can be used for planting in tropical and subtropical regions. The best time for sowing the seeds is in spring to mid-summer. The seeds will take 1 to 6 months to germinate. 

The suitable temperature for growing coffee plants is between 12°C to 25°C. Diffused sunlight is recommended for growing coffee plants in a pot. Direct sun the leaves of the plant will burn. 

20- Kumquat

The size of this tree is very small so you can easily grow it in pots and containers. Kumquat trees like to grow in cold climates. Place your container or pot near a sunny window so your plants get full sun exposure. 

The suitable temperature for this plant is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can grow it from seeds or by a potted plant from any local nursery or gardening store. A 5-gallon pot is perfect for growing a small kumquat tree. 

As your plant grows you can transplant it into a larger pot. Keep the soil moist by watering the plant regularly. 

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