Most of the plants have fragrance due to which insects repel. Mosquitoes are one of the flying insects which are commonly found in the world. They are a type of parasite which sucks the blood of humans and even animals.

We use sprays to get rid of these insects which are full of chemicals. Instead of using these sprays, you can also use those plants which have such a powerful fragrance that can repel sucking parasites. 

Now we will discuss 20 such plants one by one.


Lavender has a lovely fragrance and mosquitoes don’t like the fragrance of this plant. They can smell the fragrance of this plant and don’t want to come to that place where this plant has placed. This plant needs full sunlight and well-drained soil for healthy growth and thrives well in hot climates.


This is an annual flower that needs little maintenance. It has a strong smell that deters mosquitoes. You can easily grow them in pots and place them on your balcony or patio to protect yourself from flying insects. 

The Interesting thing is that it can not only keep away mosquitoes but also prevent your plants from aphids, whiteflies, Mexican bean beetles, tomato hornworms, and squash bugs. 


This plant has many quality features, it can be used as a stress reducer and mild astringent on the top of repelling insects such as mosquitoes. It has the ability to provide natural sleep aid and digestive aid. 

Lemon balm can be used as fresh, dried, or in oil form. People like to use it in their teas due to its non-toxic and non-irritant properties. 


It is a nontoxic option for keeping mosquitoes, flies, and ants away from plants and you. The leaves of mint have a pungent aroma which helps to bug away from you. This herb has great benefits, you can use them in many ways. 

Like you can increase the taste of your dishes besides this it has many health benefits. The dry leaves of this herb will also be used for controlling pests inside your home.


Another important plant that can be used as a  mosquito repellent.  The woody scent of rosemary keeps mosquitoes, cabbage moths, and carrots fly away. 

These flowers can grow well in hot and dry climates and easily grown in containers. These flowers are very beautiful and you can use them in your garden for creating borders. 


The basil plant is recommended as a mosquito repellent due to its pungent smell that keeps pests away. This plant needs full sun exposure and well-drained soil. If all the requirements are fulfilled this plant will grow well in the container as well as in the ground with other flowers or alone.


 As geraniums are scented so it can be used for repelling mosquitoes. It has beautiful blooms that have a strong fragrance that keeps pests away. 

The suitable climate for this plant is warm, sunny, and dry. You can also grow them in containers in cold areas.


This plant likes to thrive in a humid environment, it is an evergreen plant and can survive even in frost. This plant is famous for controlling pests. 

The other properties of this plant are aromatic and flavor. You can use dried buds as well as living plants for keeping the mosquitoes away.


The other name of this plant is Wild Bergamot. It is an attractive plant which not only repels the mosquitoes but attracts pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. This plant needs full sun exposure and can be invasive so be careful. 

The blooms are attractive and bright and can be found in pink, purple, white, and red. The height of some varieties of these plants can be 4 feet so select the variety according to space. 



Peppermint can be used fresh, dried, or pressed for oil. If fresh cuttings are not available then you can use dried leaves. It is a versatile plant and can be used in many ways. 

It is also popular to repel spiders, insects, and especially mosquitoes. Its fragrance will keep mosquitoes away from you and your plants. On the other hand, it can be used in teas, cooking, and as a digestive aid. 

This plant can propagate very quickly because this is a rapid grower so you should be careful and cut them before they take hold. 


This plant has a lemony smell and you can grow it in a container very easily. Place your containers in an outdoor place, patio, balcony, or deck. 

It is interesting to know the leaves have a strong lemon flavor that’s why you can replace them with actual lemon in your recipes and drinks. You can use the scent of this plant for repelling mosquitoes. 


The flowers of this plant are just like daisies. These flowers help you to get rid of mosquitoes due to the presence of pyrethrum and fragrance. 

It is a small useful plant which is used medicinally for centuries especially to relieve migraines.  But remember, you should consult your doctor before adding to your diet.


These flowers are just like annuals but in reality, they are self-sowing if the seeds are allowed to drop. It can tolerate frost and like to grow in a sunny location. This is an ideal plant for growing in containers. 

The colors of the blooms are blue, pink, red, white, and purple. You can plant it with sun lovers and other perennial plants. 

The strong fragrance helps to repel mosquitoes but remember this plant has spiny stems and leaves and can become the reason for causing allergic reactions in some people. 


This is an evergreen shrub and can be propagated easily in your garden if you provide suitable conditions for them. You need to cut them so they will not become invasive. 

These flowers need well-drained and rocky soil with full sun exposure. You can see the cluster of beautiful flowers from spring through the late summer. The aroma of these flowers will repel mosquitoes as well as other biting insects. 

These flowers also work to keep deer and rabbits away. There are some specific preferences of these flowers but they have a great quality of tolerance that’s why it can be grown almost anywhere. 

You can create a beautiful backdrop to the yard edge, you can also grow them with other border shrubs.


This is a highly potent plant that can help to repel mosquitoes, ants, and fleas. If you keep fresh cutting in your pockets or hat brims then you can prevent yourself from nasty hitting bugs. 

You can grow them along walkways and house entrances. This plant is also helpful if you grow them in your vegetable garden because it can ward off beetles. This is an invasive plant so you should keep an eye on it.


This plant has a toxic aroma for insects and mosquitoes. You can use it as fresh dried or in oil form. It is beneficial in all forms. It works as a natural insecticide, all these properties make it a popular plant. 

If you want to prevent your roses and blooming perennials, you can grow thyme around them so it will deter insects and bugs. Thyme has relaxing and detoxifying properties. 

If you want to grow thyme from seeds then it is a slow process so it is recommended to purchase a plant or you can grow thyme from a small woody shrub. 

It is important to cut them regularly so it will not become invasive. After some years the thyme plant will become woody, so it may need to be replaced.


It belongs to the eucalyptus family and is very effective against mosquitoes and other insects. In a suitable environment, it will become invasive so you should keep an eye on it. This tree can be reached to the height of 40 feet.


The other name of pineapple wheat is world chamomile. It is a low growing wild plant and has been used medicinally for years. you can also use it as a preservative and repellent. 

This plant prefers compacted soil and you can use them in dried form, you can hang them in those areas which you want mosquitoes free. You can also rub fresh leaves on your skin. 


This plant can grow in poor soil easily and its leaves have a sweet smell. You can use its dried leaves for making teas which is very beneficial in stomach troubles. Sweet fern can be burned to repel mosquitoes, when burning it releases a fragrance and a steady stream of smoke.


It is a beautiful and pretty plant but it can be toxic.  A little maintenance is required that’s why this plant is easy to grow. a contained area is recommended because it can propagate easily, due to rapid growth you should carefully deal with it. 

Although it is toxic, you can use it as an insect repellent. The fresh leaves of this plant can be used for many recipes and dried leaves can be used for making sprays. 

When you are using a spray of this plant, use a little amount of oil soap. If you are using it for yourself you can use it in the same way as you use insect repellent on your skin and clothes, its smell is very soft. 


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