Cheap And Organic Fertilizers For Your Houseplants

Indoor plants enhance the decor of your living area. It is better to use plants to embellish your house. It will bring you close to nature. Growing indoor plants is not difficult but they need a natural ecosystem for their growth. They need organic nutrients so they can survive in the indoor environment. 

As you are growing your plants in pots or containers then fill them with high-quality potting mix because they contain all the essential nutrients that are best for the growth of indoor plants. 

Besides potting mix, most plants need more fertilizer. It is better to use organic fertilizer for your plants. Organic and natural fertilizers are cheaper than chemical fertilizers. One drawback of artificial and chemical fertilizers is that they can burn or kill your plants.

Organic fertilizers are free from chemicals. When you apply organic fertilizer to your houseplants then they will flourish without any damage. Organic amendments are always simple and safe and you can use them to make your soil more rich. 

What Are Natural And Organic Fertilizers?

Organic fertilizer is made from natural materials such as plant matter, minerals, and animal by-products. Natural fertilizers boost the structure, texture, and growth of the soil. 

Magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, and calcium are the basic nutrients of any organic fertilizer. These nutrients help to maintain the fertility of the soil and improve the growth of your houseplants. 

Best And Cheap Organic Fertilizers For Houseplants

In this article, we are going to discuss with you cheap organic fertilizers that you can use for your house plant.


After boiling the eggs, never throw the shells. You can use them for making organic fertilizer. Crushed egg shells are a big source of calcium carbonate that helps to maintain the acidity of the soil. Besides calcium, egg shells also contain phosphoric acid, zinc, and nitrogen. 

Take eggs and crack open them to remove all the content. Rinse the shells thoroughly and let them dry. This will help to prevent them from mold. After a few hours when they are completely dry then you can grind them in pestle and mortar. 

You can sprinkle this powder of eggshells on the surface of the soil. Avoid giving an overdose of this cheap organic fertilizer because it will prevent the houseplants from absorbing other essential nutrients from the soil. 


Another cheap organic fertilizer that is a big source of potassium for your indoor plants is banana peels. The skin of the banana can be used for making homemade inexpensive fertilizer. 

Before throwing them you must consider that these peels are best for tomatoes, peppers, and roses. This organic fertilizer makes the roots of house plants stronger so they can easily fight against many diseases. 

The simple and easy way of using banana peels is to bury them in the soil. Dig a 4-inch hole in the soil near the plant in the pot. Put the peels in the hole and fill the hole with soil. 

These peels slowly break down and turn into beneficial nutrients for the soil. If you don’t want to bury the peel in the soil then you can also make a solution of these peels by adding water. This puree can be added directly to the soil. 


Coffee grounds are the best source of nitrogen that is needed by plants for making their food. You can use leftover coffee grounds for making cheap organic fertilizer for your house plants. 

When you apply this amendment to the soil then the roots and the leaves grow stronger as it helps to increase water retention in the soil. You must apply a thin layer of coffee grounds because it contains caffeine and nitrogen.

Don’t throw the coffee grounds and collect them at the end of the week; you can add them on the surface of the side of your houseplants. You can also make a solution of coffee grounds by mixing them in water. Now fill this solution in spray water and apply it once a month on your houseplants. 


Another cheapest and most convenient way to feed your plant is green tea. Green tea is a big source of magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. These nutrients are best for the growth of your house plants. 

This ideal organic fertilizer is a perfect choice so you can use it without too much thinking. The interesting thing about tea leaves is that they decay slowly in the soil so they release nutrients continuously. 

Before using any fertilizer you must perform a soil test so you should be aware of the nature of the soil. If your soil is acidic or you want to be alkaline then never use green tea because it contains tannic acid that raises the acidity of the soil. 

After brewing you can save the tea bags of green tea. When the bags are cold enough you can open them and spread a light layer of it on the surface of the soil of your houseplants. 

You can also make a solution of green tea by mixing it in water, then fill this solution in a spray bottle and apply it to your houseplants for better results.


If you are looking for a homemade fertilizer that contains a lot of minerals and nutrients then you must choose molasses for your house plants. It contains iron, potassium, calcium, copper, and nitrogen which are essential for making the roots of your houseplants strong. 

It also contains high levels of sugar so the microorganism in the soil grows well due to carbohydrates. This also helps your plants to produce more colorful and bright flowers. 

If you are concerned about the plant life then you must use blackstrap varieties of molasses.

Now we will discuss with you how to use molasses to make your soil more rich for your house plants. You need a watering can and use one part of Epsom salt and two parts of molasses, 2 tbsp of molasses is in for 2 gallons of water. 

Before using this solution make sure you mix it well. Pour this sugary mixture into the base of your houseplant. 

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If your house plants are not producing blooms it means the soil has not sufficient magnesium or sulfur. Before planting you must add Epsom salt in the soil. 

It will help to speed up the germination process of seeds. This organic fertilizer will boost your houseplants and prevent them from yellowing edges. 

Another advantage of Epsom salt is that it improves chlorophyll production. So your houseplants look greener. But you should not only rely upon Epsom salt as it will not fulfill all the requirements of the plant. 

This organic fertilizer does not play the role of primary fertilizer for your house plants. Take 1 gallon of water and add a few tablespoons of Epsom salt to it. Now this solution is ready to use for your house plants. You can apply this solution once a month for better results.


Now I am going to tell you about organic fertilizer that is very cheap and you can get it without spending a penny. After burning, the wood turns into ash. 

This contains potassium calcium and other minerals that are beneficial for your house plants. You can collect wood ash from fireplaces. This is an ideal and inexpensive organic fertilizer for your favorite plants. 

This natural organic fertilizer does not contain all the essential minerals and nutrients so you cannot use it as primary fertilizer such as green tea. But it will help you to increase the alkalinity of the soil and repel the pests. 

You should keep in mind that wood ash contains a lot of salt. That’s why if you are applying a high amount then it can be harmful for your plants.  Make sure you are using high-nutrient woods such as maple or oak, not softwood. 

The use of wood ash is very easy for your house plant. You need a small amount of wood and sprinkle it on the surface of the soil. It will help to increase the pH level.


Another natural and inexpensive way of making your soil more rich in potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. When you apply gelatin powder to the soil then it will help to improve the growth of roots and leaves because it contains amino acids. This is a slow-release organic fertilizer so there are fewer chances of mold. 

Gelatin powder works best for lush green and large plants such as Boston ferns, Monstera plants, and African violets. Take one packet of gelatin powder and dissolve it in one quart of water. Now your solution is ready to use. You can use it once a month so your plants thrive well.


When you boil pasta, eggs, and other veggies in the water, this leftover water is a natural fertilizer for your plants. This cooking water is a big source of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and carbohydrates that encourage the new growth of your house plants. 

You will see shiny leaves of your plants when you apply this cooking water. This nutrient-rich water reduces the dullness of leaves so they look fresh. 

Never use cooking water that contains too much salt because it can be harmful to your house plants. Heavily salted cooking water can kill your plants so you must avoid it. 

The use of this water is very easy, after boiling vegetables, rice, pasta, and eggs save this water. Let it cool now it is ready to use for your plants. 


Aquarium water is best for flowering plants because it contains ammonia, friendly bacteria, and other nutrients. Now whenever you clean your fish tank then preserve this dirty water for your plants. 

Slightly dirty aquarium water is perfect for using your plants. It will keep your fish healthy health you will get natural fish manure. 

If you are aquarium water is too concentrated then you can make it dilute by adding more water to it. You can scoop out the water daily if you have a large aquarium at home. For a smaller than you have to wait until the water is slightly dirty.

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