Flowering Plants For Very Small Pots

If you are fond of gardening, but unlucky do not have enough space in your home or you live in an apartment you can consider small container gardening to fulfill your dreams. 

It is a great idea because by considering it you can do everything in your limited space that can be done in a garden.  And you can also work indoors if you want to increase the beauty of your interior. 

Flowering Plants in Very Small Pots

Rather than, if you do things creatively like matching your container’s color with flower colors or with your interior it will stunningly beautify your garden or house.  

Small gardens and courtyards look really unique when they are wisely planted with variant types that mature and produce blooms year-round.

The Benefit of Container Planting:

Container gardening gives you a number of benefits, but one of the greatest is you can create a beautiful garden of amazing plants that can be portable. 

Moreover, you can display them according to your own choice. Instead of this, you can efficiently protect your plants from the harsh climate as well. 

Except for these benefits, most the people these days live far away from their houses in rented properties, so they cannot make changes in others’ assets, moreover any time the owner asked them to leave. 

So people hesitate to invest in these conditions as they can’t move their garden along them when they leave, but container gardening allows you to move your garden alongside.

Choosing Plants for Small Pots:

When you have decided on small container gardening, the most crucial thing is the selection of plants. While choosing plants keep in mind that plant size will not exceed then your pot, moreover prefer the ones that have a shallow root system. 

Whenever you are going to do container gardening always consider dwarf varieties, and when you plan for small container gardening select the ones that do not exceed more than 12-15 inches in length. There are lots of plants to choose from, that will stay small and work well in small pots.

Best Choices for Small Pots

18 flowering plants infographic

Moth Orchid

Moth orchids are beautiful and their blooms stay long. It is very easy to grow them in pots, as they require much less care than any small delicate plant. 

While growing these plants in your pots select a spot to place your pot that receives an enormous of light plus fill it with well-drained and light soil.

Regularly water your pot, but do not add much water. Take care of the feed of the plant as it requires to be fertilized once in a week, and add liquid fertilizers. Your plant will nourish well and get ready within a few days to beautify your garden.

Flamingo Flower

These plants require a little bit more attention than others to thrive well. They grow a maximum of 14-18 inches tall so select the pot accordingly. 

These plants require light to grow well but avoid direct sunlight as it can damage the plant. They love bright but indirect sunlight so place them in a spot or window that receives indirect light. 

Fill your pot with well-drained soil and then place them into it. Water your plant according to need because the overwatering results in serious damage, and even sometimes causes the death of plants.

African Violets

African violet is also one of the great choices for small pots. They are small in size and come in a range of colors like purple, white, and pink. But the most common among them is purple.

They grow well in different types of soils, but try to use light and well-drained soil and also mix some organic matter into it. Water your plants carefully because they do not like wet leaves, moreover wet leaves also become more susceptible to fungal attacks. 

Instead, add water from the below side rather than from the upper side, as the plant will absorb it according to its need.

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Painted-leaf Begonia

This is an amazing choice for small pots.  Begonia is a small plant with beautiful colors that makes it prominent among regular green plants. This plant also has a unique foliage color that’s the reason it is also known as a painted leaf plant. 

It is not quite an easy task to grow this plant, especially for new growers. It is a little bit difficult to do with this. But once you go through with its light and water requirements you will enjoy it. 


It is also known as the baby rubber plant. This flowering plant is native to Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The lovely thing about this plant is that it has so many varieties that if you can grow them together they all look different from each other, and will produce a beautiful and attractive flower bed in your garden. 

It is very easy to grow them and take care of them in pots. Water your plants when the upper soil layer gets dry. They require bright but indirect sunlight so place your pot in a sunny window.


It is very easy and wonderful to grow cacti in small pots. As they require little attention and are easy to care for. It is quite forgettable type of plant. They have many varieties. Also, they come in a range of colors and shapes.

They have a slow growth rate, which means you can keep them in small pots for several years. They can tolerate different levels of light but make sure not to water them like other plants, because they need less water. And this ability makes them a favorite.

Flaming Katy

It is also one of the most suitable plants for small pots. It is succulent means it requires less water. It produces flowers in winter and is confirmed to bring some sunshine and smiles to your collection of plants. Bloom stays long, and cut the dead flowers to promote the new growth. 

While some people will treat it as an annual and will remove it after opening, it is easy enough to maintain and you can expect another bloom. Except for flowers, green stem is also beautiful to keep.


This plant is available in many colors. It has a sweet fragrance that can relax your mood. It is very tough to select it because every color and type is just osm, you can also grow them in combination which is a very great idea to display different colors at a time. 

They require less care so you can easily grow them; plant them in late autumn so that you can enjoy bloom in winter and spring as they love winter. 

One of the most amazing things about them is they are edible, so when spring comes you can take off the flower heads and use them in salads or in sugar cookies and cupcakes. 


This plant works well in small pots. It is shade tolerant and has different colors. They are very hardy perennials and bloom again in spring every year if you take care of them properly, they also work well in cuttings so you can cut their flowers as they become bushy and put them in a small vase. Provide flower feed to your flowers to stay long in the vase.

African daisy

This plant prefers full sun. It comes in a range of vibrant, showy colors. They can tolerate heat and drought so can be easily grown in containers. The blooms keep on coming through to frost without deadheading. Breathtaking on its own. It can also be used as a filler plant too.

Million Bells 

These lovely plants have petunia-like blooms.  As they are Heat tolerant so perfect for container gardening. Flowers appear from spring to extreme winters. Millions of bells are easy to grow because they are low-maintenance plants. They don’t need dead headings.

Snap Dragon

Snapdragons are easy flowers to grow in containers. They have a sweet fragrance that prevails in your garden. They also had known as dragon flowers. 

Snapdragons have flowers with dominant colors and they produce in massive amounts as sometimes they hide the foliage below them.

Snapdragons plants have various types from small to tall ones, and they also have various colors, including pastel colors, reds, pinks, yellows, and even bicolor flowers. You can cut these beautiful flowers for indoor display.


Dahlias are perfect to grow in small garden containers. Choose smaller dahlia varieties for your pots as they grow a few inches long and produce a bunch of flowers. 

They need full sun to grow well. Dahlias can be grown from tender bulbs or also you can buy dahlia plants from nurseries. They have a unique flower style that comes in a range of colors.

Persian Shield 

It’s a great plant to grow as its foliage also comes in colors. They have light bright to purple colors which make a beautiful display in combination with flowers. 

Foliage develops its color in partial shade. It will bloom in late summer or in autumn and produce flight blue-colored flowers. You can pinch these flowers to display them in your rooms.

Check the soil humidity, regularly water your plant otherwise leaves will fall. The Persian Shield, as a houseplant, grows well indoors.

Fan Flower

This is a nice annual to grow on the edge of a mixed container. Their petals have fan-like arrangements that is why they are called fan flowers. It’s ok if you forget to water your plant as it is drought tolerant. 

It doesn’t need to be deadheaded either.  Cut a few stems to keep them in shape. It will bloom in late spring and produce flowers of different colors like white, pink, and blue. 


Angelonia blooms in summer. It is worth growing them in a small container garden, as their upright spikes look so charming and attract anybody towards them. 

Apply them fertilizers regularly as they can be benefited from weekly feeding. Provide liquid fertilizers to them. Trim the stems whose flowers are withering away, as it stimulates the growth of new flowers.

How to Make Garden Eye-Catching?

Ground placing pots makes vibrant colors, but you can make even a better look by arranging your pots at different heights. Now you can see different colors at your eye level. 

You can attain this by placing your pots on your stairs or buying plant stands or stairs that are specifically made for placing pots. Now you can easily arrange your pots on it and move them across and can show pots according to your own choice. 

Different pots will catch your attention at different times of the year as every plant has its own growing season. With a little planning and interest, you can fill pots with varieties that will provide successional color all year round.

If you do not have many places for your pots you can group your plants in pots for a better display. It is a good idea to grow summer plants in summer pots and winter plants in winter pots. In this, you always have a fresh display in your garden. 

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Planting Tips for Containers:

  • When selecting a container make sure its size is according to the plant type and it has a proper draining system. As if it does not have drainage holes the excess water will not move out and the soil becomes waterlogged which becomes problematic for plants and also cause various diseases.  
  • Multi-purpose compost is ideal for containers. If you are planting perennials, the use of heavy soil-based fertilizer or a mixture of multi-purpose fertilizer is best for containers. Instead, you can also use garden soil as multi-purpose fertilizer can be very light and rich on its own. Mix some slow-release fertilizer into the soil before planting. It will become a source of food for plants and help them grow during their growing season. 
  • After planting into the container water your plants as it helps them to settle their roots. In hot dry climates water your plants regularly as they need more water during this period. 

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