How to Create a Fairy Garden?

The fairy garden is a small beautiful garden. A fairy garden is also called a mini garden. It can be made anywhere in any small container. This garden is usually made as an addition to the beauty of the garden. 

fairy garden

Children also make a fairy garden for their curiosity and fun. You can make a fairy garden out of small things with the help of children, children can not only learn a lot from it but they will also enjoy it.

Below are a Few Ideas For A Fairy Garden That You Can Build With Your Kids

How To Start A Fairy Garden?

It’s easy to build a fairy garden. A few things are necessary for this. These include containers or clean pots, some flowering plants, and decorative items. The following steps can help you create a fairy garden. 

Step 1:

If you want to create a charming fairy garden for yourself and your children. Then firstly, you need to select a container or pot and a place for the garden. You can grow it anywhere but the plants in the fairy garden depend on whether you grow them inside or outside. 

Once you select the space, collect all the accessories you want to keep in your garden. Like evergreen plants, pebbles, fairy houses, little fairies, etc. You can also make a big fairy garden which can include small trees etc. 

Step 2:

Gather all the information about the plants you have chosen. You should select those plants that are present in your garden and you should know everything about them. 

You can also buy plants from the local nursery. You should choose those flowers plant that increases the beauty of your fairy garden. If you wanted to put your fairy garden indoors, you should select plants that need less amount of sunlight and can survive shade. 

Step 3:

After selecting the plants of your need you should prepare the soil for them. Soil plays an important role in keeping plants alive. Not every plant grows in the same type of soil. So you should know your soil type. 

You can prepare the soil for your plant yourself. Add fertilizer (organic compost) and rooting hormones to the soil for healthy plant growth. If you do not believe in your soil, test it first and then use it. 

If you are planting a garden in a container, do not use garden soil, use potting soil. Learn how you can make your own potting soil at home.  

Step 4:

Fill the container with mud and think of the scenes (you can have an idea from these pictures that you are seeing in this article or use your own imaginations) you have to arrange on your container. A good view can make your garden more attractive. 

You can add many things to your landscape such as fake rivers, lakes, mountains, and walkways. Next, it includes little fairies and their homes. If you do not have a fairy house, you can use a birdhouse to create a touching scene. 

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Step 5:

After thinking about the scene, plant the plants in the soil and keep all the things you add to your scene. Keep the plants deep in the soil.

After keeping the plant in the soil, give water to plants and do not overwater them. When you are watering, be careful not to spoil other things. So try to make pits around the plants and then water them. 

Step 6:

After planting, create the scene that you select for your fairy garden. like lakes, rivers, mountains, small fairy houses, and walkways. Use different materials to make these things like pebbles, stones, pieces of wood, sand, and moss. You can also use the ingredients of your choice. 

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Step 7:

After decorating the container, you can add sculptures to the scenes. Add as little fairies, wizards, farmers, and others you like. If you are creating a large garden, you can add a seating area and a play area. 

After a while, you can easily change the scene if you want. That way we can avoid boredom. Fairy gardens are a great place for youngsters and children to imagine. 

The fairy garden is also a way for children to develop their talents. 

According to the tips given above, you can grow a beautiful and healthy garden and enjoy it. 

Here are a Few Ideas For A Fairy Garden That You Can Build With Your Kids

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