How To Grow Aloe Vera Plant Indoor?

Aloe vera plants are perennial succulents. Aloe vera plants are perfect houseplants and their gel has medicinal and healing qualities that make it popular among people. 

This is an important part of skin and hair care products. If you grow it then you can use it for minor burns and cuts. You can make your lotions and soaps by using the gel of this useful plant. If you keep it as a houseplant then it will work as an air purifier. 

This plant can store water in its large fleshy leaves. Overwatering can become the reason for rot out in this plant. Avoid using heavy soil because it will not drain easily. 

How Fast Do Aloe Vera Plants Grow Indoors?

When you grow aloe vera plants outdoors they will grow very fast. As a houseplant,t it grows very slowly. If you want your aloe vera plants to grow fast then you should keep your pots outside in summer. 

How To Propagate Aloe Vera Plants?

You can propagate aloe vera plants by divisions, by sowing seeds, or by cuttings. You will not face any difficulty when you propagate aloe vera in the pots. You should choose a perfect pot and potting soil for growing aloe vera plants. 

The best and easiest way of propagation is by division. The new growth of aloe vera plants grows at the base, which is called pups. They can be separated from the plant and you can plant them in a pot or a container to make new plants. Soon you will see a new plant start growing in the pot. 

For the division process first, you should loosen the soil. In this way, the roots of the plant will not disturb. The delicate roots of the perps should be handled very carefully. 

Brush away all the dirt from the root system. This will help you to split an aloe vera plant. Now cut the pups from the main plant with the help of a sharp knife. 

You can also use a pair of Clippers for this purpose. Without breaking the roots untangle them and dip the end in the rooting hormone powder. This small step will help to develop strong roots faster. 

Choose The Perfect Pot

The pot which you are going to select for growing aloe vera as a house plant should be made from terracotta or clay. Terracotta or clay pots help the soil to dry out faster. 

Now each pup should be planted in a single pot. Make sure your pot has drainage holes. At the start, you can use small pots according to the size of pups but as your plant grows you should repot it into a larger one. 

Fill The Pot With Succulent Soil

The potting soil which is specifically used for succulents can be used for filling the pots in which you are going to plant pups of aloe vera plants. 

Plant The Pups

After filling the pot now next step is planting the pups in the selected pot. To recover the pups from the shock of transplanting, wait for several days before watering them. 

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Aloe Vera Care As A Houseplant

If you are living in a cold climate then you must grow aloe vera plants indoors. During the winter or rainy months, this plant needs protection and care. 

When you grow them in your house then choose a sunny window sill for them so they can get light for their faster growth. On cold days, this plant doesn’t need as much care as it needs in summer and spring. 

You can keep aloe vera plants in the house all year but on hot days you should put the pots outside so they will prosper fast. You can bring them back before the fall or freezing temperature. 

Following are the instructions which you should follow for maintaining your aloe vera plants. 

How Often To Water Aloe Vera?

Overwatering is not good for your aloe vera plants. Consistent over-watering will kill your plant because the roots and stem will rot. If you want to avoid this problem you should first check the soil if it is too dry then water the plant otherwise wait and let the soil dry. 

You can use your finger to check the condition of the soil if it is completely dry then water your aloe vera plants. Keep in mind aloe vera plants don’t meet much moisture during the winter season. 

The large aloe vera plants need a small amount of water two or three times during winter. If you have smaller aloe vera plants then they need more water than the larger ones. 

How Much Sun Does An Aloe Vera Plant Need?

Light is a very important factor in the growth of any plant. Full Sun exposure helps in the development of your plant. When you grow aloe vera plants as a houseplant then your plants become tall and Legi when they don’t get enough light. 

A south-facing window is the best place for your aloe vera plants. Another option is artificial lights for indoor plants in case if you feel that your plants are not growing fast. Sunlight is important but artificial lights can be a good substitute for sunlight. 

Best Potting Soil For Aloe Vera Plants

Well-drained soil is recommended for aloe vera indoor plants. Aloe vera plants don’t like wet feet so you should use soil that drains very quickly. The soil that doesn’t hold water is best for these indoor plants. 

You grow indoor plants in the pot so you can maintain the fertility of the soil very easily. It is not possible when you grow plants in the ground. Potting soil which is made for succulents works great for aloe vera indoor plants. You can also create your potting mix by mixing sand,  polite, and regular potting soil. 

Best Fertilizer For Aloe Vera

There is no need to fertilize your aloe vera plants. But if you want you can feed them once in a growing season. You can use all-purpose organic succulent fertilizer

Composed also works very well for feeding your aloe vera plants. Apply fertilizer during the summer or spring season not in winter or fall. 

Problems Your Aloe Vera Plant Faces As A Houseplant

The following are the reasons why your aloe vera plant is not thriving inside your home. 


Bright and natural light is very important in the growth of aloe vera plants. As a houseplant, you can’t provide full sun exposure. You should choose a sunny spot in your house for this plant.

If the plant will not get an appropriate amount of sunlight then it will become weak. The plant will bend at the base or in the middle due to a lack of light. Pale leaves are another symptom of insufficient light. 

Please put your pot near a sunny window where it will get sun exposure. On cold days, your aloe vera plant needs more bright light. Rotate your pot so it will receive evenly light on all sides. 


As you know the leaves of aloe Vera plants are filled with gel. They also can store water. When you grow aloe vera plants at your home then overwatering can cause root rot. 

Aloe Vera is included in such plants which don’t need too much water to grow. On cold days, they need some rest. In the winter season, they need very little water but on hot days you can increase the frequency of water. 

Never water your aloe vera plant without checking the soil. You need well-drained soil, not soggy soil for growing aloe vera plants. Make sure that the pot which you are using must have drainage holes so that the water can flow out easily.


You should prefer rich, well-aerated, and well-drained soil. If you choose heavy soil for your aloe vera plants then your plant will not live longer. 

Use succulent or cactus mix because it helps the water to flow out and roots of aloe vera plants are well aerated. 


Light is very important in the growth of aloe vera plants. When you place pots against a window. Then the hot glass of the window will burn the leaves of aloe vera plants. 

The brown patches on the leaves of the aloe vera plant show that the plant is getting too much sun. In this situation, you have to move the pot away from the hot sunny window. 


If you bought an aloe vera plant that has been stressed for too long. There are fewer chances of recovering. You should choose a healthy plant from any gardening store for a nursery. 

If you see the leaves are yellow or there are brown spots on them then you should not buy such a plant. 

How To Get Rid Of Pests On Aloe Vera Plants?

When you grow aloe vera as a houseplant then in the summer sometimes you take the pot and place it on the patio or outside so it will get some time in the sun. 

This is the time when aloe vera is exposed to insects such as aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, and scales.  You can deal with these pests without using pesticides. 

First, you should carefully examine the plant to determine which insect or pest will attack it. You can use a magnifying glass to check the presence of aphids or tiny mites. 

Separate the affected plant from the healthy one. This is the best way of protecting your plant because there is no way to recover your affected plant. 

You can use a soapy water solution on the affected plant. This will help to remove black and sooty mildew that has developed as a result of insect feeding. You can apply insecticidal soap to large plants. 

This is a simple tip for small pest infestation. Take rubbing alcohol and dip a cotton swab in it. You can use this cotton swab to remove the bugs. You can also use Neem oil for getting rid of outbreaks of bugs. 

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