How To Grow Beefsteak Tomatoes In Pots

Beefsteak tomatoes are no doubt are the best and biggest kind of tomatoes you can grow in your garden. They are so big. They can be 1-2lbs in weight. They are juicy, pink or red in colour.

And have a vast number of seed compartments inside the fruit. They are easily available in the stores. But luckily, they are very easy to grow. And to be honest, no one wants that non-organic tomato from stores.

We are going to learn the easiest way to grow beefsteak tomatoes in pots and containers. 


Here are several kinds of beefsteak tomatoes You can grow in containers or pots.

Humid Climate Varieties: Mortage Lifter and Grosse Lisse are best if you are in humid climate areas. 

Biggest Tomatoes Varieties: Tidwell German, Mr Underwood’s Pink German Giant or Neves Azorean Red and Pink Ponderosa produce biggest tomatoes, nearly 2-3 pounds. 

Super Productive Varieties: chose Marisol Red, Olena Ukranian and Royal Hillbilly are best in more production of tomatoes. 

Heirloom Varieties of beefsteak tomatoes: Tappy’s Finest, Richardson, Soldaki and Stump of the World are the best heirloom varieties.

Soil For Best Growth:

Crop rotation is very necessary if you are growing beefsteak in a piece of land. But in our case, we are going to grow beefsteak tomatoes in pots. The soil of pH around 6.5 (acidic) is most suitable to grow beefsteak.

Add some mulch of straw or winter cover crop in soil. It will keep the soil loose, which is good for the roots of tomato plants. Do not reuse the soil, if your previous crop has some kind of disease.

I recommend you to use some good quality potting mix. Because beefsteak tomatoes are a heavy feeder. So they need a good blend of organic matters, potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. 

Pot for Growing Beefsteak. 

Bigger the better. It is the kind of situation where size actually matter (LOL). If you are going to choose the small pot, your plant may not be very productive. 1-2 square foot pot is great for just 1 plant to develop.

Some people say, grow some herbs along with the tomato plant, but there will be a battle of moisture between a tomato plant and herbs. So it is good if you grow tomato plants alone in the pot. 

You can also use fabric pots instead of others. Fabric pots are non-degradable and bio-degradable. I think non-degradable are good because we can reuse them later. 

Growth Time Of Beefsteak Tomatoes:

There are many kinds of varieties of beefsteak tomatoes. All of them have different growth times. But the average growth time of beefsteak varieties is 85 days. It means you can harvest your first biggest tomato in 85 days. 

Sowing Seeds:

The best time to sow seeds is the start of March. Seeds germinate best in well-drained soil. 60-90 F is the best optimal temperature for beefsteak tomatoes seeds. Keep the soil moisturized but too much.

Germination will start in just 6-12 days. Start with small plastic containers or degradable glass and when seedling reaches up to 8 inches transfer the seedling in the bigger pot. 

Space For Beefsteak Tomatoes:

These tomatoes can grow up to 8 feet. That is why they are the best to grow in pots. No need for big land.  But you will need some trellis to hold the plant. Or you can simply put the pot near to a wall so the plant can use the wall as support. 

But if the wall blocks the sunlight, don’t do that. You can make your own DIY trellis using woods, PVC pipes or livestock cage. Or you can simply buy trellis from the online store. 

Sun Light Requirments:

Beefsteak Tomato plant is very sun-loving. They need at least 8 hours of full sunlight. If you are living in a very crowded area with huge buildings, it might be a problem for you. Change the place of pots if there is any shadow of neighbors trees or buildings.

Moisture Requirments: 

These plants need a constant supply of moisture. Water the plant evenly so there will no rot or cracked fruit problem. Do not just rely on rain. If rain is less then 1 inch per week, water the plants every day. 

Protection from Frost:

Tomato is a sun-loving plant as I mentioned above. It means a little frost can kill the plant. First, do not put the pot outside if there is a chance of frost. If you think that is a to much work to put pots inside and then outside, you can use some frost blankets, or bags to protect them from frost. 

Diseases and Pests:

The biggest diseases a plant can get: if there is no crop rotation. We are growing these plants in pots, so it is not a big problem for us. Just change the soil of the pot. Some typical pests that can invade the tomato plant are: 

  • tomato hornworms
  • Aphids
  • rodents
  • flea beetles

How to Protect Them:

  • Use A hard water stream to remove pests.
  • Handpicked them and destroy them. 
  • Water them regularly to protect from rot or any fungal disease.
  • Do not waterlog the soil.
  • Pick weeds from your pot.


When fruit is fully ripened, it means the fruit is full of juices, flavors, and nutrients. So it is most beneficial if the fruit remains on the plant till fully ripened. Some people prefer to harvest early and then wait for the ripening process.

This method is good for some cheery tomatoes and some heirloom varieties. Beefsteak tomatoes can take 60-96 days. Pick the fruit which is full red in color and has smooth waxy skin. 

How To Eat Beefsteak Tomatoes:

These tomatoes are the juiciest tomatoes ever. They can be sliced and use in the sandwich. They are the best candidates for the stuffed tomatoes recipe. Fill them with eggs or minced chicken and put in the oven. They can be used uncooked in salad recipes. 

Summary Tips:

  • Select Variety which is suitable for your area weather.  
  • Well-drained loose soil with a pH of 6.5.
  • Use bigger pots and trellis.
  • Do not reuse the soil.
  • At least 8 hours of full sunlight.
  • Water the plant regularly. 
  • Protect from the frost.
  • Harvest them and enjoy them.

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