How To Grow Bird Of Paradise From Cuttings?

Bird of paradise is a tropical plant. It is found only in South Africa. It has colorful flowers like a little colorful bird so is called the bird of paradise plant. Bird of paradise is a unique and interesting plant. This is a tall tree. It grows 5 feet to so on in height. This type of plant requires a temperature of 70 degrees F in the daytime and 55 degrees F at the night. 

1st method: Propagating Birds of Paradise:

If you want to grow birds of paradise plant. You can do it easily through plant division. You will need the stalk of the plant because the stalk is the main part of the plant propagation. Birds of paradise grow in warm conditions so you cut and grow them in early spring. 

There are the following steps to propagate the birds of paradise plant. 

  • Firstly you should be severing the piece of rhizome from the broken stalk. 
  • Sprinkle some rooting harmon on the open cuts of the birds of paradise stalk. 
  • Make sure each division has a live fan or leaves with attached bird of paradise roots, and also sure that they aren’t dried. 
  • You should take small pots and prepare them for propagation with high planting methods. After this put each division in the pots. 
  • When the stalk is properly settled in the soil (after a few days) then you start watering. You should give them water every day according to the needs of plants. 
  • Fertilizer is the basic need of the plant so you should include fertilizer for the rapid growth of the plant. 

2nd Method : Dividing Bird of Paradise Plants:

A mature and accomplished bird of paradise plant is the best for dividing. A mature plant means it can bloom at least the previous year. You can divide it into two or three parts, in this way you can have many plants for creating new plants. 

  1. Removing the plant from the container

Be careful when you remove the plant from the pot because if you damage its roots then it cannot re-grow again. You should need a spatula and other tools for removing the plant from the pot. 

  1. Careful separation of the plant where it naturally divides.

When we put out the plant from the pot we see that the main stalk has many shoots. These shoots are attached with involuted roots. You separate the roots and divide them into two or three parts. 

  • You may need a sharp and clean knife for the separation. 
  • Cuts the roots where the plants are bent. Cutting with a knife is better than tearing the roots.
  1.  Dust the roots with a rooting hormone

Rooting hormones are very necessary for the growth of plants. You can get the rooting Harmon in every garden. So you can easily increase these hormones by root dust for plants. 

  1. Re-pot the sections in rich potting soil. 

You must select a rich potting soil and put the divided part of the plant in it and take the water after 2 or 3 days. 

How To Care for a Bird of Paradise?

Light and Soil:

Bird of paradise is a tropical and bright light plant. It can survive only in moist soil not soggy. You should place the plant in light because it can grow in bright light. But direct sunlight can harm the top of leaves so you use indirect light. 


Water is the basic requirement of every plant. Bird of paradise is survived on a little amount of water but give water on a regular schedule. Spring and summer are the growth seasons of this plant. Higher salt water can damage the leaves of this plant. Birds of paradise plants can thrive and survive the only hot and humid climates. 


Like other plants bird of paradise needs fertilizer for optimum growth. Bird of paradise takes a little amount of fertilizer. You should never fertilize them in high amounts because excess food can also damage these plant leaves. 

Insects and Pests:

It is common that pests and insects to be attracted to beautiful flowers. Mealybugs, grasshoppers, and spider mites attack the leaf of it. So we should use neet soft cloth to cover the leaves. You can’t use spray pesticides because it is harmful to bird of paradise leaves. 

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