How To Grow Bird Of Paradise From Seeds?

Bird of paradise is a tropical plant. Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) have beautiful flowers. It is also called a crane flower. Bird of paradise is found in South Africa and they can thrive in Florida, Hawaii, and other hot areas. 

Due to its resembles birds in flight we call them bird of paradise. Bird of paradise has dark green and shiny leaves. Its leaves resemble banana leaves. Its shiny leaves encircle the tiny flowers which come out from the bract. 

How to Harvest and Collect Bird of Paradise Seeds? 

For getting the seeds of bird of paradise firstly, you should select the mature Strelitzia with one flower. Take those flowers which lose their color and get white pale and orang. After choosing the flower cut them and put them in a dry place. 

The seed beans will open when they dry. In this way, you can collect many seeds easily. Dry seeds are best for the sowing process. If you do not want to dry the flowers and want to get seeds, then cut the layer of the flower carefully. 

The seeds are present on the deep side of the flower. Be careful when you remove the petals. When seeds beans appeared open it with a sharp knife. You should be careful when you open the pod because deep cuts can damage your seeds. 

Remove Seed Shells:

After the drying period of the seeds, the shells of the seeds become hard and do not grow well. So we can grow the fresh seeds immediately after collection or we can use the old seeds but firstly we should prepare them for germination. 

Take the seeds and remove their orange hair which is called arils. When you clean the seeds then put them in plastic bags and keep them in the refrigerator for two weeks. 

Take that seeds which you kept in the refrigerator And soak them in lukewarm water for softening for 24 to 48 hours. After soaking scratch the outer hard layer of the seeds with a knife. You can use any tools and methods for removing the hard coat of seeds. 

You can also use saltpeter for softening the seed’s cover. Take teaspoon saltpeter in a cup and put the seeds in it for 24 to 48 hours. OR With the help of buttermilk and water laced with liquid soap, you can also remove the seeds coat easily. 

Plant the seeds:

When your seeds are prepared for planting then put them ½ to 1 inch deep in the good soil (potting soil) in containers. Keep the distance of 3 inches between seeds. Give the seeds water. Cover the entire container with plastic wrap and cloche. 

Put the container in front of direct sunlight (80 Degree Fahrenheit). After some time when seeds will start germination and produce 3 to 4 leaves, transplant them in another 6 inches pot and when they become 6 inches tall then it is ready for their permanent home. 

Support Seedlings;

When your seed starts its germination then remove its plastic cover and put them in its requirements of light and temperature and give them water and other foods like fertilizer. During the first month use organic 2-4-2 fertilizer. Mix 2 tablespoons fertilizer in water and give them. Increase the amount of fertilizer with the increasing age of the plant. 

Best TIPS To Grow Plant Bird of Paradise Plants? 

You can easily grow bird of paradise in your garden and indoors. It is a little care plant. If you grow plants with seeds they take more time, 3 to 5 years. And if you grow bird of paradise by seedlings or buy potted plants they grow well but you should follow some following instructions when you grow them. 

  • Firstly choose the best quality of bird of paradise for seeds. prepare the seeds for germination. 
  • Sow the seeds in high-quality potting soil and well-draining soil. 
  • Add fertilizer to soil for the good growth of plants. With the help of fertilizer plants will produce their flower in little time. Give fertilizer in a specific amount because a high quantity of fertilizers will damage the roots. If you grow the plant in a container then you give the fertilizer in liquid form every two weeks. 
  • Put the entire plant in a sunny window. They can easily thrive in sunlight. They can also grow on the dark side but it will so much take time. So you should keep them where plants get the light directly. 
  • Bird of paradise does not bear a high amount of water because the high amount of water can damage its roots and leaves. So you should give them water when the upper part of the soil is dried. In the early days of its growth take to give them water in moisture form. 

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