How To Grow Dates From Seeds?

Date palm trees belong to the Arecaceae genus family. This fruit is native to middle east countries like Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Dates like to grow in warm climates. 

Date palm trees look great when you grow them in your home, porch, or garden by using their seeds. The germination process will take a couple of months so you should show patience. 

When the seeds sprout, you can plant them in a large pot.  Provide all the requirements to your date plant, then it will turn into a full-size tree. The duration of growing into a full tree is 4 years. 

If you grow dates from seeds then the fruit you will get may be smaller and of lower quality than the parent plant. It means that growing date palms by seeds will not turn into true-to-type plants. 


The following are common varieties of date palm trees.


This is a common large variety. The flavor of this variety is maple and you can also use them for cooking and baking.


This is the second most common variety which has a slightly nutty taste.


You can use this variety in snacks or desserts. They are very delicate that’s why you can’t cook them.


The size of this variety is very small and it has a buttery caramel flavor. 


This is a medium-sized variety that has a sweet taste. The texture of the flesh of this fruit is very soft.

Here we are going to discuss with you all the necessary information and tips which are essential for the growing date palm trees.

Prepare The Seeds For Sprouting

You should prepare the seeds before planting them in the pot. Follow every easy step for preparing the seeds so you will succeed in growing a beautiful date palm tree in your growing area. 

1- Get Some Ripe Medjool Dates And Collect The Seed

You can get some ripe Medjool dates from grocery stores.  Open the dates and from the center remove the seeds. Now, set the seeds aside and use the date fruit. 

2- Clean Off The Seeds With Water

All the seeds have leftover fruit so you should rinse them thoroughly with water and rub off excess flesh from the seeds. If the fruit is still on the seeds then you can soak all the seeds in the hot water. After 24 hours, you can take out seeds from the water and rub off the leftover fruit. 

3- Soak The Pits In Freshwater For 48 Hours

Now soak the pits in cold water for 48 hours. Take a cup or bowl and fill it with cool water. Once a day, change the water and fill the cup with fresh water. Mould will not form if you change the water. 

If you soak the seeds then the seed coat will absorb water and pits are ready for the germination process. Don’t use the seeds which float on the water and toss them out. The seeds which sink at the bottom should be used.

4- Fold 2 Seeds Into A Damp Piece Of Paper Towel

Take a sheet of paper towel and run some water on it to damp it.  Now place 2 date seeds on either end of the paper towel and fold the paper towel. Fold the paper towel in this way that your seeds are fully covered and separated by a layer of paper towel. 

5- Place The Seeds And Paper Towel Into A Plastic Bag And Seal It

Now, you need a plastic bag for keeping this paper towel in it. While placing the damp paper towel, make sure the pits are still in place and close the bag.  

6- Store The Bag In A Warm, Dark Place For 6 To 8 Weeks

The best temperature for the germination of date seeds is between 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 to 24 degrees centigrade. A warm place will help a lot in the germination process.  

You can place the plastic bag on the top of the refrigerator. You can also use a warming mat because you can regulate the temperature. 

7- Check The Seeds Regularly

You can check the progress of seeds by regular inspection. It is suggested that you should check the seeds every 2 seeds. You should replace the mold paper towel with a fresh damp towel.  With 2 to 4 weeks, you will see tiny roots emerging out of the seeds. 

When you see the seeds have sprouted then it is time to plant them in the pot. 

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Planting The Sprouted Seeds

Before planting the seeds, you need a pot for this purpose. A perfect pot is very important for your plants so choose the pot which fulfills all the requirements of the plants. 

1- Find A Perfect Pot  With Drainage Holes

Drainage is very important in the growth of any plant so make sure the pot which you are using for planting date seeds must have drainage holes at the bottom.  

Whether you are using a clay pot or a plastic container both have proper drainage holes. If the pot doesn’t have a drainage hole then it will become the reason for waterlogging which results in root rot. 


You can use a small pot at the start. But as the plant grows you can transplant the plant to a large effort. 

2- Fill The Pot 

As you are planting sprouted seeds in the pot, you can maintain the fertility of the soil by using a potting mix. Avoid using garden soil in the pot. You can use a palm or cactus mix which contains a good mix of soil, perlite, sand, vermiculite, and peat moss. 

Potting soil helps to maintain moisture and drainage. The sand or vermiculite in the potting mix provides good aeration and drainage. On the other hand, peat moss helps to retain moisture.  

Don’t pack the soil because loose soil has drainage qualities. If you are using normal soil then you can add sand or vermiculite in a 1:4 ratio.

3- Plant The Sprouted Seed 1 Inch Deep In The Soil Of The Pot Or Container

After filling the pot with soil your pot is ready. Place the sprouted pit in the middle of the pot.  You can grow only one seed in one pot. Place the seed about 1-inch or 2.5 cm deep in the soil of the pot or container. 


You should be careful at this stage, if you see the roots are very delicate then you can plant the seeds with a damp paper towel. In this way, the roots will be protected and grow without any disturbance.

4- Cover The Seeds With Sand Or Lightly Packed Soil

After placing the seed, cover it with soil. Now pat the soil down so it will provide support to the young plant. 

5- Water The Plant Thoroughly

Now your newly planted seeds need water to drink. When you see the water is coming out from the drainage hole then you can stop pouring the water. Water is a good drink for your sprouted seeds. 

When you see the soil absorbs and drains the water then water the plant again to make the soil completely moistened. 

How To Care For Your Date Plant?

After planting the seeds the work is not done here.  if you want to get her their fruits then you should take care of your date Palm trees.

1- Select The Best Location For Your Pot

Choose a sunny place for your plants so your plant gets full sunlight.  Sun exposure is very important for the growth of date palm trees. You can place your plants near a window where it gets maximum sunlight.  

You can also place the pot on an open porch and try to keep it exposed to the sun as much as possible.

2- Water The Plants Regularly

Like temperature and sunlight, water is also an important factor.  Whenever you feel the first two inches of the surface of the soil is dry then you should water your date palm plants.  

It is very easy to check the soil with the help of your finger.  Stick your pointer finger into the soil up to the second knuckle. If the soil is moist then there is no need to water the plant. 

If you feel the soil is dry then it is better to pour some water to quench the thirst of your plants. It is not necessary to set a schedule for watering your plants but whenever you feel the soil is dry then you can water the date plants. It is better to water your date palm plant once a week. 

3- Transplant The Date Palm Plant As It Grows

If you see the roots of the date palm plant growing out from the bottom of the pot then this is the time to change the pot.  At this stage, you should use a larger pot so your plant will get ample space to grow. 

You should repeat this as your plant grows. It is suggested that whenever you start transplanting your plant then water it well before and after. 

When you see that your plant has grown to a tree size then you can move it outdoors.  You can grow it on your deck or in your garden.  Full sun exposure is very important for your date palm tree. 

If you want to grow dates in your house then place it near a sunny window where it gets maximum sunlight. 

When your date palm tree is big enough then plant it in the ground.  If you are living in a warm climate then your date palm tree will be happy to grow outside.  

Choose a sunny spot in your garden and dig a hole in the ground.  The hole should be large enough to hold the roots of the plant. Now put the plant in the hole and fill it with the soil. 


The height of the date palm tree can be reached up to 50 feet or 15 m. So you should select that spot where your tree gets plenty of space to grow. 

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