How To Grow Eucalyptus From Cuttings?

The botanical name of eucalyptus is Eucalyptus cinerea. The eucalyptus tree is very ornamental and the colors of the flowers are white and red. Its height is about 6 to 53 ft and its width is about 2 to 15 ft.  

The warmer climate is ideal for growing these attractive trees. The leaves of the eucalyptus tree are very aromatic and are used for making oil.

How To Grow Eucalyptus Tree From Cuttings?

Growing a eucalyptus tree from seeds is very easy but if you choose a cheap or expensive way of growing then you must use rooted cuttings. Semi-hardwood cuttings of the eucalyptus tree are perfect for propagation. 

You must take the cuttings from a one-year-old plant. This plant is toxic. You must wear gloves when you are taking cuttings. Following are the simple and easy steps for growing a eucalyptus tree from cuttings.


Never uses an older stem cutting for growing a new eucalyptus plant.  Because these cuttings may not produce roots, as a result, you will fail to grow new eucalyptus plants from cuttings. 

The ideal time of taking cutting is in the summer for propagation. Now you are thinking how long the cuttings must be. The perfect size of stem cuttings should be three to five inches. 

Make sure each cutting has 4 to 8 eucalyptus leaves. For taking cuttings, you need a sharp pruning shear. Before using your shear you must disinfect it. This will help to protect your plant from any infection.  

For sterilizing, simply wipe the blades of the shear with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. Make sure the cut must be clean and below a leaf node. After the selection of cuttings, place them in a bucket of water to make them ready for future planting.


After taking your desired cuttings now remove the bottom leaves.  Don’t remove the top leaves of the cuttings. Now the next step is dipping the cuttings in the rooting hormone. 

If the rooting hormone does not contain fungicide then first dip them in fungicide and let the cutting dry for a few minutes. Now they are ready for dipping into the rooting hormone.


 For preparing potting mixes, you need one part of perlite and three parts of composted tree bark.  After mixing them add slow-release fertilizer. The quantity of the fertilizer is mentioned on the package.  

You should follow the directions for making the perfect spotting medium. Now take a growing tray and fill it with this potting medium. After that moist the potting mix. 


Your cuttings are ready, now make holes in the growing medium for planting them. Make sure there must be a space of 3 inches between each cutting.  

So the cuttings will not compete for moisture and nutrients.  stake your cuttings in the growing medium. If you firm the soil around the cuttings then they will easily set in the growing medium.


If you want a successful propagation of eucalyptus then you must cover the tray to create a warm environment. You can also use a heat mat to provide the ideal temperature. 

The temperature of the heat met must be 68 degrees Fahrenheit. When you are using a heat mat then place the cuttings in a bright location. Never put them in direct sunlight when cuttings are on a heat mat.


If you don’t regularly examine the cuttings then you prove yourself careless.  You must check the cuttings regularly, if you see any sign of root rot or pest infestation then remove disease cuttings from the tree. 

Regularly check the soil, if you see it is dry then add water to keep the soil moist otherwise your cuttings will not propagate. Generally, within 30 days the cuttings of the eucalyptus tree start producing roots. 

You can check the presence of roots by gently pulling the cuttings. If you feel any resistance it means the roots have emerged. When you feel the roots are formed then this is the right time to remove the plastic from the growing tray.


Before transplanting these cuttings, you place them in a sunny location. The soil starts drying more between the frequency of watering. Harden off the eucalyptus cuttings for 6 weeks. 

If you see the cuttings appear to wilt then move them into a shady area for part of the day. Your cuttings will continuously grow and after more than 30 days you will see the young eucalyptus plant is ready for transplanting into your garden. 

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How To Care For Eucalyptus Plants?

Grow Eucalyptus From Cuttings

If you grow eucalyptus trees outside in your garden or yard, it is better to choose an ideal sunny location. Make sure that’s why it must be rich and well-drained. 

When you transplant a young eucalyptus tree then the sunlight will not be blocked by nearby trees and shrubs. Another important thing is that your eucalyptus tree has ample space so as it grows its roots expand easily in the ground. 

If you are planting more than one eucalyptus tree in your garden then make sure there must be space of 8 ft between two trees. For harvesting the leaves you must wait until they become mature.

Following are the important factors that you must take care of while growing your favorite eucalyptus trees.


Eucalyptus trees need at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. So make sure your desired plant gets full sun exposure. If you are growing your eucalyptus plant in a container or a pot then make sure you must place them near a sunny window.


If you are growing this plant in a raised bed, container, or pot then you can easily maintain the fertility of the soil. Make sure you are using a high-quality potting mix that contains all the essential nutrients that are necessary for growing eucalyptus plants. 

This plant can adjust to all types of soil easily. If you are growing a eucalyptus tree in your garden the soil must be neutral or acidic. 


It is a drought-tolerant plant. When it is established it doesn’t need more water but it doesn’t mean that you let it dry for long periods. The dry condition can result in dropped leaves. 

The best way of checking the soil is with the help of your finger. If the surface of the soil feels dry then it is the right time to water your plants. In drought, it is better to water the eucalyptus tree weekly.  Keep in mind that potted plants need more water. 


A warm temperature is ideal for growing your clip eucalyptus tree. Make sure that temperature must be between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit then the eucalyptus tree can’t survive. 

If you are growing a eucalyptus plant in a container then you must bring It Inside to protect it from harsh cold weather.  The moderate humidity level is perfect. 


There is no need of adding fertilizer if you are growing your eucalyptus tree in the ground. In case, you are growing your desired plant in a container then you can fertilize it with a low-nitrogen house plant. 

The best time of applying fertilizer is throughout the growing season. The quantity of the fertilizer added to the soil according to the instructions on the label.  


If you see the tree is overgrown then you can prune it to make your tree more attractive.  Generally, this plant doesn’t need much pruning.  The ideal time for pruning is summer. It is suggested that you should avoid pruning when the humidity level is high.

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Common Problems With Eucalyptus Trees

If your eucalyptus tree is under stress then problems start occurring. Insects and diseases cause stress to your favorite eucalyptus tree.  The tiny monsters that are called pests can attack your eucalyptus tree. 

They can easily invade any infected tree because this is an open invitation for them. Fungi are the main reason for causing different diseases in a eucalyptus tree. Following are diseases that can affect your new young plant so you should be careful.


The discolouring of the leaves and red-brown or dark brown wood beneath the bark is a clear symptom of the disease crown rot. Phytophthora is the fungus that is the reason for crown rot. A kind of fungus is responsible for spreading canker in the bark of the tree. 

Slowly the infection proceeds to the interior part of the tree. When you see the leaves start turning yellow then this is a clear sign that your eucalyptus tree is affected by fungus.  

When cankers attack your tree then it will start splitting along their trunks. Soon you will see the disease moves from branch to branch until the growth of the plant stops and it will die


A fungus that destroys your eucalyptus tree is trunk rot. Slowly your tree will be damaged from the Inside out because of dropping branches. When you discovered this disease, that tree was already dying. 

If you stop the spreading of disease then you must burn all the infected wood immediately. You must sterilize all the equipment that you used for destroying the infected part of the tree. 

Old and weak eucalyptus trees are more susceptible. If your tree is badly affected by this disease then you should prune or remove it.


When you see powdery white growth on the leaves it means your plant is affected by this fungal disease. If the disease is at an early stage then you can apply a fungicide. 

You should never use a fertilizer that contains high nitrogen because it can produce flushes of susceptible new growth.


This fungal disease easily affects the branches, leaves, and twigs of your eucalyptus tree. Distorted growth and brown lesions are the clear symptoms of this disease.  

You should be careful about your young trees because they are very susceptible to anthracnose. Overwatering can also result in many fungal diseases so you must avoid it. If you want to protect your young trees then you must apply fungicide in the early spring.

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When You Harvest The Leaves Of Eucalyptus?

The late growing season is the best time for harvesting. Before the frost,  when the stem and leaves are firm and leathery then you can snip long branches. 

If the stem is soft and tender then this is not the right time for harvesting. The cool part of the day is the best time for harvesting. For harvesting, you need a sharp pruner and snip them off the tree. 

Place the cuttings immediately in the water and now let them dry in the air. When you see they are leathery and crispy then store them in glass jars that have tight lids. 

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