How To Grow Mushrooms From Scraps?

You can enjoy these tasty fungi at home anytime by growing in your home. You can grow any variety of mushrooms at home but oyster mushroom is one the best. 

Regrowing mushrooms from store-bought mushrooms is very easy but you should always buy it from an organic store. With a nice fruiting medium, optimum moisture level and scraps of mushroom ends, you can grow your own supply of mushroom. 

Mushroom Growing 4 You

Mushroom Propagation: 

Normally, farmers and gardeners grow  mushrooms from spores. But growing mushrooms from spores can take a bit longer than regrowing from ends plus it is hard to locate the spores of mushrooms. You don’t need spores and mycelium on fungi can be used during regrowing store-bought mushrooms. That makes the process of regrowing easier and faster. 

The seeds of mushrooms, usually known as spores. If we provide good medium and moist humid conditions to spores, they will turn into mycelium and these mycelium turns to primordia and then mushrooms. If you regrow mushrooms from the scrap or ends of mushrooms, it will save the time from growing spores to primordia. 

How To Regrow Mushrooms From Store-bought Mushrooms? 

There are thousands of simple and natural process that becomes most complex when humans try to improve on it. The process of mushrooms growing is an example. In the natural environment, the growth of mushroom is a pure combination of timing and luck but when it comes to growing in farms, even a proper medium can be a tough chore. 

Mushroom Growing 4 You

Follow this step by step process to re-grow a ton of mushroom at home: 

Make A Straw Bedding: Pick a container fill with water and soak the straw in it for a couple of days. Use moistened cellulose material like hamster bedding and shredded cardboard for bedding. 

Select Some Healthy Mushrooms: As I mentioned before, oyster mushrooms are great to regrow, even though you can use any kind you want. Purchase some healthy-looking organic mushrooms, cut the ends of them. Ends will regrow because they contain mycelium that convert to mushrooms. ¼ inch or 6mm is the best size of the stem of store-bought mushrooms.  

Plant Your Mushrooms Ends: Now you will need some containers to fill your medium. You can use grow bags, planters and any kind of container that you can find in your garage. Make a layer of moist straw or your choice of growing medium at the bottom, add mushrooms ends on top of this layer. Make another layer until your container gets full. 

Mushroom Growing 4 You

Few Needs For Better Growth Of Mushrooms: Mycelium requires a dark room to grow. The temperature should be 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit or 18-23 degrees Celsius. Put a layer of a plastic bag on the top of your container. Make some holes in your plastic bag for air circulation. 

Mycelium will grow great in the moist growing medium, so keep the moisture level a little heigh. Do not let the medium dry, always mist it when it looks dry. 

Harvesting The Homegrown Mushrooms: After just 2-4 weeks, the mycelium will be ready to give fruits. Tent the plastic cover over your growing medium to preserve the moisture level but allow your fungi to grow. After 15-20 days, you can harvest your first organic mushroom. 

Mushroom Growing 4 You

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