How To Grow Persimmons From Seed?

Persimmons (Diospyros virginiana) is an edible fruit. It resembles a big tomato and has a sweet taste. It gives a taste like apricot. Persimmons are very popular and attractive plants due to their wood and fruits. 

The bark of the persimmon is used to produce a thick square box. Growing persimmons in a garden is a rewarding and fun activity for the gardener. If you know how to grow it, you can easily grow persimmons in your garden. 

Growing Persimmons With Seeds :

If you want to grow persimmons in your garden by seeds, firstly you should select a ripe and scarless fruit. When you get the seeds then soak them in water for three days. After soaking clean the seeds properly. 

After cleaning keep the seed in a cool place as it needs cooling for germination. Cover the seeds with a damp paper towel and place them in a glass jar. Keep the jar in the refrigerator for three months. This processing of chilling is known as stratification.

When the process of stratification is complete then you should place the seed in a large container that has small holes in the bottom for drainage. Persimmon produces long roots so we use the long container. 

You should plant the seeds up to 2 inches deep in the good potting soil. After planting the seeds put the container in front of sunlight. The persimmons seeds will sprout in 6,8 weeks. 

You should keep the persimmon seed pot in light and keep your soil moist. The persimmon plant does not like soggy soil so gives them water in moderate amounts. 

Time to Transplant :

After the entire growing season, the persimmon plants are ready for transplanting. you can easily transplant the plant in your garden. 

You should start the transplanting in October and November after rain. The persimmon trees need more space to flourish. It is a slow-growing plant. when you grow plants with seeds then they give fruits in 3,5 years. 


Like other plants persimmon also need more light for growing. They can also grow on the shady sides but they produce fruits in bright light. You should be aware of their light patterns. 


You should select the well-drained soil for the persimmon tree. They do not like salty soil. They can easily grow in a slightly acidic and loamy soil. 


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Persimmons need more water when they do transplanting.  But when the persimmon tree is mature they need less water. You should give water when the upper surface of the soil is dry. 

Temperature and Humidity:

The persimmon trees are able to bear the severe cold conditions of temperature but can be weakened by the prolonged cold. The persimmon tree can easily grow in moderate temperature and humidity and produce more yields. 


Persimmons like more fertile soil. They can easily grow in a loamy soil. If you want to grow healthy persimmon then you should give compost and some important nutrients (just add a layer of compost and manure every six months). 


Pruning is necessary for persimmon trees. You should prune the persimmon tree in the early days to give them a hard branch structure. The trees become healthy and strong with the help of pruning. You should prune the damaged leaves and stem every day. With the help of pruning, you can get more yields.

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