Weeds are unwanted plants that steal all the major nutrients of your plants. We want healthy plants which get full nutrients from the soil, water, and sun. The weeds are sharing fellows and we want to do anything for getting rid of these undesirable plants which start the competition with your favorite edible plants.  

If you bought chemical weed killers from the market then it contains toxic elements which are not good especially for edible plants. It may affect your health and create a risk to bees and other beneficial insects. Even your pets and children are not safe from these chemical weed killers which you use in your garden or yard for preventing your plants. 

The most reliable solution is pulling weeds by hand. You can also make your natural weed killer by using simple products which are easily available at home. The combination of simple ingredients will work best for making natural & safe homemade weed killer. 

This is a cheap and easy way of controlling the population of wheat on your lawn. Remember these homemade weed killers are not as effective as chemical commercial weed killers. 


If you are looking for homemade spray at home then some natural ingredients such as vinegar, salt, liquid dish soap, and borax work great.  Here are some simple homemade weed killers which help you to fight these unexpected and undesirable plants. 


Here we are going to discuss two different recipes for making sprays for killing weeds by using vinegar.


This is a simple and basic homemade weed killer recipe. This formula works great against weeds, the best thing is that you will get a weed killer without chemicals. This is a perfect natural remedy that helps you to control weeds. 

The acetic acid in vinegar and salt has the ability to draw moisture from the weeds. Vinegar has acetic acid which works against undesirable plants. Vinegar and dish soap work together killing weeds. 

Dandelion and crabgrass will not stand in front of the solution of soap and vinegar. After the addition of salt then it will be difficult for the weeds to grow in the future.  The place where you use salt, nothing will grow in that place. 

So if you are willing to grow plants at that place then you should emit the salt or use it sparingly. The best time for using this spray is when the weather is warm and the day should be sunny.

 Things you need for making the spray are as follows:

  • 1-gallon white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap or you can use vegetable oil, it will also work.
  • 1 cup of salt but in case if you don’t want to replant there.


In this method, you can use lemon juice with vinegar. Lemon juice has citric acid while vinegar has acetic acid when these two acids combine and work against weeds. The quantity of these two things for making spray is as under:

  • 400 ml of white distilled vinegar.
  • 2-3 tablespoons of lemon


When you prepare the solution then the question comes to your mind about how to use this solution. These are simple steps of spraying the weeds.

  1. You can use a funnel to transfer the solution into a spray bottle.
  2.  After pouring the solution into the spray bottle replace the nozzle tightly.
  3.  Now apply the solution to the weeds and you will have to wait for 24 hours to see results. You can apply more solutions if you feel.

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Keeping a bottle full of this natural homemade solution works as an effective weapon against weeds. Your target must be weeds, not other useful plants and soil. Here are some tips and instructions while using a spray bottle.

  • You should set the nozzle to stream not to spray because weeds are very close to the plants and your purpose is only to kill the weeds not plants.
  • Remember, weed killers can’t discriminate between weeds and your favorite plants so be careful because it will kill any plant which comes in the way. 
  • Use these sprays on a warm day because this will fast the action of solution within a few hours the weeds will turn brown and either. 

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Remember, vinegar will kill everything it touches and it will not work on the roots of weeds. Only visible parts of the weeds will burn due to the action of the vinegar.

A: Weeds are undesirable plants but the grass of your lawn will be your favorite one so avoid using vinegar near to your lawn otherwise it will kill the grass.

B: The acidity of the soil will be increased due to the addition of vinegar so before planting with the help of a kit, test the pH of your soil if you see your soil is already acidic then don’t add vinegar to the soil otherwise it will damage your plants. This extra acidity will affect the balance of your soil.

C: The acetic acid in the vinegar can create different health issues such as eye irritation or burns, skin irritation or allergic reaction, digestive tract reaction or damage, and respiratory tract irritation.

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This is another simple method of killing weeds very easily. You will have to do nothing and kill the weeds without using chemicals.

> Fill a  large pot with boiling water and dump it on the weeds but be careful because weeds are very close to other plants so boiling water not only kills the weeds but it will also damage other plants. You will get the result of this remedy immediately.

> You can repeat this several times to kill the weeds and protect your plants. You can also add 1 tablespoon of salt which can be 15g to the boiling water. This solution is stronger than simple boiling water.


This is another simple solution to killing weeds. The ingredients you need for making spray are as follows 

  1.  1litresces or 280 gram of borax 
  2.  2.5 gallons 9.5 liters of water

Mix these two ingredients well now your solution is ready. Now you can spray it on the weeds but again I’m telling you, be careful while using the solution because it will damage other plants too. Borax can be used in lawns but use it cautiously.

>Wear gloves and glasses while you are using the solution as it may cause skin irritation. 

>The vegetables and flower plants will be damaged by using this solution.

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We explained above how to make liquid solutions for getting rid of weeds. Hope you learn how to make homemade weed killer but it is your priority to keep your kids and pets safe. 

This is not possible to keep your children or pets away from your garden so you should use those remedies and hacks which will not affect the health of your children or pets. 

Keep in mind, if any spray can kill weeds, it can also kill other plants so be careful even with a safe weed killer. We will tell you some simple methods and hacks which will help you to control weeds. 


Light is a basic requirement for the growth of weeds. If they don’t get light they will die. It means you have to stop the way of light to reach weeds. If you don’t want to use any homemade natural spray or chemical toxic spray for killing weeds you can use newspaper or cardboard for this purpose.

Spread for thick sheets of newspaper or two cardboards on the weeds.  Due to lack of sunlight, the weeds will die and you will not see any weeds at that place again.


This is a very old-fashioned method of controlling weeds. Most people do this because this will not damage or harm your other plants but when you are doing this pull the weeds from the roots because they will come back next year.


If you are growing plants in a large space then you can use ground covers on that area where you want to remove weeds or want to prevent them from growing. 

To achieve the purpose of crowd out weeds then first you should give your plants a helping hand. Ground covers will work effectively if you hand pull for a while.

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This idea will work great for controlling the weeds. This hack will control something like dandelions. If weeds are allowed to go to seeds then your problem will become more serious. If you don’t have time to pull out weeds from the lawn, you can at least pick off those flower heads which help in spreading seeds.

As weeds grow in the same way as other plants sprout but they are very aggressive growers. It is the best way to germinate the seeds in containers and transplant them into the permanent place where you want to grow them. 

You can transplant your plants when they reach the size of 2 inches or more. If you keep an eye on then your plot will be weeds free. The best way of killing weeds is that whenever you see them. You can also use some organic commercial weed killers; they are environmentally friendly and have fewer chemicals.

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