Put These Things In Planting Holes For The Best Tomatoes Harvest

Gardening is a great hobby that not only keeps you busy but also gives you free vegetables and fruits. Whenever you need vegetables, they are just a few steps away from you. A kitchen garden will not be complete without tomato plants. The taste of homegrown tomatoes is unmatchable. 

What To Put In The Hole When Putting Tomatoes? 

Every gardener wants to get the best yield from their tomato plants. In this article, we are going to discuss with you how you can get the best yield from your tomato plants. You will get your desired size and taste of tomatoes if you put these things in planting holes.


Baking soda helps to maintain the pH level of the soil. If the soil of your backyard or garden is acidic then you can minimize it with the help of baking soda because it has alkanoic properties. 

It is better to do a soil test before using baking soda because this test will tell you about the deficiency of the soil. 

Besides balancing the pH of the soil it will also perform the function of fungicide. Your tomato plants will be saved from powdery mildew, tomato blight, and other fungal infections. 

Baking soda helps stop the spread of fungal diseases and keeps your tomato plants healthy and uninfected. If your tomato plant is affected by blight, you can also use baking soda.

The best way of using baking soda is as a preventative. You should add it to the soil at the time of transplanting the young tomato seedlings. Just sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in the planting hole to see the results. 

This will lower the acidity of the fruit and you will get sweet tomatoes for your favorite salads and dishes. You can also use baking soda solution once a week for healthy tomato plants. 


Another secret ingredient that you can put in the planting holes of tomato plants is to boost your harvest. Fish heads are natural fertilizers that have been used for four centuries. 

When you bury raw fish heads in the planting hole it will add calcium, phosphorus, and nitrogen to nourish tomato plants. Besides fish heads, you can also use shrimp shells, fish bones, and fish guts for making your soil more rich.

It is better to have a preference for a variety that is according to your climate otherwise you will not get a higher yield of tomatoes. If you do not choose the right variety then no matter how many fish heads you throw in the planting hole your tomato plants will not thrive well. 


You will be shocked to know that you can add aspirin in the planting holes of tomato plants for boosting their immune system. When tomato plants are strong enough they can fight against fungal diseases and different pests. 

When you dig the hole for planting young tomato plants then you need only to add two aspirin tablets in the hole. 

Another interesting thing about aspirin is that you can also use this solution to spray the young seedlings as it can improve the germination process. 

This solution performs the function of fungicide and your plant will be protected from different diseases such as blight.  For making the solution of aspirin, you need a gallon of water and only one tablet of aspirin. 

Shake this solution well and with the help of a spray bottle, you can spray this solution on the young seedlings a few days before planting them in their permanent location in your kitchen garden. 


Another friendly ingredient for tomato plants is Epsom salt. Magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt looks like table salt because of its crystalline form. When magnesium is deficient in the soil then tomato plants will not produce the desired amount of fruit.  

When you add this magical ingredient to the soil then it will make cell walls strong as a result your tomato plants will become more strong. The best time to add Epsom salt is when you dig the hole for planting the tomato seedlings in your kitchen garden. 

You need only 2 tablespoons of this salt. Cover this Epsom salt with a layer of soil before adding the young plant. 


Human beings need calcium for making their bones strong.  In the same way, plants need calcium to make their structure stronger.  The important benefit of calcium for tomato plants is that it prevents them from blossom end rot and other fungal diseases. 

When you add eggshells to the tomato planting holes then they will create a healthy environment for them. Shares are made from calcium that’s why they can easily maintain the calcium level in the soil.  

The best thing about actions is that they are free and you can get them after using eggs. 

Before using egg shells you should sanitize them by boiling them in water for 3 to 5 minutes. This trick will help to destroy harmful bacteria that are present in the eggshells. After boiling the eggshells, they are free from bacteria and they can easily add to the planting holes to make the soil more rich. 

After boiling the eggshells, you should crush them into small pieces and add them to the planting holes.  This will help to speed up the decomposition process of eggshells. 

If you are growing your tomato plants in a container or pot, then you can also put eggshells before planting just like when you grow them in the ground of your garden. 

You can also use crushed eggshells on the surface of the soil. Gradually these shells break down and mix up in the soil to make it rich in calcium. 


Earthworm casting is considered the best natural fertilizer that is suitable for all types of plants. After the addition of earthworm casting in the planting hole of tomato plants, they will help to improve the quality of the soil. 

This will result in the healthy production of tomatoes. This is an earthworm poop and you can also use them for indoor and outdoor plants.  

Most gardeners raise their worms and use them to improve the health of their plants. Earthworm costing is nutrient-rich and improves the structure of the soil. 

It helps to increase soil’s water retention and aeration.  Earthworm castings have microorganisms that help to feed your plants.

When you add worm casting in the planting holes then mix it with the soil instead of throwing them. Because a layer of worm casting will create a barrier between the soil and the roots of tomato plants. 

So the roots can’t grow downwards and this will stop the growth of the plant. Take a  cup and mix worm casting and potting soil in it before adding them to the planting hole.


When your tomato seedlings receive an initial growing boost in the form of organic tomato fertilizer before transplanting them in the garden then you will get a higher yield of tomatoes. 

Make sure you are using high-quality organic tomato fertilizer to get the best harvest of tomatoes. The best fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients that are needed by tomato plants. 


Just like eggshells help to fulfill the deficiency of calcium in the soil, banana peels help to maintain the amount of phosphorus.  Phosphorus is a nutrient that is needed by tomato plants for their healthier growth.  

Banana peels are the best way of nourishing the soil of tomato plants.  When you use bananas, you can keep the peels in the refrigerator and use them when you dig the planting holes of tomatoes.  Before transplanting the seedlings, you can add two banana peels to each planting hole. 


It is better to nourish tomato plants from the beginning.  if your plant will not get a great start it will not produce healthy fruits for you. Bone meal is an effective product for tomato plants as it contains phosphorus and Calcium.  

These nutrients are very essential for the best harvest of tomato plants.  When you add a bone meal in the planting holes, it will improve the quality of the tomatoes. Bone meals help to develop a strong root system. 


By adding compost, you can make the soil of your garden richer.  you make compost at home or buy it from any local nursery or gardening store.  

Make sure you are buying high-quality compost because it contains all the basic nutrients that are needed for tomato plants for the best harvest. Compost not only feeds your plant but also helps the soil retain moisture levels.  

Another important benefit of the compost is that it can prevent soil compression. Compost is an ideal material for your tomato plants as it is chemical-free.


Another thing that you can add to the planting hole of the tomato plant at the time of transplanting is used coffee grounds. I think before dumping the coffee grounds you will now think twice. 

This is an excellent natural fertilizer that releases nutrients slowly in the soil for tomato plants. Although it doesn’t contain a higher amount of nitrogen but can still enrich the soil of your garden as it contains phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. 


When you use a kelp meal then it will provide all the basic nutrients to the soil and your tomato plants produce a higher yield. It is a type of seaweed that is harvested in the oceans. 

Kelp meals contain phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium which are good for your tomato plants. Kelp meals contain micronutrients that break down very easily and make your soil more rich naturally. 

It is suggested that you must use kelp meal because it is an excellent soil builder for tomato plants. After using it there is no need to add fertilizer that contains chemicals. 


If you have expired multivitamins or calcium pills then you should not throw them.  Instead of tossing them into the trash, you can put one tablet in each planting hole of tomato plants.  

You will be amazed by seeing the result of this secret trick. Your tomato plants will become more beautiful and produce fantastic yields after adding multivitamins or calcium pills at transplanting time. 

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