Tropical Fruits That Can Grow In Pots

Tropical fruits like to grow in hot and humid environments and they are native to the tropics. The tropical areas exist between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.  

If we talk about tropical and subtropical areas of the world that are areas of Africa, Central America, Asia, South America, 0ceania, and the Caribbean. 

Tropical Fruits That Can Grow In Pots

Tropical foods are a good source of Vitamins carbohydrates, minerals, and fiber. Tropical fruits have high demand in the world. Most Tropical fruits are large and have bright colors. 

Tropical fruits are eaten fresh and are used in making juices, purees, pickles, jellies, and more. In this article, we are going to give you a list of fruits that are well-known examples of tropical fruits and are easily grown in pots. You can choose desired fruits from the list and grow them in attractive pots. 

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Lychee is a flowering and fruiting tropical tree that likes to grow in a warm climate. When you grow lychee outdoors then the height of the tree can be reached 30 to 40 feet. 

Although it is a large tree it is possible to grow it in a pot. It is suggested that you should buy a young tree from our local nursery in your area.  The other option is growing this tropical tree from seed. 

You can take out the seeds from the fruit you eat. Transplant the young seedlings in your desired pot.  Choose a sunny location for your pot and keep the soil moist for the healthy growth of your lychee plant.


Papaya has many health benefits with its good taste; it helps to improve digestion and the level of blood glucose.  You should give it a try because it can reduce the risk of heart disease. 

The pot you are using for growing papaya plants must have drainage holes at the bottom. You should sow the seeds in a small pot when the young seedlings are established you can transplant them to a larger pot.  Make sure you are using a potting mix not garden soil. 

The potting mix contains all the basic nutrients that are essential for growing the papaya plant. You can also use a mixture of organic compost, garden soil, and sand. 

After transplanting in your desired pot you can see the fruit after 9 to 11 months. Keep the soil moist by regular watering but avoid over-watering because of the danger of root rot and fungal diseases. 


You must fail your path with a combination of organic compost and potting mix for growing guavas. For making your soil richer you can use granular fertilizer once every three months. 

You need a large pot for this purpose. The size of the pot must be 18 to 24 inches for 46 to 61cm.  Your desired pot must have drainage holes at the bottom to remove excess water from the soil. 

This plant doesn’t need frequent deep watering. In the summer season, you can water 2-3 times per month. 


Dragon fruit likes to grow in a warm and dry climate. Dragon fruit needs proper support to grow because it is a climbing plant. The flowers of this plant are very large and unique.  

The interesting thing about the flowers is that they open only at night and expel amazing scents. The varieties of Dragon fruit that are perfect for growing parts are Stenocereus and Hylocereus.  

The taste of the fruit of the Stenocereus variety is sour and Hylocereus has a sweet taste.  You must use a large pot for growing Dragon Fruit. 

The diameter of the pot you are using for growing dragon fruit must be 15 to 24 inches. The depth of the pot must be 10 to 12 inches so the roots will get ample space. 

The material of the pot can be plastic, clay, or terracotta, or you can even use cans or drums for this purpose.  But it is suggested that you must use a clay pot because it will help to regulate the temperature. 


The vines of passion fruit produce an abundance of sweet and pregnant fruits. Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that can easily be grown in your desired large pots. 

Limited space is the reason for growing plants in the pots. But you should not lose heart. There are many benefits of growing plants in a pot.  You can feel your pot with a high-quality potting mix which is not possible when you grow plants in the ground.  

You can move the pots from one place to another place especially if you are living in a rented house. For growing passion fruit, you need an 18 inches deep pot with drainage holes.  

For removing excess water from the soil, drainage holes play a very important role. The vines of passion fruit can grow up to 30 feet. That’s why you need a large pot. 

For a quick start, you can buy young vines from any local nursery. The other option is growing passion fruit from seed but it will take time to produce fruit for you.


Mango is the king of fruit and likes to grow in warm climates.  Mango plants can’t tolerate temperatures below 25 degrees Fahrenheit or -3 degrees Centigrade.  In case you are facing the problem of limited space you can grow mango trees in a container or pot. 

If you decide to grow a mango tree from seed and it will take about eight years to produce fruit this is a long time so if you buy a grafted plant from a local nursery your waiting time may be shorter. 

Because grafted mango plants start producing fruit within 2 years. As you are growing a mango tree in a pot, you must choose a dwarf variety. Fill your pot with a high-quality potting mix. 

The size of the pot is according to the size of the root ball of the plant that you bought from the nursery. After planting your mango tree, it needs full sun exposure so you should choose a sunny location for your pot.  

For fruit production, intense sun is required. When you grow plants in a pot or container they need more water than plants that are grown in the ground. So you have to maintain the frequency of water for your mango tree.


Another fruit that is suitable for container gardening. The banana tree can produce fruit in a container or pot prolifically.  The depth of the pot you are using for the banana tree must be 18 to 24 inches. 

You must fail your path with well-drained soil.  To make perfect soil you can combine perlite, sand, compost, and manure. This is a fast-growing and lush green plant.  

The addition of banana trees in your garden will give a tropical look. For growing pot, you must use a dwarf variety of bananas because it can only grow up to 1.5 m to 4m. 

You will get your favorite bananas within 5 to 7 months, after planting a young banana tree in your desired pot. You should keep in mind banana trees need perfect temperature, light, and humidity with organic nutrients. The deficiency of all these factors can slow down the fruiting. 


A coconut tree reminds you of vacationing on tropical beaches. Coconut trees love to grow in a warm climate and thrive in a pot. This is an ornamental plant that can decorate your garden with its large leaves. 

The depth of the pot must be 12 inches so the roots of the coconut tree establish easily. For healthy, healthier growth, coconut plants need regular water and feed. 

The perfect temperature for growing coconut trees in the pot is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 degrees Centigrade. 


Jackfruit is a tropical tree and likes to grow in a humid environment.  It can tolerate cold.  Make sure you are using rich, deep, and porous soil for filling your pot.  

It is better to combine perlite, sand, and soil. Maintain humidity level for the healthy growth of jackfruit so you should make it possible that this plant gets water on time. 

The pot you are using must have drainage holes at the bottom because water logging is not good for your plants.  The roots of the plant will be damaged due to standing water.  If you are growing jackfruit from seed then the germination process will take 3 to 8 weeks. 


The aromatic beans of the coffee plant can be grown in a pot. The glossy leaves make it an ornamental plant. Coffee plants produce blooms in the summer and spring. 

The color of the flower is white just like Jasmine. Keep your soil moist because coffee plants like to grow in a humid environment.  The humidity level can be maintained by regular watering but you should avoid over-watering because plants don’t like wet feet.  

Overwatering can become the reason for root rot and many fungal diseases.  When the seeds of the coffee plant germinate then you can fertilizers it once a month. The coffee plant will start producing fruit after 4 to 5 years.


Loamy and well-drained soil is ideal for growing star fruit. The temperature should not be less than 35 degrees Fahrenheit for growing star fruit.  

If the temperature falls below 25 degrees then your plant will die. Keep your soil moist by regularly watering your jelly fruit plants need deep watering once or twice a week. 

When winter comes you can reduce the amount of water according to the needs of your plant.  For the new growth, you have to trim your plant. 

The young plants of star fruit need feed every 30 to 60 days but a fully grown tree needs to be fertilized four to six times per year. For the best result, you can use 6-2-6 hybrid fertilizer because it contains magnesium, manganese, iron, and zinc. 


Take your desired pot and fill it 2/3 with well-drained rich soil.  The size of the pot must be large because this tree grows very tall above 15 feet. 

Mangosteen trees are very sensitive to temperature so you are temperature should not be above 100 degrees Fahrenheit or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Besides temperature, you should be careful about the humidity level. Place your pot in that location where it gets 6 to 8 hours of indirect sunlight. This plant need1 ½  inches of water per week. 


Pineapple plants need full Sun exposure so you should choose a Sunny location for your pot.  The great advantage of container gardening is that you can move it from one place to another place. 

When the fruit starts turning yellow and smells like pineapple, you can also check the fruit by pulling leaves from the fruit.  If the leaves come away very easily it means it is the best time to harvest.


Pomegranates have shallow roots so you can easily grow them in pots or containers. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get fruit when you grow this juicy and healthy fruit in pots. 

The size of the fruit is equal to the size of apples.  Pomegranates come in a yellow, pink, reddish brown, or red hard shell. The dwarf pomegranate varieties that are perfect for growing parts are h Nana, Provence, and State fair. 

The best temperature for growing pomegranates in pots is 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Centigrade.  You can plant pomegranates with seeds or cuttings but it is better to buy 2 to 3 years old plants from the local



Cocoa plants demand specific climate and soil conditions. A hot and humid climate is perfect for cocoa trees to flourish. You can grow cocoa plants in a pot but it is not an easy task. 

Transplant the young seedlings of cocoa plants in a large pot so the roots of the plant easily establish.  Fill your pot with high-quality, well-drained, and rich soil for this purpose. 

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