10 Herbs That Grow Well In Shade

Herbs are great to grow if you are a beginner gardener. They are easy to grow and fastest if you try them from green clippings or cuttings. Mostly, herbs like full sunlight to thrive but if you don’t have a place where full sunlight is available, don’t worry you can still grow some of your favourite herbs in shade without full sunlight and full sunlight means 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. 

How To Grow Herbs? 

There are different containers and pots that you can use to grow herbs. And it is good if you use containers to grow herbs because some herbs like mint grow like crazy and have an ability to take over your garden. 

You can use the “garden tower” to grow herbs. Garden tower is also a great tool if you don’t have space in your garden. You can grow 50 different veggies and herbs in a single tower. Plus, you don’t have to add any fertilizers in your herbs because the garden tower has its own composting chamber. 

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You can also use this special herb planter box. This planter box has 8 compartments for 8 different varieties of herbs. Each compartment is separated from other so it is easy to manage your herb garden at one place. You can also change the location of your whole herb garden if needed. 


10 Shade Tolerant Herbs

Grow these herbs if you don’t have a place with full sunlight or if you are living in a very hot climate. You should grow your herbs in the shade if your climate is too hot. 

Mint: Mint is one of the most popular herbs. It has so many medicinal properties. In my home, we use mint if we have stomach problems. Mint grows like crazy and has a tendency to take over your whole herb garden. 

Chives: Chive is a sun-loving herb but it can tolerate shade and grow in shade too. Chive is an excellent herb for salad, stews and other dishes like curry. It grows like clumps of grass-like leaves. 

Parsley: This herb is a very sun-loving herb. But you can still grow it in partial shade. No sunlight can be a problem in case of parsley. Parsley is also my favourite herb. 

Cilantro: This herb is an excellent choice for shady places. If there is too much sunlight, cilantro will immediately start bolting, so this property of cilantro makes it perfect for shade. Try to grow this herb in their final location as cilantro doesn’t like to transplant because of its long taproot. 

Golden Oregano: There are different varieties of oregano available in the market and most of them love the full sunlight. Fortunately, this golden oregano variety is one that can easily grow in partial shade. The leaves of this variety can fry in the presence of full sunlight, so grow it in partial shade. 

Thyme: There are different varieties of thyme also available in the market and the good thing about thyme varieties is they can all tolerate partial shade. So, you can also add thyme in your herb garden. 

Angelica: This herb is full of medicinal properties. Angelica mostly cultivated for its medicinal advantages. The leaves and the stems of angelica are edible but roots are not, so don’t consume roots of these herbs as they are poisonous. 

Red Perilla: This herb has so many variations. There are red and there are white. Perilla herb is a member of the mint family. If you want the flavour of anise, taste red perilla and if you want the flavour of cinnamon, try green perilla. Green perilla used in soups and sushi in Japan. 

Chervil: This herb is a member of the carrot family. Chervil is very popular in French Cuisines. This herb is also a popular ingredient of herb blend that is used to flavour the egg, fishes and other dishes. It can also grow in partial shade. 

Tarragon: This herb is also a great flavour for your soups and other dishes. The leaves of tarragon are flavour-able. This herb likes the sunlight of morning and shade of afternoon. So you should try this herb planter so you can easily change the location according to the need. 

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