15 Gorgeous Closed Terrarium Plants That Will Thrive In High Humidity

A terrarium is a beautiful way of decorating your house with plants. In a terrarium, you will create a favorable environment for your plants. There are two types of terrarium: closed and open. 

For beginners, the open terrarium is the best way of growing plants but most people like to grow their plants in a closed terrarium.

When you decide to make a closed terrarium, you should do some research to choose the plants. Close Terrarium is an indoor mini garden that needs little maintenance as it can retain moisture. 

In this article, we are going to discuss with you those plants which can grow in the humid environment of a closed terrarium. The plants you grow can thrive in low light and remain small enough. 

What Type Of Plants Are Suited To A Closed Terrarium?

Small miniature plants are perfect for a closed terrarium as it is a small bowl jar or container and you can’t grow big plants in it. You should consider lightning needs, watering, and other needs of the plants. 

Here is a list of the 15 best plants that can easily grow in a closed terrarium. You can choose the plants which you like most. They are suitable for growing in an enclosed terrarium.


In a humid environment, the leaves of African plants can be prone to rot. As it is a small house plant it is perfect for growing in a closed terrarium. The fuzzy leaves and clusters of flowers grow well because of the moist soils and heat in a closed terrarium. Try to grow African violet in the middle of the closed terrarium so they will not touch the walls.


This is a very delicate plant and it has beautiful and tiny small leaves. The shape of the leaves is round and besides this, you can see thin and fragile stems. 

The size of this plant is very small and it loves to grow in high humidity so it is perfect for the closed terrarium. This plant-like to grow in moist soil and the soil of the closed terrarium will remain moist every time.

The other names of this plant are Friendship Plant, Angels Tears, Helxine, and Peddy’s Wig. This plant is a fast grower and makes sure it gets bright light for perfect growth. 


The leaves of this plant are round and it grows just like strawberry runners that’s why it gets its name strawberry begonia. Strawberry begonia is perfect as a ground cover. You should choose a smaller variety so it can easily adjust in the closed terrarium. 


If you grow the golden club most in your clothes terrarium then it will add a beautiful texture. If you give proper attention to this plant then it will soon turn into a green mat. 

A closed terrarium provides a perfect environment for their growth. The other names of this plant are African Moss, Spike Moss, and Golden Moss. The size of this plant can reach up to eight inches.


The addition of this plant makes your terrarium more attractive as the leaves are deep green with pink, red or white veins. It is a tropical plant that likes to grow in warm and humid climates. 

The other name of this plant is Painted Net Leaf or Mosaic plants. You can place the Nerve Plant in bright light but they can also grow in a shed.


There are 1000 species of watermelon peperomia found in the world. This is a low-growing plant. The shape of the leaves is round and they are so fleshy just like the skin of a watermelon. 

This is the reason they can survive in drought. This plant is perfect for growing in the environment of a closed terrarium as it is a slow grower. They can’t tolerate cold climates and lower temperatures so the warmth of the terrarium is suitable for them. 


Mosses don’t have regular flowers, roots, and seeds. They get all the nutrients they need for their growth from the air. It means you should not worry about these velvety cushions when you grow them in our closed terrarium as they are slow growers. 

They don’t have a proper root system, that’s why they easily grow without soil. They can easily grow in full shade. Different varieties of Mosses such as Sphagnum Moss, Sheet Moss, Cushion Moss, Spoon Moss, and Hair Cap Moss are perfect for growing in a closed terrarium

It means you can only create a closed terrarium that contains only Mosses. You can only grow different varieties of Moses in a closed terrarium. There is no need to grow other plants.


Ferns like to grow in a humid environment, this is the reason they are an ideal choice for a closed terrarium. You should choose slow-growing ferns for your terrarium as their height can be reached up to 12 inches. 

The common ferns which are suitable for terrarium are Lemon Button Fern and Maidenhair Fern. But varieties are slow growers and can only grow to 12 inches tall.


The name is due to brightly spotted leaves. This plant has beautiful leaves but after flowering, the polka dot plant will die or become dormant. You should choose Confetti Polka Dot Plant as it is a smaller variety and perfect for a closed terrarium. 

You can’t propagate this plant easily so it is suggested that you should buy a new plant for growing in your terrarium.


If you are an inexperienced grower then you should choose this plant for your terrarium. This is fast-growing and needs little maintenance. 

This plant likes to grow in moist soil which is available in a closed terrarium. Friendship plants can easily grow from cuttings if they get the right circumstances.

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These are hardy plants that are found in different varieties. The heart-shaped leaves of English Ivy have a creeping nature. Ivy can climb, so you should keep an eye on its growth otherwise it can lift the lid of the terrarium. It means you have to prune back when you grow English ivy in a closed terrarium. 


You can also grow carnivorous plants in a closed terrarium. They are added to the list of those plants which can easily grow in closed terrariums because they like to grow in a high humid environment. Make sure you are using acidic soil with low mineral content.


There are 1300 species of genus begonia found in the world. Rex begonia likes to grow in a shade and humid environment. This is included in the list of those plants which can grow in a closed terrarium

The height of this plant can reach up to 28 inches which are perfect for a closed terrarium. During watering, you should avoid splashing the leaves of this plant. If you do so then the water of the leaves will lead to rot.


This is a vine plant so you have to manage the growth of this plant. The specialty of this plant is that it can adjust to any environment. As it is a fast grower, you have to keep an eye on the size of golden pothos. 

In a closed terrarium, it is suggested that you should do regular pruning. They like to grow in bright and indirect light and you should avoid overwatering. 


The prayer plant needs high humidity that makes it perfect for a closed terrarium ecosystem. They can grow in greenhouse-like conditions. Warm moist and gentle air is perfect for prayer plants. They need medium or indirect light, make sure your plants get water regularly. 

The beautiful marks on the leaves make the plant more stunning and vivid. The interesting thing is that they close their leaves at night.


When you make a closed terrarium then an ecosystem is created in it.  It needs little maintenance as it is self-nourishing. Although it requires minimal care, after following some care suggestions you can healthily maintain your plant.

  • You should trim the plants. It is necessary because it will stop them from overgrowing. Pruning is very important in a closed terrarium as your plants should stay small and do not get crowded.
  • A terrarium is a small container so you should keep an eye on some plants as they start to crowd other plants. 
  • If you see yellow or brown leaves on the plants then discard them. It can be a clear symptom of root rot or other diseases.
  • You should often open the lid of the terrarium so the fresher can enter it. 
  • In a closed terrarium, the plants don’t like wet feet. So you should avoid overwatering because it can result in the death of your plants. You should use a spray bottle and leave the terrarium open until the extra water evaporated from it.
  • Avoid placing your terrarium in too much light as it results in burning the leaves and stem of the plants. A terrarium is a glass bowl or jar that can be a magnifying glass if it receives direct light.
  •  Avoid fertilizing in a closed terrarium because you do not need the fast growth of your plants. If you apply fertilizers then it will assist your plants in quick growth. A closed terrarium is self-nourishing so there is no need of adding fertilizer.

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