Why Is My Terrarium Growing Mushrooms? What To Do

A terrarium is a creative way of decorating your house with plants. Terrarium needs little care and maintenance and you will make an attractive eye-catching masterpiece. 

You can show your creativity and aesthetic sense by growing plants in a glass bowl or jar. You should be careful while choosing the plants for your terrarium and make sure that you are fulfilling all their requirements of them. 

Sometimes it happens that you see mushrooms growing in your terrarium. The question arises in your mind where these mushrooms come from. The answer is that the spores of mushrooms are found in the soil of your terrarium. 

When they get favorable conditions they start growing. Mushrooms like to grow in high temperatures. If they get warm, water, and dead leaves then they will start growing. 

In this article, we are going to discuss with you about mushrooms growing in terrarium means and what to do to get rid of them.

Why Do Mushrooms Appear In A Terrarium?

You didn’t plant mushrooms in your terrarium but they are growing in it. Where do they come from? Fungus comes from nowhere but you can see the spores of fungus spread easily. 

The wind carries the spores of mushrooms and they will grow in your terrarium. The spores of the mushroom get favorable conditions then they start growing. 

Soon they will create a network of nutrient transport in the terrarium. Mushrooms feed on decaying organic material and if they don’t get nutrients then they will die. 

If mushroom mycelium wraps around the roots of your plant then it is beneficial. Mycelium will provide important minerals and water to your plant but it will take sugar from the plant. 

Do I Need To Get Rid Of Them?

Most people think that mushrooms take nutrients from the soil and affect the growth of your plants in the terrarium. But it is not true because mushrooms put more nutrients in the soil. 

They share nutrients with other plants. Mushrooms are not harmful to your plants so they do not pose any safety concerns. They can be beneficial for your terrarium’s plants. Mushrooms are decomposers; their life cycle is different from other plants. 

So they will not affect your plant but increase the level of nutrients in the soil this will make your plants healthier and stronger. Their presence will help to break down the waste. They recycle the waste material into nutrients. 

The top of the mushroom is the only productive part and beneath the surface, you can see the root-like structure called mycelium. It can spread throughout the soil and the top part of the mushroom will disappear when the reproductive cycle is over.

Mushrooms are harmful in that case if you consume them. You should not allow mushrooms to grow in your area because they can be toxic. 

What Should I Do About Mushrooms In My Terrarium?

If mushrooms start growing in your terrarium then you should not worry about it because they are not harmful to your plants. But you should keep in mind that some mushrooms are toxic so you should avoid ingesting them. 

The mushrooms will not last for a long time if you leave them in your terrarium. You can easily remove them from your terrarium. If mushrooms are a start growing in your terrarium this is a clear sign that there is a healthy ecosystem in your terrarium. Removing mushrooms is not a difficult task, but you can do this very easily. 

If you are growing moss in your terrarium then the growth of mushrooms is quite normal. Moss likes to grow in lower light and more water. These are ideal conditions for mushrooms. In this situation, the mushrooms start growing with your most plants.

Overwatering can provide a favorable condition for the growth of the mold in your terrarium. You should avoid overwatering because it can affect your plants and mushrooms as well.  

Mushrooms are not harmful in your terrarium but mold is not good for your plants as they create an environment of competition for nutrients. 

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Removing Mushrooms From A Terrarium

The presence of mushrooms shows that you have healthy soil in your terrorism. But when you see mushrooms growing in your terrarium then you can remove them with the help of a pair of tweezers or you can also use scissors. 

Make sure you wear gloves or use a paper towel for removing the mushrooms as some mushrooms can be toxic. When you remove the mushrooms from the terrarium then it will prevent them from sending and spreading spores.

You can also use natural fungicide for killing mushrooms. The best natural fungicide is tea tree oil. It has a strong and pleasant smell. Citronella oil is another natural fungicide that is derived from lemongrass. 

As you know, lemongrass is fragrant grass. Jojoba oil, oregano oil, and rosemary oil are also good for this purpose. Rosemary is a herb and its oil is made from flowers that have a strong fragrance.  

All we know about the benefits of neem oil. Milk also works very effectively in stopping the growth of mushrooms. Milk can create a bad environment for mushrooms. 

You can also stop the growth of the mushroom with the help of the following tips.

  • If you want to stop the growth of the mushrooms then you have to reduce the moisture or warmth in the terrarium. Excessive moisture provides a suitable environment for the growth of mushrooms. You should avoid overwatering to avoid mushroom growth. 
  • Like other plants, mushrooms also need fresh air for breathing. If you seal off your terrarium then this will stop the growth of mushrooms.
  • You should remove the contaminated hardscape and try to refresh the substrate.

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