How To Grow Green Onions In Pots?

You can get a crispy and mild flavor of green onions by growing them in a pot or container. Green onions can be used to enhance the flavor of your salad. 

Keep in mind that versatile vegetable green onions have shallow roots that’s why they are perfect for growing in pots. You can easily grow onions because of their hardiness and little maintenance. 

When To Grow Green Onions In A Pot?

There is no restriction on planting time but the best time for growing green onions is in late March to early April. If you live in a cold climate then you can grow from spring to fall with some care. 

In hot tropical areas, you can grow green onions year-round. As you are growing green onions in a pot so you can maintain the fertility of the soil which is not possible when you grow plants in the ground. As the bulbs of the onions are heavy feeders so fertilize the soil well. 

Green Onions And Scallion Confusion

The use of green onions and scallion is the same in the recipes so most of the people are confused and think they are the same. There are differences found between them. 

In the green onions, you can harvest them when the bulbs are immature. Green onions have bulbs, whereas scallions look like bulbs. They are just like leek, garlic, and chives. Scallions have long green foliage. 

The taste of scallions is just like green onions so it creates confusion between the two. 

Methods Of Growing Green Onions

There are four ways of growing green onions in pots. You can choose one of the options and start growing. 


This is a slow method of growing green onions in a pot. The seeds of green onions have a short life. That’s why you have to acquire new ones each year. 

The quality of seeds is very important otherwise your seeds will not germinate. Take a small pot and fill it with the soil. Lightly cover the seeds with the soil. 

The suitable temperature for the germination of onion seed is between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 82 to 30 degrees centigrade. Keep your soil moist and within 6 weeks or one month, you will see the seeds will germinate. Now your seedlings are ready to transplant in a larger pot.


Prepare the seedling as the method described above. Now transplant seedlings in your desired part and keep them in a sunny location. 

At the time of planting, you should add nitrogen because of onions like rich soil with nitrogen. Watering and weeding are very important for the maintenance of your green onion plants. 


This is the best and easiest way of growing green onions in the pot. There should be 4 to 5 inches of space between the onions so they get proper space for development. 

The bulbs need room for growth so make sure they get ample space. It is the best way of growing as compared to the seeds or transplanting method. 


This is the cheap way of growing green onions in the pot. You use onions for cooking purposes. Before using the onions you always cut off the rooted bottom from them. 

Instead of throwing the bottoms in the compost or the trash, you can use them growing. Bury the bottoms in the soil of your desired pot. This method is similar to the onion set method. This is an inexpensive method of growing green onions and saves your money.

Which Method Is Best?

Now the question comes to your mind which method is best for growing green. In my opinion,  growing from seed is not a smart idea. Because seeds take a long time to germinate. 

The maturity time of green onions will increase by growing them from seeds. So the onions become mature for harvesting after a long time. The best way of growing green onions is from sets or transplants. 

The other way of growing is from the onion bulb which you have in your home for cooking purposes. You can buy red, white, or yellow onion bulbs for growing green onions. The flavor depends upon the variety which you are using for growing.  

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How To Grow Green Onions In A Pot? 

Green onions have green shoots because they are immature onions. Before the formation of the bulb, the green shoots grow. You can plant onions in containers, pots, raised beds, or in the ground. 

This vegetable grows anywhere, even in pallets between the boards. It is best to leave 4 to 5 inches between two onions so they get space for proper growth. 


The first step is choosing the pot. The depth of the pot must be 6 to 8 inches. Maintain a distance of 1 to 2 inches between each bulb. 

The weight of the pot must be 12 inches so onions get space for development. You can grow 8 onions in this size of the pot. 


You can select white, red, or yellow onions for planting. You can easily buy onions from any local nursery.   These sets look like bare-root mini bulbs.  They are bound with twine or rubber bands. 

You can use any type of onion set because all grow well in pots Indoors and turn into excellent green onions. 


Rich soil is very important in the growth of green onion. The potting soil which you are using for filling your pot should be enriched with compost. 

You will get the high-quality potting mix with compost as it will contain all the nutrients which are essential for the growth of green onions. Now you prepare the soil, fill the desired size of the pot with it.  

Before planting you should water the soil to make it ready for planting. The pot which you are using for planting should have drainage holes at the bottom. This will avoid the water logging problem. 


Now your part is ready for planning the sets. The root side of the set should be buried 1 inch deep. There should be 2 inches of gap between each set so the bulb can get proper space for development.  

This will also avoid crowding.  Now water the onion sets and choose a sunny location for your pots for better results. 


If you are growing green onions indoors then you can place the pot to the sunniest window of your home.  Sunlight is very important for the growth of any plant so make sure your plant gets 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.  

If it is not possible for you to provide adequate sunlight then you can arrange artificial light for growing.  For indoor planting, you can grow green onions any time of year.  

Make sure you provide suitable conditions for the growth of green onions.  Proper sunlight, regular watering, and fertilizers are important factors.  Temperature is also very important so make sure it never drops below freezing.  


You are growing green onions in the pots so they have little access to naturally store rainfall.  It means regular water is very essential for your plants. 

Make sure your potted onions get at least 2 to 3 inches of water in a week.  If you are living in a hot climate then your plants need more water. Keep your soil moist by watering it every few days. 

You should check the onions and the top of the soil daily.  Whenever you feel the soil is dried then water your plants but avoid overwatering. Soggy soil is not recommended for the growth of healthier onions. 

Pests And Diseases

You should not worry about pests and diseases. Because you are growing green onions in the container or pots.  When you grow plants in the ground, they will easily become the victim of pests and it is not easy to protect them from the invasion of these little monsters.  

But on the other hand when you grow plant containers, pots, or raised beds then you can protect your plants from them. 

But if you are placing your pots in the garden then pests such as aphids and thrips might be seen on your green onions plants. 

Aphids are not a big problem but if they get favorable circumstances then they will rapidly multiply themselves and make large colonies. In such cases, it is not easy for you to deal with them. This will also cause virus diseases to your plant and destroy them.

If you want to control them then you can use insecticidal soap or pyrethrum. But use these things in extreme conditions. At this stage, a heavy shower of water on the plants can remove them.

Harvest The Green Onions When They Are Matured

Within 3 to 4 weeks you will see the green shoots grow taller. When the height is reached up to 6 to 8 inches then your green onions are ready to eat. There are two ways of harvesting. 

One is by pulling the entire plant from the soil and using whites and greens. The other method is by using a scissor and trim off the green tops and leave the bulb to continue growing in the soil. 

If you are leaving the bulbs in the port then you will get at least one more harvest. After that, the bulbs will stop producing the green shoots.

If you want to let them turn into storage onions then simply leave them in the soil of the pot. The bottom of the plant will turn into larger bulbs and you can harvest it in the fall.

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