How To Grow Mini Cucumbers In Pots?

When you grow cucumbers in your home then it means you will get fresh cucumbers directly from the vine for use.  The cucumber is a vining plant and it needs proper space to grow.  

If you don’t have enough space such as a garden or backyard for growing vegetables then you can also grow them in pots. When you grow in pots then you must use mini cucumber varieties. These types of cucumbers are ideal for growing in pots and containers. 

Mini Cucumber Varieties For Pots


This is a very popular variety of cucumbers because it has minimal seeds and thin skin.  The vine of Lebanese cucumber can grow up to 6 feet or 1.8 m. It means you can easily grow it in pots or containers but don’t forget to install a trellis for healthier growth. 


The size of this variety of fruit is about the size of an apple with white skin that’s why it is called apple cucumber. When you grow apple cucumbers in the pot then keep the soil moist by regular watering. After 70 days of planting you can harvest. 


The variety of cucumbers has yellow skin and a slight lemonade taste that’s why we called them lemon cucumbers. The size of cucumbers of this variety is about a tennis ball and within 65 days they are ready to pick. 


Spacemaster is perfect for growing in pots; you can even plant them in hanging baskets. This variety is ready to harvest within 56 days, that’s why it is the fastest-growing cucumber.


If you are looking for a cucumber variety that is perfect for making pickles then you can grow picklebush that are green with white strips. The vines of this cucumber can grow up to 2 feet. 


The size of the fruit of this variety is like a grape. If we talk about the taste of the cucamelon cucumbers are slightly sour. This variety is ready to pick within 60 to 70 days. The perfect

 time for planting the seeds of cucamelon is in spring. 

Pot Preparation For Growing Mini Cucumbers In A Pot


Mini cucumbers grow very quickly, that’s why you can harvest them in no time. Cucumbers grow well in parts under favorable conditions. You must choose the right size of pot and variety for growing cucumber wines.

After deciding on the cucumber variety, the next question arises in your mind: What size of the pot can you use for growing cucumbers? If you want success then you must use a 10-inch wide pot for growing cucumber vines. 

If you want to grow more than one cucumber plant in a pot then you must use a larger pot because each plant needs one foot of room for its roots. Five-gallon pots or 10-gallon pots are perfect for strong cucumber plants.

If you like to reuse the old things then you can use old barrels that are not in use. When you are using wooden barrels then you should make sure that you should avoid over-watering because you are repurposing them.

Another option is using plastic buckets or bags the size of the bucket must be 5 gallons and it has drainage holes at the bottom drainage. It removes excess water from the soil that prevents your cucumber vines from root rot and many fungal diseases. 

You should not compromise on the durability of plastic because if you use hard plastic then it can hold more moisture.

You can also use fabric pots or grow bags for getting a regular supply of cucumbers at home. A 5-gallon grow bag can produce a cucumber vine that has a strong root system and produce healthy cucumbers for you. 

Grow bags need more water than other options. Another advantage of grow bags is that you can buy them at a very low price and they last for years.

Terra cotta pots come in different sizes. You can choose the size of a terracotta pot according to the variety of cucumbers. In case you already have terracotta pots at home then there is no need to buy new pots. They also work well.


Soil is the medium that provides all the essential nutrients to your cucumber vines. For growing mini cucumbers in pots, you should not use average garden soil because it is very compacted and doesn’t prove that it is an excellent growing medium. 

It is better to use a high-quality potting mix as it contains all the organic material and it drains well when you grow cucumber vines in the ground. 

They like loamy and sandy soil but for potted plants, the soil must retain the moisture and produce healthy cucumbers. A high-quality potting mix contains perlite, peat moss, and compost. 


There are many benefits of trellis for vining plants. Trellises are very important for the vining plants. For potted plants, you can use an A-frame trellis which helps in the vertical growth of cucumber vines.  

Make sure the frame you are using must be sturdy so it can hold the weight of the cucumbers as they are heavy enough.

Tomato cages are also an option for you to provide support to your mini cucumber vines. It is better to install the tomato cage before transplanting mini cucumber plants into your desired pot. 

In case you are directly sowing the seed in the pot then you should also install the support before sowing the seeds. If you install that support when your vine starts to grow then it will damage the roots of the plants which are not good. 

If you don’t want to disturb the roots then you must install the trellis before doing anything.

Planting Cucumbers In A Pot

You will get all the information about the planting of cucumbers on the packet of seeds. As we gave you some options of varieties of mini cucumbers you can choose one of them and buy the seeds of that variety. 

The ideal time for planting the cucumber seeds is after the last frost date. If you don’t know about the frost date then you will get all the information about the frost date from the local nursery. 

They will guide you about the frost date in your area so you can easily sow the seeds. It is better to start the seeds indoors and transplant them to your desired pot.

You can start seeds indoors easily, all you need are seeds of your desired mini cucumber variety,  starter pots or trays, and starting mix.  Make sure the environment is humid so the seeds will easily germinate.  

After a few days, the seeds of mini cucumbers start sprouting.  When these young seedlings grow a few inches then you can transplant them into your prepared pots or containers.  Make sure the weather should be warm enough so you can transplant them easily outdoors.

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Caring For Your Pooted Mini Cucumber Plants

After transplanting the cucumber plant they need proper care and attention. They need sunlight, enough water, suitable temperature, and humidity for perfect growth. 

When you provide all the favorable conditions to mini cucumber vines they will grow fast and you can pick your fresh cucumber on time. Following are the factors that are very important for growing cucumber plants in pots.


Light is very essential as without it your plants can’t make their food. You should place your pot in such an area where they receive maximum sunlight for making their food. 

For fruit production, sunlight is very important as they need 5 to 6 hours of sunlight daily. It means a sunny location is perfect for placing the pot. 

You should not compromise on this condition because you are growing cucumber plants for their fruit. If you are living in a hot climate then you can place your pot in a partially shaded area because the intense heat of the afternoon is not good for your plants.  In such areas, plants prefer the morning sun. 


The ideal temperature for growing mini cucumbers is 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is below 50 degrees then your cucumber vines will not produce fruit.  

Keep the soil moist as it will maintain the temperature of the soil especially if you are living in a hot climate.


Water is another need of plants like other living organisms. It is better to maintain the frequency of water so your mini cucumbers will not remain thirsty. 

You should regularly examine your cucumber plants when the soil is dry. This is the right time to water your plants. You can use your fingers to check the moisture level of the soil. 

If you feel the soil is dry in its top two inches then you should not wait and water them. As you are growing your mini cucumber in pots then they need more water than the cucumbers grown in the ground. 

Consistent moisture is the key to higher yield. When the weather is hot your plants need more water than cold days.


As you are growing mini cucumbers in the pot so you can easily maintain the fertility of the soil. You should apply fertilizer regularly so it will fulfill the deficiency of nutrients. It is better to use a slow-release fertilizer. 

Diluted liquid fertilizer should be used every few weeks. The application of fertilizer makes your soil richer in nutrients and cucumber plants will produce fruit of sweet flavor.


You should discard spent flowers or wilted leaves from the mini cucumber vines.  In this way, your plant focuses on producing the fruit. Pruning also helps to keep the vine in shape.  

If you find any diseased part on the plant then remove it so the infection will not spread and your plant will be safe from further damage. During the pruning, you should be careful if you remove those branches that may have pollinated flowers. 

Growing Problems Of Mini-Cucumbers

Following are the problems you will face when you grow mini cucumbers in pots.  Here are some problems that can destroy your crop. We are also giving you some tips that will help you to prevent your plants and get a higher harvest. 


A consistent water supply is very important to keep your mini cucumber vines away from different problems fungal diseases and root rot. 

If the leaves of cucumber plants are turning pale green it means your plant is facing the problem of over-watering or lack of nutrients.  You should make a perfect schedule of watering to avoid these problems. 


The deficiency of nutrients will not affect your plant if you feed it on time.  Lack of pollination is another cause of lower yield. You should locate male flowers with female flowers for a perfect pollination process. 

If you regularly examine that the female flowers are falling off and vines are not producing any fruit. It means this is a clear issue of pollination. 

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You should never compromise on using a trellis because if your plant does not have proper support then the disease can easily spread. Fresh air flows around your plant as they are trained on a sturdy support. 

Another advantage of cucumber is that you can easily pick the fruit as it will not hide under the leaves.


Pests are also a threat as they scar cucumbers. Bright-yellow and black-spotted cucumber beetles, squash vine borer, and squash bugs are the most common pests. 

You can get rid of this problem by using spray and growing ideal companion plants for cucumbers. Companion plants attract different other beneficial pollinators such as ladybugs, assassin bugs, and green lacewings. 

These insects feed on the pests that are damaging your cucumber vine. The more natural way of fighting this problem is using Neem oil.  If you find any cluster of orange eggs under leaves then you should remove them. 

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