Tips For Growing Cucumbers In Containers

Cucumber is one of the most widely grown and sold items in the world. Cucumbers are loved by young and old alike. Even children also like them. Cucumbers are grown in summer. They are very easy to grow and you can grow them anywhere. 

It is easier to grow them in pots & containers than in the open ground. There are many other benefits of growing cucumbers in containers. They are less susceptible to pests and are easier to care for. 

Also gets more fruit in less time. If you grow cucumbers in containers and want to get more sweet cucumbers then the information given below can help you in this process.

Select The Cucumber Type 

First, select the type of cucumber you want to grow in containers. Each type of cucumber differs depending on its own characteristics. But there are two main types of cucumbers that are very important: the bush and vining cucumber. 

If you are a beginner then Bush Cucumber is very useful for you. These cucumbers can be easily grown in containers. Bush cucumber vines are only 3 to 4 feet long. They do not need any trellis for support.

You can also choose vining cucumbers but they require more space to spread. So you need big containers and long trellis for their healthy growth. But bush cucumbers grow in a small space without much care.

Sow The Seeds

Cucumber crops prefer heat. That’s why you should sow cucumber seeds in late spring so that they can also easily grow indoors. You can use the seedling tray, old disposable glass, or even an old tray of eggs to sow your seeds. 

Sow the seeds to a depth of one and a half inches sprinkle some water on top. Use potting soil instead of normal garden soil for seeds. It will increase the chance of germination of seeds. 

Do not transplant the plant until the weather is warm outside. Cucumbers need at least 7 to 8 hours of sunshine a day. Low temperature can kill your plants or at least can cause cucumbers to become bitter or rotten. 

The seeds of cucumber will germinate in 5 to 7 days. You can transplant the seedlings when they have two to three sets of true leaves. Cucumber plants do not like tangled roots, so remove unnecessary and weak seedlings. So that they can grow easily.

Choose The Right Container Size:

Select deep containers for cucumbers as cucumbers are deep-rooted plants. Choose your container based on the type of cucumber you are growing. Some types of cucumber take up more space to grow but some do not. 

Bush cucumber is also a deep-rooted plant so you should choose a container that is 25 inches deep and wide.

Rinse containers thoroughly with water before use. Washing kills all the eggs of pests and germs that are harmful to your production. 

Prepare The Soil:

Soil preparation is the most important task. Cucumbers grow healthily in the soil of pH 6.0 to 7.0. Some gardeners ruin their crops without checking the pH of the soil. So you should check the pH of your soil according to your plant type. 

Add nutrients and good fertilizers to the soil. If you don’t believe in buying potting soil, you can make your own potting soil. Remember that you cannot use your garden soil for cucumber pots.

This is because it is low in drainage and nutrients and may contain insects and harmful insect eggs. They can damage your fruit in the future. So you should make your own potting soil for cucumber containers. 

Fertilize the plant:

Cucumbers need more food for their growth. Therefore, they should be fertilized 3 to 4 times a week. Also, before planting, add a fertilizer that slowly dissolves in the soil so that the plant can benefit from it. 

There is no need to add fertilizers if your potting soil is really good. You should make your own potting soil by mixing equal parts of compost, manure, and garden soil. You can also add a little amount of coco peat. 

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Composts and manure should be fully decomposed. Here is the complete process of making potting soil at home. 

Grow The Cucumbers Vertically:

You should definitely use this tip if you are growing vine varieties of cucumber. There are many benefits to growing cucumbers vertically. In this way, the fruits do not spoil by touching the ground and the air flow is also correct. You can use a trellis to grow cucumbers vertically. 

The plants take up less space vertically and also protect themselves from various diseases.In this method, the vines also produce long and healthy fruit. 

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When the plant is mature and fruit is ripe, harvest the cucumbers. \when the fruit is well-ripened, you should harvest it as soon as possible. So that new flowers and fruits have the opportunity to grow easily.  Never pull the cucumbers out of the vine as it may damage the vine. Use scissors to cut the cucumber from the vine. 

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