How To Grow Tomatoes In A Vertical Garden?

Tomatoes are a very beautiful and attractive crop for all the home gardeners. Everyone loves this crop. They are very easy to grow, sometimes it can be difficult to grow them because of specific climate conditions or all the pests and diseases. Either way, we all wanted to grow them in our own garden. 

But some people don’t have enough space in their garden to grow tomato plants. You will love this article if you have a space problem in your garden. As the title of this article suggests that we are going to grow tomatoes in a vertical garden. 

Grow Tomatoes In A Vertical Garden

There are two ways to grow tomatoes vertically. The first one is to plant them in the land or a container and use some kind of trellises or rope to train them vertically. The other method is to use a vertical garden. You don’t need any kind of garden to grow tomatoes in that kind of garden. 

You can put your vertical garden on the roof, on the balcony, or even indoor to increase the growing period by installing grow lights. I’m specifically talking about the garden tower project. I’m a big fan of this innovative and excellent product of gardening by the garden tower project. 

Why Garden Tower?

Garden Tower

I’m not gonna lie here but the garden tower is not a cheap product. But if you check the reviews and pictures that buyers email to the garden tower project’s company, you will love this garden. You will want this garden tower as soon as possible. 

Grow 50 Plants: You can grow 50 different veggies, herbs, and greens in a single tower. If you are a big fan of tomatoes, you can grow 50 plants of a variety or 10 plants of 5 different varieties. You should grow every vegetable like other people, I mean 50 plants. 

Auto Composting System: Yes the tower has an auto composting system. All you have to do is to put your kitchen and garden scraps in the center chamber and the tower will convert wastes into compost. The center chamber of composting also containers worms for soil improvement. 

Moving Tower: A slightly expensive bundle of the garden tower comes with tires kit, so you can move it from one place to another. The tower will also rotate on its axis, so all the plants can get an equal amount of sunlight. 

LED Kit: A bundle of the garden tower comes with LED grow light kit, so you can grow your veggies indoors even in winter. Some people are living in apartments and don’t have a luxury of roofs or balcony, so they can use this bundle to grow their food indoors. 

Which Variety Of Tomatoes Is Good For Vertical Garden. 


There are two big varieties of tomatoes are available in the market to grow. These are varieties are named as determinate variety and indeterminate variety. Here is the big difference between these two varieties: 

Determinate Variety: These are bush-like plants. You will not require any kind of big trellises or cage to support them. These varieties are an excellent choice for small home gardeners. You can easily grow them in your tower. But still, you may need a small cage or ropes to provide them support and keep them upright. 

Indeterminate Variety: These varieties grow like vines. You can grow these varieties in your tower, but the plants will require big support to grow optimally. Click here to buy tomato trellises from the garden supply company. You can also grow cherry tomatoes in your garden tower. 

What Type Of Soil Is Good To Grow Tomatoes In A Vertical Garden? 


Soil is the most important thing when we are growing tomatoes in containers or towers. Tomatoes are heavy feeders so they will require a good type of soil with a lot of nutrients in it.

Potting soil will meet all the requirements to grow tomatoes in it. You can either make your own potting soil or you can buy some from the market. Potting soil has good drainage, good water holding capacity, and a good number of nutrients in it. Click here to buy potting soil from the garden supply company. 

The Best Location.

Location is also very important and it is not a big problem for a garden tower’s owner. Because you can change the location any time you want. But a location that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight is an optimal location. If you are growing indoors, you don’t have to worry about the location problem, just use the LED grow light kit. LED grow light will provide the required light for photosynthesis. 

How To Grow Tomatoes In Your Vertical Garden? 

Tomatoes In Your Vertical Garden

After selecting the tower, best soil and best variety, now the time to grow tomatoes is here. You can either cut the store-bought tomatoes into slices and put them in a seed starting soil and grow your own seedlings and transplant them in the tower

Or you can just go to a nursery and buy some seeds or buy the seedlings of the most popular variety of your area. Transplant those seedlings in the potting soil of the tower and give them water. 

How To Fertilize Tomato Plants In A Vertical Garden? 

Fertilizing tomato plants in the garden tower is no difficult process. As I mentioned before they have a central chamber for composting. Plants will use that compost when needed. Plus the garden tower will collect the runoff water at the bottom. That water is a compost tea and we all know the benefits of compost tea. 

How To Protect Them From Diseases And Pests? 

Do not overwater your plants to keep them safe from all the diseases and fungal attacks. Pests like slugs and snails are not a problem because they cannot reaches to plants from the ground to the tower. 

You can also use nets to cover your hole garden tower to keep it away from other pests. 

garden tower

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