The Best Homemade Rooting Hormone For All Your Plants

When you propagate plants from cuttings this is a very cheap way and does not affect your pocket.  Those people who do not want to spend too much on their favorite hobby garden, use cutting for propagation purposes.  

When you are propagating your plants you need rooting hormone to encourage root growth. To see the magic of rooting hormone you need different cuttings of different plants that produce new plants for you. 

Rooting hormone helps to stimulate the growth of a new plant that is identical to the parent plant. 

What Is The Rooting Hormone?

This chemical is a natural plant hormone. This hormone helps to regulate the growth of plants. Plants produce this hormone during the photosynthesis process but these are also made synthetically.  

These commercial routing hormones are the replica of natural hormones that are created in a lab. This hormone is available in liquid powder or gel form.  

It is better to use this hormone for those plants that are a challenge to propagate. Mostly this hormone is used for ornamental plants and succulents. You can buy this rooting hormone easily from any local garden center or nursery.  

Types Of Rooting Hormone

There are three types of rooting hormone. You can use any type of hormone because it will work to increase the possibility of the growth of new roots from the cuttings. Now I will explain each type of rooting hormone one by one.


The most common type of rooting hormone is liquid. One type of liquid rooting hormone is available that you can use right after opening the bottle. When you are using this type of hormone, pouring it into a different container will prevent your cuttings from any disease. 

The second type of liquid rooting hormone is used after making it diluted so you can easily apply it. Never use this type of liquid rooting hormone without diluting it. 


The main advantage of the powder form of rooting hormone is that it is more self-stable. Most gardeners love to use powdered rooting hormone because it lasts longer. 

The use of powdered rooting hormone is very easy. You just dip the cutting into the water and then pour powdered hormone on a plate This will help to avoid contamination. 

Now dip your wet cuttings in powdered hormone so they can easily adhere to the cuttings. 


The gel is another type of rooting hormone that is the choice of many gardeners. You can use it conveniently. 

Take out a small quantity of gel in a small container and dip all of the cuttings that you have from the healthier plant. Soon you will see gel will adhere to the cuttings.  

Best Homemade Rooting Hormone

In this article, I am going to tell you about a homemade rooting hormone that you can use for the propagation of plants. This homemade hormone is in no way inferior to commercial ones. 

You can make an easy cheap and inexpensive homemade rooting solution for propagating your plants. When you apply this solution to the cuttings of your favourite plant it will help to develop their roots very quickly and you can grow another attractive and healthier plant from cuttings. 

The success rate of growing plants from cuttings will become higher after the application of homemade rooting hormone. 

Plants need many nutrients for their growth. When you are propagating plants from cuttings they need potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. These are basic nutrients that encourage the growth of new roots. 

The strong root system of any plant needs these basic nutrients. You can easily make a natural rooting hormone that is best for the root growth of cuttings because it contains all the required nutrients. 

These household items that are used for making natural rooting hormones are easily available.

Ingredients You Need For Making Homemade Rooting Hormone For Water Propagation

The following are the things you need to make the powerful rooting stimulant. All these items which are going to be mentioned below have organic nature. 

It is better to avoid using chemicals and use such organic rooting hormones that are best for your plants. When you are propagating your plants in water then this homemade rooting hormone makes you successful. 


The first thing you need that is very cheap is banana peels. Never throw the peels because they are a rich source of potassium which is the best nutrient for your plants. 

Take some banana peas and cut them into small pieces. Now put these pills in a jar fill it with water and leave it for a few days. 


The next ingredient you need for making homemade rooting hormones is coffee grounds. This ingredient is also available at home. 

Like banana peels, You should never throw coffee grounds as they are a good source of nitrogen and potassium for your plants. Take some coffee grounds and mix them with water. 

For making the solution of coffee grounds, you need a mason jar. Keep the grounds in the jar and fill it with water. After filling it with water, seal the jar tightly so the air can’t enter it.


Phosphorus is another basic ingredient that is needed by plants. To fulfill this requirement you need lentils, almonds, and pumpkin seeds. Take these ingredients and mix them with water in a mason jar. 

This solution of almonds, lentils, and pumpkin seeds helps to boost the phosphorus for the propagation of your cuttings in water. 


Eggshells are a good source of calcium. It also contains other nutrients that will boost the growth of the roots of cuttings. You eat eggs daily so you can use their shells for making homemade rooting hormone. 

Take eggshells and rinse them with water. Crush the shells so you can soak them in water. Now fill another jar of crushed shells and water. 


Another ingredient that is easily available at your home for making incredible rooting hormone two is to stimulate the growth of roots. Toothpaste contains nitrogen that boosts the growth of plants. You need a small amount of toothpaste. 

How To Make The Perfect Rooting Hormone Solution?

  • After a few days, all of the solutions are ready to use. Take a jar in which you take small amounts of all the solutions you made. Mix a small amount of toothpaste in it. Your homemade rooting hormone solution is ready. 
  • All the work is done. You have to just take a small amount of solution and soak the cuttings in the solution for a couple of hours.
  • After a few hours change the solution and place the cuttings in fresh and clean water. Do it twice a week for better results. You will see this inexpensive homemade rooting hormone solution is very effective. 

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How To Use Homemade Rooting Hormone Properly?

It is not difficult to use homemade rooting hormone but you have to follow some simple steps to make sure that you are doing it right and your cuttings will grow roots successfully. 


The best time to take cuttings from your favorite plants is in the spring. This is the right time of the year when the success rate of the growth of new cuttings is higher. 

You should be careful when you are selecting cuttings. Make sure they are from the soft new growth on the tips of the stems. 

For semi-hardwood cuttings, the best time is in the summer or early fall. The ideal cuttings are darker green and they are taken from four nodes down from the tip of the stem. New growth easily starts from the node. 

For hardwood cuttings, winter is the best time. Hardwood cuttings are brown and woody and they are the growth on a stem from the previous year. 


This is the first step and you should not take it easy because if your cuttings are not healthy or taken from healthier plants then there are fewer chances of success. 

You can use a sharp knife or shear to separate the cuttings from their parent plant. After gathering all the cuttings of your favorite plants, remove a couple of leaves from the bottom of the cuttings. 

After that make a 45° cut by using a sharp knife. Make sure the length of the cutting must be 6 inches.


The recipe for making the best rooting hormone is already mentioned above. When your rooting hormone is ready it into a separate container because it will avoid contamination. 


As we are using liquid homemade rooting hormone you have to dip the cuttings into the solution and leave for a few hours. After that rinse them and place them in fresh and clean water.

 If you are using powdered rooting hormone then you have to first put the cuttings in water. After that roll them in the powdered rooting hormone. Now shake off the cutting so if there is any excess powder it will drop.

 In case,  you are using gel rooting hormone then the use of gel rooting hormone is very easy. You have to just dip the cuttings in it. Soon the gel will adhere to all of your favourite cuttings. 


After a few days, you will see the new roots emerging on the cuttings. If you want to grow your cuttings in the pot or container then make sure you are filling them with a high-quality potting mix. 

Potting mix contains all the essential nutrients that help to encourage the new growth of your cuttings. When cuttings, receive all the desired organic material then they will grow fast and adjust easily to the new environment.

If you are growing the cuttings in the garden then you can amend the soil by adding different organic materials such as well-aged manure and compost.

Make a hole in the soil according to the rules of the cuttings. Never make the whole with the cutting itself because it can damage the cutting and they will not grow. 

When you plant the cuttings in the soil then they need water. Make sure the new location for the cuttings must be warm, sheltered, and sunny. The growth of soft cutting is faster than that of hardwood cuttings.

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