12 BEST Trellis For Cucumber In Raised Beds

Cucumber plants can grow up to several feet in length. It is not healthy to let these plants crawl on the ground. The soil of the ground or raised bed can pass diseases and infections to plants. Pests can also attack them very easily on the ground. For saving your plants from diseases and fungal infections, you will need a trellis to support them and keep them above the ground. 

Here are 10 best trellis you can use to keep your plants in air. 6 of them are DIY and use can easily build them at home with a little skill and 6 of them are ready-made and you can buy them from Amazon. 

1: Chicken Wire DIY Trellis.

Chicken Wire DIY Trellis
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This is one of the best and easy DIY trellises you can build at home. You don’t have to be a highly skilled woodworker to make this trellis. 

First, you will need some wood to build a frame. Build a free-standing frame out of your wood and then fill the space with the chicken wire or fence wire. The size of the frame depends on the size of your raised bed. 

The cucumber plants will grow on the wire and will stay out of the reach of soil. The wire will also provide support to the fruits later. 

2: Raised Bed DIY Trellis. 

Raised Bed DIY Trellis

This one is very similar to the above trellis. The first one is a free-standing trellis, but this one is not. You have to push the legs of the trellis in the soil of your bed. 

Build a frame out of wood or you can also use PVC pipes to build one. Now fill the space between woods or pipes with chicken wire or if you don’t have a budget, you can also use ropes to build this frame. 

A single trellis can provide support to several plants. Use wire if you want to use this trellis for a long period of time. 

3: Bamboo DIY Trellis. 

Bamboo DIY Trellis

This one is a great cheap DIY idea. All you need is to build a frame out of bamboo and fill the space with ropes. 

You can build this one in two different ways. A freestanding trellis or simple trellis with legs to push through the soil. The size depends on your raised bed’s size. 

You can also use these trellis to support other veggies like tomatoes and beans. 

4: Pipes DIY Trellis.

Pipes DIY Trellis

This trellis is a great choice for you if you have a few pipes to spare. You can use PVC pipes and other available pipes. 

You can see in the picture, how this idea will work for you. You only have to build a frame out of pipes and you can support all the plants in your raised bed using ropes. 

You can also use this trellis to support tomato plants in your raised bed garden. 

5: Second Bamboo DIY Trellis.

Second Bamboo DIY Trellis

You can see in the picture, how easy and cheap this idea is. A few bamboo sticks, few ropes and you can build one right now. 

You can also use other kinds of woods instead of bamboo to build this trellis. But bamboo wood looks cool and will add a layer of beauty to your raised bed. 

Keep raping your cucumber plant around the rope as it grows in length. When plants reach the top of the trellis, it can easily climb on the roof. 

6: A Beautiful DIY Trellis. 

A Beautiful DIY Trellis

This one will be a beauty to your raised bed. Use old rusty woods to build this one. Push is the soil your raised bed so it can stand on its own and will provide great support to your cucumber plants to keep them away from the pests and diseases. 

7: Free-Standing Cucumber Trellis. 

Free-Standing Cucumber Trellis.

This is not a DIY trellis. But it is great to support your plants if you have a little budget. This trellis is very long-lasting and builds specially for raised beds.  

Take a look at the picture, there is a lot of free space available. You can grow lettuce and a few other veggies here. Lettuce is great to grow under trellis because it loves a shady area. 

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8: Panacea Frame Trellis.

Panacea Frame Trellis

This one is made of steel. You can support your plants from 2 sides using this trellis. The steel on this frame is very fine and it can last a very long time. 

The frame also has legs, so you can push them in the soil to keep the frame steady and still. Check out the latest price of the Panacea frame on Amazon here

9: Deluxe Cucumber Trellis.

Deluxe Cucumber Trellis

This one is a great looking trellis, comes in two colors (red and green). Deluxe trellis is a raised bed specialist. The trellis will open to make A shape and provide support to your cucumber plants vertically. 

You can provide support to your plants using this trellis and create a shady area under it. This shady area will be great to grow shade-loving plants. You can buy one of these on Amazon here

10: Cage For Cucumber

Cage For Cucumber

This one is great to provide support to each cucumber plant in your raised bed garden. This cage is also a great idea for tomato plants. 

You can see in the picture, how great this look. Check the latest price on Amazon here

11: Simple Wire A-Frame Trellis

Simple Wire A-Frame Trellis

This one also makes A shape when open. A shape will provide vertical support to your plants. You can grow plants on each side of the trellis. 

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12: Expandable Trellis

Expandable Trellis

This one is a great idea for big raised beds. You can support a big number of plants using this trellis because it is expandable. It is a big trellis but you can easily fold them according to your needs. 

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