10 Raised Garden Bed Plans For Seniors

Raised bed gardening is one of the most superior and most comfortable approaches to gardening. Raised bed gardening is beneficial in so many ways. You can amend the soil of raised beds in a way that suits your plants the most. 

One of the biggest benefits of raised beds is, you can control the height of them. You can make them very approachable, according to your needs. Plus they look very astonishing in your home. 

In this post, I will share 10 different plans of the raised garden bed that are perfect for senior fellas. Senior fellas of gardening have a lot of issues going on about their health and mostly about back pain. These ideas are perfect if you have back pain because there is no need for bending to organize these beds.

You can organize your beds, remove weeds, water your plants and harvest the fruits by standing, no need to bend. These ideas are best for people who are in a wheelchair. Here are 10 raised garden bed plans for seniors.

1: Herb Raised Bed Garden Planter:

Herb Raised Bed Garden Planter

The herbs garden planter is an excellent choice to make your first herb garden. You can build a garden and grow outdoor or indoor if you want. Keep your planter close to the window which gets plenty of sunlight, or uses an LED grow light. LEG grow lights are awesome tools to grow veggies indoors. 

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According to the National Gardening Association, herb plants need 4 to 5 inches deep soil for best growth. Do not use topsoil in raised bed planters, because this soil does not have enough nutrients to grow your herbs. You will need potting soil to grow your herb garden. Don’t worry, potting soil is very cheap. 

You can make your own herb planter or you can buy ready-made herb planters from amazon here. If you are making your own herb planter, do not forget to make drainage holes.  You can build your own herb planter here.  

2: Tiered Raised Bed Garden. 

Tiered Raised Bed Garden

Tiered raised bed garden is an excellent and most beautiful addition in your garden. Sure, the lower beds can be a problem for you to manage, but upper levels are wonderful for senior fellas to manage. The number of levels totally depends on you. You can build 3 levels, each level is for different kinds of veggies. 

On the first bed, you can grow tomato plants, one-second level, you can grow your salad greens like lettuce and on the third bed, you can make your herb garden by growing herbs like mint, oregano, basil, and rosemary.

Or instead of tomatoes, you can plant ornamental plants in the first lower level to add more beauty. You can build your own DIY raised bed here or you can buy ready-made tiered raised bed garden on amazon here.  

3: Elevated Raised Bed Garden. 

Elevated Raised Bed Garden

This one is an absolute beauty to work with. This is an excellent bed for seniors or people in a wheelchair.  Elevated raised beds are also great if you don’t have enough space because you can put them wherever you want.

You can put them on your balcony, on the roof or indoor. These beds are great to grow veggies like tomatoes, beans, etc. All the plants you can grow in pots, you can grow in an elevated raised bed. 

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Again, you will need potting soil to grow veggies in this kind of bed. The topsoil of your garden is not gonna cut it. Simply, put some potting soil in the bed and grow your veggies using seeds or seedlings. Here you can build your own elevated raised bed if you have woodworking experience. Or you can buy one from amazon here.  

4: Self Watering Salad Table.

Self Watering Salad Table
Source of the pic.

Actually, this idea is a container gardening related. For this, you will need 2 or three self-watering containers and a frame to hold them. This is an outstanding idea to grow your salad for you and your rabbits and chickens.

You can grow other veggies in these containers. All you have to do is to fill these containers with potting soil and you are good to go. 

This is a self-watering system,  so you don’t have to worry about watering each and every day. Plus you can put this salad table in your balcony and roof or indoor in your kitchen if you want.  You can build this salad table here if you want. Or you can buy self-watering containers on amazon. Check out the latest price here.  

5: Cheap Wood Pallet Planter.

Watch how to make your wood pallet planter cheaply. 

This idea is remarkable if you are on a budget. Wooden pallets are used to transport bigger parcels. You can buy these pallets from a warehouse store or home improvement store. Some stores may give you these pallets for free. Once you have them, you can build a wood pallet planter very easily. 

You can build your planter as high as you want. You may get wooden pallets for free, but you have to spend a little money to buy potting soil for the sake of your plant’s growth. Or you can always make your own potting soil.  

6: Primitive Raised Bed. 

Primitive Raised Bed.
Source of the pic.

This is a cool looking idea. It will definitely bring a primitive charm to your garden. You have to start with the selection of the site. Select a site that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight. Because unlike other raised bed ideas, you cannot move this one. After the selection of the site, clean the site.

You can build this bed as high as you need. I recommend you to build at least 1m high. This raised bed is very difficult to build because you can hurt yourself or someone if your raised bed collapse. So if you are a beginner, do not try this idea. Infect, read this article if you are a beginner in a raised bed garden.  

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7: Milk Crate Raised Bed.

Watch this video tutorial to make a milk crate raised bed garden in no time. 

This is also an awesome idea if you are on a budget.  You can put one milk crate at the bottom and others on the top to make an ideal height for you to work. You can also put them on cement brick or blocks for more height.

Crates have a lot of holes in them, which is not good because these holes can lose the potting soil. For solving this problem, you will need landscape fiber. Line the inside of milk crate with landscape fiber before adding soil in it. Landscape fiber holds the soil inside the crate,  plus it has numerous mini holes for drainage of water.  

8: Concrete Blocks Raised Bed Idea. 

Concrete Blocks Raised Bed Idea

This is another great cheap idea if you are on a budget. If you have some concrete block in your home, you can build a raised bed in no time. You can even use bricks to build one. Use more blocks or bricks to increase the height to make it more suitable for you.

You will need extra hands to build the walls of the raised bed. Plus a great raised bed soil mix would be great to grow more and more veggies every year. Before making this raised bed, you need to properly clean your site and add some landscape fiber or cardboard at the bottom to save from weeds.  

Read these guides about best-raised bed soil mix and starting your raised bed. 

9: 4 Feet Vertical Raised Bed Idea.

4 Feet Vertical Raised Bed Idea

This is also an excellent addition of beauty to your home. If you have a small spaced garden, this vertical raised bed is for you. It comprises of 5 plastic containers and a frame to hold. You can have your whole vegetable garden in this raised bed.

You can also grow ornamental flowers in the containers. Potting soil is again a better choice for containers. Each container has a drainage hole and they are rustproof too. You can put your verticle raised bed outdoor, indoor or on your roof or balcony. You can buy one of these on amazon. Check out the latest price here

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10: Elevated Raised Bed With Greenhouse.

Elevated Raised Bed With Greenhouse

This one is the same as an elevated raised bed. It also has legs to make an ideal for senior gardeners. Plus you will get a greenhouse, build on the bed. Using this bed, you can grow your salad green and herbs a whole year.

You can also use this bed as a seed starter and grow your seedlings instead of buying from the nursery. You can also build your own elevated raised bed and make it a greenhouse using some PVC pipes and plastic sheets. Or buy one of these from amazon here

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