What Seedlings To Plant In March In Containers?

March is the best month for planting. March is also a good month for garden preparation if you have been planting since the beginning. You can grow many vegetables, shrubs, and fruit plants in your garden in March. Which are as follows:

seedlings to plant in march



Potatoes are the best choice that you can grow in March. Firstly, you should prepare the potatoes for sprouting.

Charlotte potatoes are great for growing in containers. Therefore, you should start with this kind of potato. If you are interested in growing potatoes, first prepare well-fertilized soil. 

And then put the potato tubers in the soil with the shoots. Give water regularly and put them in a bright place.

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You can also grow onions in March. They can easily sprout in cool and bright places. Prepare the trey or containers for onions. Sow the seed in it and give water. 

You should cover the container with a net until the bulbs are not produced. Once the bulb is formed, keep it in a cool and lighted place until the frost is not gone.

If the onion bulbs are well grown, you can plant them outside and give them water in moist form. 

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If you have no more space for planting then you can easily grow beans in containers. Because they can grow in little space. Firstly prepare the seeds for planting. 

You should soak the seeds in the little jar of water for 8 to 12 hours. After soaking, put the seeds in the prepared container. After a few days, you will see small plants in your window.

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Strawberries are the best fruit that you can grow in March. It requires your attention to growing. You should use cloche for the protection of the plant and put them in lighted and cool places. 

You should spread the roots of strawberries in the prepared containers. Remember, not to sow them in deep soil, as they can rot. 

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Bare Root Cherry Trees:

Cherries are also sown in March. If you are interested in growing cherries then firstly you should prepare the soil for them. Because the cherry plants sprout in more fertile soil. 

When the cherry plants have sprouted, move them to the ground. If you have 24-inch containers, you can grow cherry plants in containers. 

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If you want to fill your garden with flowers in March then Dianthus is the best flower plant for you. You can plant it in March and get its flowers till July. 

This is a very easy and fast-growing plant. 

You should sow the seed in the more fertile soil containers and give water in a moist form. When the seeds are sprouted, then transfer them into bugger containers.


You can also grow snapdragons flower plants in your garden. They need a long time to grow and thrive. So you have to sow them quickly. So that you can get fragrant and beautiful flowers. 

The seeds of Snapdragons do not need to be pressed into the soil. So you just sprinkle the seed on the ground. And cover them with a plastic sheet. After 20 to 22 days they will grow, then move them to bigger containers.


Lobelia is another flowering plant that you can plant in March. Lobelia grows everywhere such as in pots, containers, and in your windowsill.

Sow the seeds in the prepared container and keep them in polythene bags. Give water regularly. They will sprout in 14 to 21 days. 

Remember that lobelia is an indoor plant so you should plant them indoors. So that they can grow easily and give more beautiful flowers. 

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March is the best month for bushes. During this month they spread and develop easily. Hydrangeas are one of them that you can grow in March. Hydrangeas grow in all seasons, but March is the best month for them to thrive. 

Hydrangeas grow in more fertile soils. That’s why you should add as much fertilizer and root hormones as possible. 

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Deciduous hedges :

This type of shrub also grows in March. But they need more time and care to grow. Before sowing, soak the small plants in water for 12 hours so that they become soft. 

Then prepare the soil well and sow the prepared plant in it. Protect plants from frost and give them an appropriate amount of water. After a few days, it will start to grow and beautify your garden.

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