15 Colourful Indoor Houseplants

If you decorate your house with beautiful lush green leaves of leafy plants then it will look great but sometimes we want to add the color of flowers with them. 

When you grow plants with flowers in your home they will bring color to your life. Any dull area or corner of your house or your room will become bright after the addition of colorful plants. 

Now we are going to give you a list of 15 flowers which you can easily grow in your home. You can choose any of them and add colors to your living area.


This plant has about 100 varieties. The blooms of fuchsia can last from summer to autumn. Does sheep off the blooms is just like a tear with four long petals and four short petals. 

The layers of petals are arranged in such a way that it creates a beautiful design. If we talk about the colors of fuchsia then it comes in red, white, purple, blue, yellow, and orange. This colorful plant can tolerate harsh winters. 

For growing fuchsia plants you need a high-quality potting mix and a pot.  Indirect sunlight and regular water are best for this beautiful plant. This plant can’t tolerate direct light. 

On cold days, this plant stops producing blooms but when spring comes you will see it will start producing beautiful flowers again.


You can easily grow this plant in pots. The flowers of clivia plants come in different colors like orange, red, and yellow with dark green leaves. This is an evergreen plant and can thrive continuously throughout the year. 

The blooming period is in summer and spring. During the growing season, this plant needs more water.


There are over 1800 varieties of begonia found in the world. You can grow a begonia plant as a houseplant as some specific varieties produce blooms throughout the year. 

Well- aerated soil and filter sunlight is the requirement of begonias plant. Direct sunlight is not good for begonia. Begonia comes in pink, white, scarlet, and yellow colors.


Besides the bloom of this plant, the leaves are also very beautiful. The other name of this plant is false shamrocks because of the purple leaves. When you see the soil is dry then water your purple oxalis plant. 

The pot which you use for growing this plant should have drainage holes. The best temperature for thriving is between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Direct sunlight is not good for their growth so make sure it gets filtered sunlight.


The dazzling appearance of the zebra plant makes it a perfect house plant. This plant has small yellow flowers and waxy large leaves. The color of the leaves is deep green. 

Moist soil is needed for growing zebra plants so make sure your zebra plant gets regular water. Zebra plants like to grow in warm climates or as a house plant in cold areas it will not survive as an outdoor plant direct sunlight is not good for this plant so keep it in filtered light. 

Humidity is a very important factor in the growth of this plant. So if you are living in a dry area and growing this plant in your house then you can also use a humidifier.


There are over 28000 varieties of orchids available in the world. Different varieties of orchids have different requirements for their growth. It is better to do some research and know what type of feed and water they need. 

You should use a shallow pot with well-drained soil and provide a suitable temperature for perfect development.


They look like orchids but need little maintenance. You should keep the pot of anthurium in filter light because they can’t tolerate direct sunlight. A shady area is perfect for them. 

This is a slow-growing plant and produces blooms in perfect lighting. The pot which you use for growing anthurium should have drainage holes. Moist but not wet soil is needed for perfect development. 

If you add soil amendment then your plant will get all the basic nutrients which it needs.

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Christmas cactus produces flowers in the winter months. It comes in white, red, pink, yellow, and purple varieties. The remarkable blooms can last up to a few weeks. A humid environment is recommended for proper growth. 

As you are growing Christmas cactus in your house as a houseplant so you can also use a humidifier to maintain the humidity within your living area. Moist soil and filtered light are needed for healthy growth. 

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This plant belongs to the bromeliad family and is also known as the silver vase plant. This flowering plant needs little maintenance and has a striking beauty. 

Direct sunlight can burn the plant so it is recommended to place your pot in indirect sunlight. Well-drained soil is recommended for growing aechmea fasciata. 

You should pour water directly into the center of the plant. If you see the plant is becoming weak then you should drain the soil properly. For healthy growth, you should keep an eye on your plant.


The height of this plant can be reached up to 6 feet so you should choose the proper size of a container according to the size of the plant. The leaves of the golden shrimp plant are very large. 

The color of the blooms of this plant is bright yellow. Moist soil and moderate light are recommended for its better growth. Subtle and indirect sunlight is recommended. The soil should be moist and warm. This plant doesn’t like to grow in cold areas but as a houseplant, it can grow easily.


The beautiful trumpet-shaped blooms are a specialty of this plant. Amaryllis come in pink, purple, blue, green, and red varieties. The long and stem of this plant have a large open bloom at the top. 

This plant needs more water so make sure your plant gets water regularly but avoid overwatering because it may result in rotting roots. The pot which you use for growing should have drainage holes. 

Drainage is very important. It will protect your plant from many diseases as most of the plants don’t like wet feet. Filter light is required during the production of blooms. When the blooming season ends, you can cut the flower off at the stem. 


This is a succulent plant and can easily propagate and need little maintenance. The other name of this plant is ‘flaming Katy. This plant comes in yellow, magenta, orange, white and red colors with large glossy green leaves. 

This house plant needs indirect sunlight. If you place the pot in direct sunlight then the plant will burn. But in the presence of light, this plant produces large blooms. Make sure your pot has drainage holes and avoid overwatering.


Hibiscus has large beautiful blooms. This flowering plant comes in peach, yellow, white, red, and pink colors. The red variety has medicinal properties and the tea of this plant can be used to cure stomach pain, fever, and high blood pressure. 

The size of the blooms can be 6 inches wide which looks very lovely. The beautiful blooms of hibiscus will force you to choose this plant as a houseplant for your home. 

This plant likes to grow in a warm climate that’s why it can’t tolerate cold temperatures. So in winters you should grow this plant as a houseplant and don’t think about keeping the pot outdoors. When you see the soil is dry with the help of your finger then you can water your hibiscus plant. This plant needs water regularly.


African violet comes in blue and purple varieties. The colorful flowers of this plant will add brightness to a dull room. If you have limited space then you should choose this plant because you can grow it in small pots. 

The interesting thing is that you can grow more than one variety in a larger port for adding more colors. The maintenance of this plant can be challenging but when you understand the nature of the plant then taking care of this plant will not be difficult for you. 

When you see the soil is dried and water your plant, don’t let the soil dry out completely. During watering avoid hitting the flowers on leaves because it will result in rot. 

You can place your pot in bright, filtered, and indirect sunlight. You should pinch off the wilted blooms to encourage healthier growth.

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The bright colors of the giant flowers of this plant will add colors to your house. This plant comes in pastel yellow, bright pink, and red colors. The bright and direct sunlight is recommended for this plant so sunny windows are the best place for keeping your pots. 

Well-drained soil is recommended and never allows water to sit. Over-watering can become the reason for root rot so avoid it. When do you see the soil is dry then what are your plants?

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