20 Unusual Edible Plants For Your Garden

Gardeners who have an adventurous streak and want to grow unusual plants. If you are one of those who want to try a new variety of fruit and vegetable then you are reading the right article. 

Now we are going to discuss with you 20 unusual edible plants for your growing area. 


This is a very unusual variety of melons because it looks like a banana with a sweet taste.  The addition of this fruit in your garden will bring fascinating novelty. 

This is an open-pollinated variety that has a yellowish-green rind with orange flesh. The average weight of banana melons is about 5 to 8 pounds and they grow to 24 inches long. 


You must grow this giant pumpkin in your kitchen garden. This is an open-pollinated heirloom of pumpkins. The color of skin of pumpkins is light orange with yellowish-orange flesh. 

The vines of this large pumpkin can grow up to 10 to 15 feet. Make sure big max pumpkins receive full sun exposure. 


The taste and looks of American cucumbers are just like a cucumber but they are melons. The fruit of this plant is pale green and ribbed.  There are few seeds and the skin of the fruit is very thin. 

This is a vining plant and can grow up to 6 to 8 feet. It is better to train them on a trellis so the fruit will get proper support. There are many benefits of providing support to vining plants. For instance, harvesting becomes easier and your plant will get fresh air that is good for them. 


The color of these attractive berries is red-orange. This is a superfood you can eat as a snack. It is better to use a bare root for growing goji berries in your garden because growing from seed will take 3 years to produce fruit for you. 

Bare roots of goji berries are easily available in any local nursery or gardening center. Newly planted goji berry plants need more water than established plants. 

You should water them thoroughly in the first year to maintain the moisture level of the soil. To encourage the new growth of the plant light pruning is needed. 


If you have grown strawberries then you can easily grow pineberries. You should choose a sunny location and use rich soil for this vigorous plant to get a higher yield.  This plant continuously produces berries until that temperature is too high. 

Pineberry plants do not produce fruit in the first year. When the skin of the pine berries is turning from green-white to creamy white it means they are ripe. The mature color of berries is light pink.


The growing requirements for cosmic purple carrots are the same as regular carrots. The perfect time for sowing the seeds of carrots is from spring to fall if you are living in a cool climate. 

For warm areas, you can sow the seeds from fall to spring. It is suggested that you should directly sow the seeds in a permanent location because the seedlings of carrots can’t transplant well. 

Sunlight is very important for the growth of rooted vegetables so you must choose a well-lighted area. When the size of the carrot is about 3 to 6 inches or 7 to 15 cm then this is the right time of harvesting them. Generally, 70 to 75 days are enough for harvesting cosmic purple carrots. 


This delicious fruit can be used in salad or as a snake.  You can easily grow persimmon trees because they can easily adjust to any type of soil. Persimmon trees need space so you must grow them in a location where their roots get enough room to spread in the soil of the ground.  


The look of this kind of corn is just like candy.  When you grow painted hill corn in your garden then this will add colors.  Moderate temperature, rich soil, and full sun are the required conditions for growing painted hair corns. At an early stage, the color of the kernels is white but when they mature it turns yellow, red, and purple. 


If you want to add something different to your salad then you must try cucamelons. These amazing-looking miniature melons taste like a mixture of cucumber and lime. 

You can enjoy this grape-size fruit in summer. This is a vining plant and you can easily grow it. After frost, you can easily sow the seeds outdoors in your garden.  

You must choose a sunny and sheltered spot. Regular watering and fertilizing are needed for the healthier growth of this unusual fruit.

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Chioggia beets like to grow in a cold environment so you should plant them in early spring. It is better to plant it 4 weeks before the last frost date.  

You should get all the information about the frost date from the local nursery and garden store. You can choose a semi-shaded area for growing this unusual vegetable in well-drained and loose soil. Within 50 to 60 days beets are ready to harvest.


The taste of unusual edible orange-yellow ground cherries is tropical just like pineapple. These berries are packed with vitamin A, C, and B complexes. This plant has beautiful bell-shaped flowers. 

The color of the flowers is white to yellow with a purple center. When ground cherries are ready to pick they are inside lantern-shaped husks. Before using these berries you must remove the husk and rinse them well. 

You can make a delicious sauce by cooking ground cherries. You can use this sauce to enhance the taste of your vanilla ice cream or plain yoghurt. 


If you choose hardy kiwis for growing in your garden then first you should understand their basic needs. One thing you should keep in your mind is that to make your kiwi vines more productive you must grow six female vines with one male one. 

You need loamy soil with regular watering. Hardy kiwis can easily survive below zero degrees Centigrade.  but if you are living in a cold climate then you must protect them from freezing by wrapping them in landscape fabric. 

These vines can be grown up to 6 m or 20 feet tall. It means you have extensive space for growing them as they are vigorous growers.  You should install a proper strong trellis so they will get proper support.


This is an indeterminate variety of tomatoes. The maturity time of Indigo rose cherry tomatoes is 90 days. The ideal time for sowing the seed is 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost date. 

You are using rich and loose soil for getting healthier fruit from cherry tomatoes. The plants that produce fruits need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight with regular watering. 

When you see the green-colored tomatoes turning into bright red colors and the fruit becoming soft when squeezing them; it means it is the right time of picking them. 


A warm location is perfect for growing kiwano jelly melons. The perfect temperature for growing kiwano must be above 15 degrees centigrade.  This is a vining plant so it needs proper support.  

You should choose a sunny location with loose, well-drained, moist, and rich soil.  You can also grow this unusual fruit in a pot or container. But make sure the size of the container or pot must be large enough. 

You should maintain the frequency of water to keep the soil moist. This unique plant is a very heavy feeder so you must add compost to fulfill its requirement of nutrients. 


This is a vining plant that produces edible pods. A sunny spot is perfect for growing. If you grow your long beans in our shady area then the flowers will not produce on time and the production of beans is very low. 

It is better to grow your long beans along beans so that they will get proper support or you can install proper structures such as a trellis.  If you want to grow these unusual beans in a container then make sure that the container must be 10 inches. 

You will not wait a long time for harvesting these amazing asparagus beans because within 2 months they are ready to pick. 


White eggplant is different from purple eggplant.  White eggplant is sweeter and has white flesh. If you are looking for an unusual vegetable then this is the right choice. 

Regular watering is needed to keep the soil moist for healthier white eggplant.  But you should avoid over-watering because it can cause root rot.  

The suitable temperature for growing white eggplant is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When the skin of the eggplant is looking glossy then this is the right time of picking. 


You know radishes are root vegetables but this is a unique variety of radishes that are grown for their seed pod. These pods look like rat’s tails. 

This type of radish is very hardy and you can easily grow them with seeds.  The best time for sowing the seed is in early spring as radishes like to grow in the cold.  

Full sun, proper frequency of water, and amended soil are needed for healthy growth. This unusual vegetable plant needs proper support. Soon you will see lacy-looking small flowers start producing. These flowers turn into pods within 50 days.


The immature skin of the canistel is smooth, waxy, and thin. When the fruit ripens the color of the skin turns yellow to orange.  The pulp of the fruit is very creamy, and sweet. 

Aasani location is perfect for a fruit tree to produce yummy fruits for you.  you must select the warmest location in your garden. During harvesting, you should be careful because the skin air can be damaged.  

It is better to eat this fruit fresh. You can use it for making milkshakes, ice cream, and custard. 

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This heart-shaped fruit has dull green skin with creamy custard-like pulp that’s why it is also called a custard apple. It is better to eat it when it is chilled. This is a fast-growing tree and it can grow up to 20 to 30 feet.  

Regular pruning keeps the size of the tree according to your choice. You can’t grow this tree in containers because of its size.  Regular watering,  feeding, and full sun exposure are the requirements of this fruit. 

If the roots of the tree are dry for a long time then the leaves start dropping and the fruit will suffer from sunburn. A moderate frequency of water is needed, over watering or underwatering both are not good for your plants.  

If the color of the skin of the fruit is brown it means it is overripe so it is better to pick the ripe fruit to get the best flavor.


This attractive and colorful banana has medium size. This is a vigorous plant that produces whitish-green fruits. This is an ornamental plant. When the plant is young it is green but when it receives the full sun then it turns shiny brown. The maximum height of the tree can be 5m.

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