30 Fast Growing Vegetables In Pots (Growth Time Mentioned)

Lettuce is one of the fast-growing leafy vegetables.  You can grow lettuce directly from seeds. It took about 45-50 days for lettuce to become fully mature. But you can also regrow store-bought lettuce. Just cut the end of lettuce about 2 inches and plant that piece in the soil. In a week, leaves will appear. Lettuce can be harvested 2-3 times per year. 


Growing vegetables and herbs in pots are very easy and enjoyable. But there are some vegetables that we can grow very fast in pots and containers. You can also grow these vegetables in your raised bed garden. If you are new in kitchen gardening, you should read this full article. You will learn a lot about fast-growing vegetables. 


Here are 30 fast-growing vegetables in pots and containers. 


Number one: Lettuce.

Number Two: Spinach.

Spinach is another fast-growing leafy green. After 4-5 days seeds start to germinate. And in 30-50 days spinach will ready to harvest, but you can cut and use spinach before they get mature. Use Potting mix in the pot to grow spinach in pots and containers. 

Number Three: Mustard Green.

Must green is at number 3 on our list. They are very easy to grow in pots and small containers. There are so many kinds of mustard green you can grow. Mustard green plants take about 30 days to grow fully and ready to harvest. 

Number Four: Onion.

There are different varieties of onion you can grow.  Different varieties have different growth times. Dry bulb takes about 100-150 days. But we can harvest green onion in just 20-30 days. Use a little deep container for the onion to grow. Grow a lot of onions and store them for later use. 

Number Five: Mushrooms.

You can grow smaller mushrooms in a day or two. But if you wanted to grow bigger mushrooms (size of your plate) it can take up to 6 days. Which is pretty crazy too. Grow mushroom in a slightly bigger container and add an extra flavor to all of your favorite dishes in no time. 

Number Six. Tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes in pots and containers are very easy and satisfying to watch. You can harvest your first tomatoes in 40-50 days after planting the tomato plant. Use a good potting mix in the pot for tomatoes. Make your own trellis or buy from the market to support the plant as it grows in length. 

Number Seven. Cherry Tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes are very easy to grow in pots like normal tomatoes. They take a little longer than normal to give fruits. The growth time of cherry tomatoes in 60-65 days. Grow cherry tomatoes from seedling, not seeds. Growing from a seedling is an easy and fast way to grow these bite-size tomatoes. 

Number Eight: Beets.

Select a pot that is 12 inches deep. Put some potting soil in the pot and grow beets. After 45-60 days, they will fully ready to harvest. Keep watering the beet. Do not let the soil dry or the roots will turn stunted. Beets are very easy to grow because they don’t have any serious kind of disease. 

Number Nine: Carrots.

If you wanted to grow longer carrots, choose deeper pots and containers to plant carrots. Carrots are grown directly from seeds. The growth time is a little longer (70-80 days). But if you don’t want to wait that long, you can cut and eat their leaves. Carrots leaves are totally edible and are healthy. 

Number Ten: Cucumber.

Cucumbers growth time is about 55-65 days. Harvest cucumbers when they are still immature or the seeds of fully ripe cucumber get hard and are not edible. Plus fully mature cucumbers can suppress the growth of new flowers.  If you want more cucumber, harvest more cucumber. 

Number Eleven: Pepper.

You can grow any kind of pepper in pots. Harvest pepper fruit in 60-90 days after plantation. You can grow peppers from seeds or from the seedling. Obviously, from seedling, they will give the fruit a little earlier. If you wanted to grow hot pepper, it can take up to 150 days. But both sweet and hot peppers are great to grow in pots with potting soil

Number Twelve: Radish.

There are two seasons of growing radish. If you are growing spring radish, it can take 20-30 days to mature. Winter radish can take a little longer than spring radish. The growth time of winter radish is 50-60 days. Both are very easy and fun to grow in pots. Grow them directly from seeds. 

Number Thirteen: Spring Onion.

Spring onion only takes 6-8 weeks to grow fully. This vegetable is perfect for small containers and pots. If you want a continuous supply of spring onion, plant them every 2-3 week. This kind of onion don’t of any bulb at the end. They grow directly from seeds. 

Number Fourteen: Kale.

Kale is a super tough plant. They often called bulletproof plants. Because they can survive any kind of harsh conditions. If you are new to kitchen gardening, you should start with kale. You can grow kale with seeds and seedlings. From seeds, they are ready to harvest in 55-60 days. With seedling, they are ready just in 20-30 days. 

Number Fifteen: Potatoes. 

Potatoes are very easy to grow in potato bags. Potato bags are very large kinds of pots. They give a great yield in potato bags. Water them every day, because dry soil can cause a lower yield. The growth time of potatoes is between 70-129 days.

You can grow store-bought potatoes. If your potatoes have little eyes, it means they are ready to grow. Just buried the potatoes in potting soil eye facing up. 

Number Sixteen: Garlic.

Choose a large bulb of garlic. Break this bulb into cloves and select the bigger cloves and plant them in the pot with potting soil. 2 inches deep and 6 inches apart is best to plant garlic. Garlic takes a long time to make the bulb from the clove. But you can cut the leaves of garlic and use them in your dishes the whole time. 

Number Seventeen: Squash: 

Any kind of squash can grow very well in pots and containers. But yellow squash is the best of all kinds. They are easy to grow and took only 50-70 days to harvest. They act like cucumber when start to give fruits. Harvest more squash to get more. If they don’t harvest in time they can reduce the production of new flowers. 

Number Eighteen: Zucchini.

Zucchini is also known as summer squash. Zucchini is easy to grow and only takes about 35-50 days to grow fully mature. You might want to harvest zucchini every day because they can grow about 2 inches in size in one day. When fruit is 4 inches long, it means it is ready to harvest. They can grow from young plants or seeds both. 

Number Nineteen: Turnips.

Turnips are very versatile crops. They are like beets. You can grow them in pots very easily. The growth time of turnips is 60 days. In just 60 days, they are fully grown and ready to harvest. You can grow them in fall or in spring. They grow directly from seeds. They grow very well with carrots. 

Number Twenty: Asian Green.

Asian green is very easy to grow in pots. They can grow at any time of the year. The growth time of Asian green is 45 days after plantation. You can also harvest baby Asian green in just 20 days after plantation. They go very well with chicken or any kind of salad. 

Number Twenty One: Asparagus.

Asparagus can take up to 90 days to grow fully mature. But they are easy to grow in pots with potting mix. Asparagus can take 2-3 years to grow from seeds, but when they first harvest, they will return and can harvest year after year. 1 mature plant will give you a yield of asparagus for more than 20 years. 

Number Twenty Two: Swiss Chard.

Swiss chard is ready to harvest after just 55-60 days of the plantation. Harvest the leaves of chard when they are just 3 inches long. The leaves can grow up to 10 inches long, but you don’t want that. It is a cool temperature crop but is very tough in summer too.  Grow best from seeds directly. 

Number Twenty Three: Broccoli.

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables out there. If you are a fitness freak, you already know about its importance of broccoli. The growth time of broccoli is about 90 days. Extremely easy to grow. It is best if you grow them from seedlings. Choose a slightly bigger pot or container for broccoli. 

Number Twenty Four: Green Beans.

There are so many kinds of beans. But the green beans are the best of all in terms to grow in pots. The growth time of green beans is 7 weeks. The harvest is the same as a cucumber. Harvest more green beans to get more. Do not try to grow green beans inside, they love full sun. So put green bean pots outside. 

Number Twenty Five: Peas.

Peas in pots using a good kind of compost. Sow their seeds deep in the soil. Water them and watch them grow. In just 7-8 weeks peas will be ready to harvest. Peas plants do very well if the seeds are sown deep in the soil, so choose pots of a good height. You can also grow peas from plug plants. 

Number Twenty Six: Cauliflower.

The maximum growth time of cauliflower is 8 weeks. Cauliflower required at least 6 hours of full sunlight for best growth. Cauliflower can grow from seeds and seedlings both. But it is best if you start with the seedlings. 

You can grow cauliflower with broccoli or kale. Growing cauliflower is a bit challenging for beginners gardener because they require constant care, a little change in temperature, sunlight and water requirements can disturb their growth. 

Here are some fastest-growing herbs you can grow in pots.

Number Twenty Seven: Mint.

Mint is so versatile in growth and in its use. In 90 days, mint can grow up to 1-2 feet.  But you can harvest mint before 90 days and use them in your tea or mint water. You can grow mint from seeds or regrow from the store-bought mint. 

Number Twenty-Eight: Sage.

If you wanted to grow from seeds, it will be a long run of 2 years. But the best way to grow sage is from it cutting. Choose some green cuttings of sage put these cuttings in the water bottle, if a few days, roots will appear.  Now plant them in the pots. 

Number Twenty-Nine: Thyme.

The process of growing thyme is the same as sage. No need to grow from direct seeds. Use some cuttings of store-bought thyme and put them in the bottle of water. Plant these cutting in the pot when roots appear. 

Number Thirty: Basil.

Select some healthy cuttings of basil. Remove the leaves from cutting, leave only 2-4 leaves at the edge of cutting. Put the cutting in a bottle filled with water. If your water is chlorinated, use boiled water. In two weeks, cutting will produce roots. Now, it’s time to plant these cutting with roots in the soil. You can plant them in soil, a container, or anything that is available. 

I hope you get some knowledge from this list. Please share this with your friends and family.

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