How Long Can A Closed Terrarium Last?

A terrarium is the best way of decorating your living area with plants. It brings you close to nature. This is a glass garden where you can create a miniature ecosystem with small plants and other aesthetic items in a glass bowl or jar. 

If you choose a closed terrarium for your plants then there is no need for proper care and maintenance. A closed terrarium has three basic cycles; the first one is the water cycle, the second is the Oxygen cycle and the last one is the nutrient cycle. 

These three cycles create a balance in a closed terrarium. All three cycles repeat again and again and provide suitable conditions for the plant in a closed terrarium. In this article, we are going to discuss with you how long a terrarium can last.

The Lifespan Of A Closed Terrarium

In a closed terrarium, you have to maintain an ecosystem. A closed terrarium needs cycles to balance cycles. Water is very important for the growth of any plant. 

When you grow plants in a closed terrarium then you should be careful about the right amount of water to protect your plants from drying. 

The lifespan of a terrarium depends on the system that supports your plants.  Your terrarium will last for a long time with proper care. The appropriate conditions help in the survival of plants in a closed terrarium. 

The following are the simple tips that help you to maintain your closed terrarium and have an important role in its lifespan.

  • Make sure you are using a transparent glass jar so you can easily see the droplets at the top of the jar. 
  • There is no need to water the plants in a closed terrarium, it is a misconception.  It is recommended that you should water plants once a month. 
  • You should be careful in the selection of plants. Choose those plants which can thrive in the closed terrarium.
  • Light plays a very important role in the growth of plants. So choose a lighted area for your closed terrarium. 
  • Avoid using too much fertilizer because it can damage the roots of your plants. 
  • You should examine your terrarium regularly so the problems can be identified at an early stage. Transplanting, pruning. Removing dying plants and fertilizing should be done on time.
  • You must add some beneficial insects such as springtails. This will help to prevent your plants from molding and at the same time recycle the decaying plant matter.
  • You should monitor the moisture level in the terrarium.  
  • Closed terrariums need little maintenance but pruning and discarding of decaying matter can help to prolong the life of terrariums.

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What Affects The Lifespan Of A Closed Terrarium?

If you inspect your terrarium regularly then you can enjoy it for more than two years or maybe more than 50 years without watering. If you want to maintain a healthy atmosphere in your closed terrarium then you should avoid following mistakes.

1- Excessive Lighting

If you choose those plants which are suited for growing in a terrarium then you should not place the terrarium in full Sun exposure or direct light. 

Because these plants do not require a lot of light, the terrarium is made from glass that serves as a magnifier and results in the burning of your plants. 

In closed terrariums, the temperature rises very quickly and the humidity level is very high. Most plants die due to the high heat level in the terrarium so you should avoid placing that area in direct sunlight.

2- Inadequate Lighting

Too much light and too low light both are not good for the plants that you are growing in a closed terrarium. Make sure your plants are getting a reasonable amount of light for their growth.

In case your terrarium is not getting enough light then you can place it near a window. You may have no window where your plants get indirect light. As you are maintaining your closed terrarium in your home then you can arrange artificial light for your plants.

3- Too Much Heat

Avoid placing your closed terrarium near a heat source then your plants can burn and eventually due to heat. As we usually make terrariums in glass jars or bowls, glass can heat up due to high temperatures. 

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4- Overgrown Plants

When you see your plants are overgrown then it is the best time to prune or trim them. If your terrarium is overcrowded then you can’t view the ornamental items that you place for decoration purposes. You can cut the excessive growth of roots, it will help to keep them tiny. 

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5- Refusal To Remove Dying Plants

You should remove ill and dead plants immediately from the terrarium. Regular inspection is essential to avoid such problems. If you do not remove these dead or dying plants then they may infect other plants. 

For removing the dead plants from your closed terrarium, you can use chopsticks, a tiny shovel, a long spoon, or a terrarium tool. You must be careful while removing the dying plants because the roots of other plants can be broken. 

After removing the plant from your closed terrarium, you can replace your dead plant with a healthy plant. Make sure the size of the plant is similar to the dead plant. The moisture and light needs should be similar to dead plants. 

6- Selection Of Wrong Plants

In a closed terrarium, the environment is humid for the plants so you should choose those plants that can thrive in a wet atmosphere. 

In the same way, you must select those plants that can thrive in indirect light. The size of the plants should be according to the size of your terrarium.

Mosses and ferns are the best choices for your terrarium. The other plants you can choose are Peperomia, Baby tears and Pilea can be grown in a glass terrarium. 

If you want to add colors to your terrarium then you can select small Orchids, Mini-African violets, and other flowering exotics. 

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