Rosemary is a perennial plant so it will not die. As a perennial plant, it can live more than 15 years. It has attractive purple flowers and these flowers make your garden gorgeous. 

The green narrow needle-like leaves are greyish white on the underside. This is a herb that you can use in your cooking, which means it can be used for its unbelievable flavor and scent. 

You can grow more rosemary plants from the existing ones. It is very simple, you need cuttings from the rosemary bushes. When you read the complete article then you will be surprised to see how easy rosemary can be propagated. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how to grow rosemary from cuttings in water. 


If you grow ROSEMARY PLANT from seed then it will take time.  For the best way of growing Rosemary is from stem cuttings. The reasons for rosemary from cuttings are as follows:

. If you grow a rosemary plant from cuttings, it will mature much quicker than the plants which you grow from the seeds. The germination process of the rosemary seeds is very slow. 

. That’s why it will take a long time to sprout in the same way the growing process of the rosemary plants from seeds is so slow. If you get some cutting then it will reach a desirable size in just a few months it means you can harvest it very sooner.

. The best thing about growing from the cutting is that the new plant you get from the cutting will be the same as a mother plant. It means the new plant will show the same flavor and the same growth. 

. If it is a disease resistance variety then the new rosemary plant will also show the same qualities. It means it is the best way of growing plants without any effort. 

. You will get new plants for free. A rosemary plant can provide several cuttings for growing and you will grow more than one plant from these cuttings.  The windowsill of your kitchen will smell wonderful when you arrange several plants on it.


When you decide to grow rosemary then the first step is to decide which variety you should grow. Here we are going to give you 5 options for the best varieties of Rosemary.


Roman beauty can grow well in a container. It will give you Rosemary leave for your favorite recipes. This is the best option for growing the garden or indoors.


Arp is the smallest variety that’s why it can grow in a small pot. When you add it to red potatoes then the taste will become amazing.


This variety will take some extra time to grow but its flavor is terrific.


The name of this variety is due to its specialty as its branches can be used as skewers in making barbeque.  The branches of this variety is stronger than others. 


This is the largest variety among the five best varieties. It will give tasty leaves throughout the season. If you grow it in your home then you will get flavourful leaves in the winter also. The taste of this variety is just like barbeque variety. The dry leaves of this variety can be used in soups. 


Growing Rosemary from seed is not an easy task because it takes many years bro so it is quite easy. The things you need for growing rosemary from cuttings are as follows:

  • Cuttings from your favorite variety
  • A cold glass jar for putting cuttings
  • A sharp pair of scissors
  • An Exacto knife


Here are some easy steps of preparing the cuttings for planting them in the soil of the pot. In this method, you can use these cuttings for planting them in containers outdoors in the summer or you can plant them indoors in winter. 

> Select healthy stems from the desired plant. A good option is to choose healthy and young green stems because they are flexible. Your cuttings should not be old and brown. The woody stems should be avoided because you will not get healthy rosemary plants.

> With the help of sharp scissors, you can cut the healthy branch from the mother plant.  You can also use an Exacto knife instead of a scissor. You should cut several cuttings because every cutting will not grow and some can fail. Some extra stem will not disappoint you and you will get desired prepared cuttings for planting. 

> Take cuttings from the rosemary plant. The cutting should be 6 inches long. Stripped off the leaf from the bottom of the branch.  Roots will emerge from this part of the plant. You can use the leaves of the plant in your favorite bread recipe. The addition of these leaves will increase the flavor of your bread. 

> Take a glass jar and fill it with water. The jar must be cool. Place the cuttings in the jar.  Make sure the water level in the jar will stay under and don’t touch the leaves of the plant. The leaves will not touch the water so they will grow faster. The leaves must be 2 inches above water level. Place the jar in a warm area of your house. Make sure there is no direct sunlight for your plant. Within one week you will see little roots emerging from the cuttings.

> To keep the water fresh you should change the water every couple of days, in this way, you can prevent your plants from rotting. The freshwater has more oxygen so your cuttings will grow healthier and develop fast.

> One week is a better time for changing the water in the glass jar. The time of emerging roots depends on the temperature of the environment in which you place it. At low temperatures, the roots will emerge late. Remember, the cuttings which turn brown will not grow. 


Now your cuttings are ready to plant in the soil. When you see 4 to 6 roots are on the stem and the size of the roots half-inch long then you can put up the stem cuttings. All the work is done. You have to do nothing just potting these cuttings into the soil. 

> If you are using a pot for growing purposes then you can use a sandy soil mix for filling the pot. The quality of the sandy soil is that it will drain easily. For preparing this, you need equal parts of all-purpose potting soil and sharp sand. Mix both of them well. You can also use cactus potting soil. The draining quality of sandy soil makes it perfect for the rosemary plant. 

> The pot must be 4 inches deep. Fill the pot with soil for each rosemary cutting. 

> Now you need a pencil for making a 3-inch deep hole in the soil. Now place the cutting in the hole but remember the roots of the cutting should not damage. Cover the cuttings gently with soil and water them to set in the new environment.

> It is suggested that place the pot in indirect light until the roots of the plant are established in the soil. When the roots of the plant are established in the soil then move the pot in direct sunlight where it gets at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily. 


As you are growing rosemary cuttings in water so they can grow quicker than soil. Some people think that rosemary plants can’t grow better water and they will not get proper nutrition to prepare themselves for transplantation. 

This is a misconception, the cuttings will develop quickly in water as compared to the soil for a few weeks. Generally, rosemary plants are ready for transplantation in a month to 6 weeks from a 4-inch pot to a larger pot or big container.


Rosemary is a slow grower, now we are going to give you some useful tips which will help you to keep your plaid healthy and productive.

> A sunny location is best for thriving rosemary so you should select a location where your plant gets at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight, even in the summer.

> Water is an important factor in the growth of any healthy plant. When your rosemary plant is established then it likes to stay on the dry side. It means when you feel your soil is dry then water the rosemary plant thoroughly. You can do this with the help of your finger.

> When the plant starts growing larger then this is the time for transplanting. You should plant it in a big container because your rosemary plant needs space to grow.

> This is suggested that you should trim your Rosemary plant frequently. Regular trimming will keep your plant compact.

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If you decide to grow your plant in your house especially in winter then the following are some helpful tips. The harsh cold weather is not good for your rosemary plant.

  • Select a south-facing window where your rosemary plant gets proper sunlight. You can also arrange artificial LED light and make your plant happy even during the winter months.
  • For keeping your soil moist, plants need regular water.  Avoid overwatering because it will rot your plants. On the other hand, if the soil is dry then the plant will also die.
  • In winter keep your rosemary plant away from the heat sources. The best temperature for the Rosemary plant is 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • When you keep plants at home in winter then heating sources decrease humidity from the air. In that situation, you can run a humidifier to increase the humidity around the rosemary plant.
  • Red spider mites, whiteflies, spittlebugs, and aphids are some common pests that suck on rosemary plants. The result of which is that the plant will dry up. You can control the pests by using organic insecticidal soap. Some diseases like root rot, powdery mildew, and mold are caused due to overwatering and poor air circulation. When the soil of the pot is dry and needs then water it. For proper air circulation, you can use an electric fan.   


If you think you can place your rosemary plant in the corner of your house or garden and it will be happy then you are wrong. It is neither a tree nor a bush, it is a teeter between a tree and a bush. This plant needs a 10 × 10 foot area. 

Regular pruning will keep it small in size. You can plant it in a 5 or 6-gallon pot. If you provide ample space to grow then there is no need for reporting or replanting. For five years. 


You can get fresh leaves whenever you needed throughout the year. You can harvest leaves and branches with the help of a pruner. For this purpose, you should take 4 to 6-inch sprigs from the tips. 

After that strip the leaves from the stems. Remember never prune more than one-third of the plant because severe pruning will damage your plant.


There are many reasons for growing the rosemary plant, it is a versatile, tasty, and full of fragrance plant. You can also dry it for future use, hang the cuttings in a cool and dark place. 

The same way you dry garlic. The process of drying will take only 3 to 4 weeks. After drying it, you can put it in a simple spice shaker. This the best way of using rosemary in future use. 

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