How To Make DIY Mason Jars Herb Garden

Herbs are one of the most important parts of our kitchen life. We use herbs each and every day. Mostly we use these herbs fresh in our dishes but some of them work great when they are dry. We even use some herbs in seed or powder form like coriander.  

For all these reasons, we are going to learn how to build our own herb garden, indoor, or outdoor herb garden. Some people don’t have enough space outdoors or they are living in an apartment where there is no outdoor space, for those people with space the problem, indoor mason jars herb garden is great. You can also put your jars outdoors because they look cool. 

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Follow these steps to make your own cheap DIY mason jars herb garden for fresh herbs each and every day. 

1: Selection Of Mason Jars

Almost every house has mason jars at home in the kitchen. If those jars are free and have no use, you can clean them and use them to grow herbs. Numbers of jars depend on how many varieties of herbs you want to grow, you want to grow 6 herbs, you need 6 jars. 

If you don’t have any mason jars at home, don’t worry, they are not very costly, you can easily order them from Amazon here. Just select a little bit bigger jars, so you can put some extra growing medium in them for better growth of herbs. 

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2: Selection Of Better Growing Medium

The growing medium is the most important thing in building this herb garden. You cannot use normal garden soil to grow herbs in jars and here is why:

  • Normal garden soil has less drainage and after some time the soil loses all the drainage and will compact, which is not good for the roots of herbs.
  • Normal garden soil has fewer nutrients in it. Plants in jars only have soil in jars to get all the nutrients. If soil is not fertile, plants will die eventually.

For these two reasons, you have to select a good kind of soil for your herbs. Potting soil will do great in jars. This soil is specially made for plants in pots or jars es name suggests. This soil has great drainage and great numbers of nutrients in it. 

You can either order this soil on Amazon here or you can learn how to make your own potting soil at home. 

3: Select Herbs

There are tons of different herbs that you can grow in jars. Here is a tip to select: Pick only those herbs that you like to eat. Do not waste your time and jars on herbs that you don’t even like to eat. Here are a few herbs that you might like to grow in your herb garden:

  • Cilantro (My favorite)
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Sage
  • Parsley
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Chives
  • Bay leaves
  • Fennel

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4: How To Grow Herbs In Mason Jars

Here are a few easy to follow steps:

  • First, clean your jars with some kind of disinfectant like hydrogen peroxide.
  • Add a layer of small pebbles at the bottom of jars for drainage.
  • Now fill your jars with potting soil and leave the top 2 inches for watering reasons. 
  • Now sprinkle the seeds of your selection on the soil and press them a little bit with your fingers, and cover them with a thin layer of soil. 
  • After sowing the seeds, give them water. Do not over-water them or they won’t grow. 
  • You can also regrow the store-bought cuttings of herbs. If seeds are not available in your nearest area, you can buy fresh green cuttings of herbs and regrow them in your mason jars herb garden. 
  • Select some fresh cuttings of your herb, remove all the leaves from that cuttings except few at the end. no place these cuttings in a bottle or glass filled with fresh water. 
  • After a few days, the cuttings will start to produce small roots. When roots are few increases in length, you can simply replant your cuttings in the mason jars. 

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5: Best Location For Your Herb Garden

If you have some space outside, that would be great, because every plant needs some sunlight to grow. Some plants even need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight for better growth. If you don’t have any space outside don’t worry you can put your mason jars near a window that receives plenty of sunlight. 

you can also use LED grow lights. LED grow lights are an amazing tool for indoor gardeners. LED grow lights will provide the required light for your herb garden. you don’t have to worry about seasons if you are using LED grow lights. You can grow any kind of Herbs at any time of year using LED grow lights. Here is a guide for you to buy an LED grow light for your herb garden. 

6: Watering needs for your Herb Garden

Every plant needs water to grow. I cannot tell you the exact amount of water to give your plants, there are so many factors that are involved in giving water like a season of growing, an area where you are living, either you are growing indoors or outdoors, and the stage of your plants. 

You have to check the moisture level of soil before giving water to your herb garden. stick your finger in the soil of mason jars, if the top 2 inches of soil is feeling dry to you, give water to your plants. do not over Water Your Plants. 

7: Fertilize your Herb Garden

As I mentioned before, potting soil contains tons of nutrients, these nutrients are enough for your herb garden for certain weeks. But you may have to fertilize your herbs at a stage. You can use liquid organic fertilizer like all-purpose plant food. You can buy all-purpose plant food on Amazon here. Give liquid fertilizer to your abs once a week if needed. use only organic fertilizers. 

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