15 Indoor Herb Container Garden Ideas

Growing herbs inside your home come with great advantages as well as some challenges.  You should always grow your herbs indoor near your kitchen because that’s where you are cooking. You don’t want to take a walk every time you need a few leaves of peppermint for your tea. 

Having an indoor herb garden has many benefits like herbs will purify the air of your home, you can have a whole year supply of fresh herbs, having a whole year supply will save you money, fresh herbs are full with all the nutrients and vitamins, in simple words, you can not go wrong with having an indoor herb garden. 

15 Indoor Herb Container Garden Ideas

Check out these beautiful ideas of herb gardens to add a green beauty inside your home. 

1: Big Pot Herb Garden.

Big Pot Herb Garden.

This idea is the simplest and easiest idea ever. All you need is a big pot, some potting mix and you are good to go. Plant different herbs like basil, cilantro, parsley and dill in a single pot and don’t forget to label each plant. Pick a nice place beside a window that receives plenty of sunlight, because herb plants love sunlight. 

If your house is like a packed apartment and receives little to no sunlight, you can supplement light using some kind of grow light. Or you can place your herb pot outside at day time for sunbath of plants. 

2: GrowLED Herb Garden.

GrowLED Herb Garden

If your house is packed and receives no light, you are gonna love this idea. This smart herb garden comes with a built-in LED grow light. Grow light will provide all the necessary light for photosynthesis. 

You can use the GrowLED to grow herbs, other veggies, and succulent too. Using this garden you can grow herbs for whole years. If you have a space problem in your home, you are also gonna love this idea. Check out the latest price of GrowLED on amazon here

3: Hydroponics Indoor Graden.

Hydroponics Indoor Graden

This one is also a great idea for people with a small space at home. You don’t even need soil to grow your herbs in this system. No need for sunlight, because of the build-in LED grow light. The company claims, your herbs will grow 1.5 times faster in this growing system. 

The system has 9 chambers for your herb garden. You can also grow salad in your hydroponic indoor garden. The system is totally automatic and easy to install. In just 25 days, you can have your own herb garden. Check out the latest price on Amazon here.

4: Hanging Planter Herb Garden.

Hanging Planter Herb Garden

This one is also a space-saving idea. But you will need a window with plenty of sunlight to grow herbs in these hanging planters. These planters come with a metal rod, so you can easily hang them with a wall. 

These planters look great, so a layer of beauty is a bonus for your home. All you have to do is to put the potting mix in the pots, few cuttings of herbs and you can have your own hanging herb garden in a few weeks. You can buy one of them on Amazon here. 

5: Five Tier Herb Garden Planter

Five Tier Herb Garden Planter

This is a great space idea. You can grow 20 different herbs in a single planter. Or you can 10 herbs and 10 salad greens, if you want. Potting soil is necessary to grow in these planters. These planters are also very easy to assemble.  

Every portion has a drainage hole, so you need to water the upper layer and lower layer will get water automatically. You can also rotate the planter, so every side gets sunlight. Check out the latest price on Amazon here.

6: Keter Easy Grow Herb Garden

Keter Easy Grow Herb Garden

They are like raised bed garden but on legs. You can grow the herb garden in them, grow the salad garden in them and other vegetables too. These planters come with water gauge to control the water requirements of your herb garden. 

They also have a controlled drainage hole and a water reservoir to save herbs from overwatering. They also look great. Buy one of them from amazon here.

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7: Cambridge Planter For Herbs

Cambridge Planter For Herb

This one also comes with legs. You can place this one near the window or hang a grow light on top of the planter to grow your herb garden. These planters are also great to grow a salad garden, tomatoes, and peppers. The legs on them make their height ideal for senior gardeners or gardeners with back pain. 

These planters also have a shelf built-in, so you can put few pots of ornamental plants or your gardening tools on it. Check out the latest price of Cambridge planter on Amazon here. 

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8: Recycled Plastic Bottles Herb Garden

This one is a great money-saving idea. All you need a few plastic bottles, potting mix and you can make your herb garden right now. There are thousand different ideas of a plastic bottle garden. You can also build a verticle herb garden using plastic bottles. 

You can also grow salads and other veggies in plastic bottles. Watch this video for getting a few ideas for using plastic bottles. 


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9: Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar

Mason jar herb garden is a great addition of beauty in your kitchen. You can easily place these jars wherever you want. Add some potting mix in the jars, plant few cuttings of herbs and you are good to go. You can put them on a table or hang them with a wall. Buy mason jar herb garden on amazon here. 

10: 8 Pocket Herb Garden

Pocket Herb Garden

This one is also a great raised bed planter idea to grow herbs indoors. This planter comes with 8 pockets so you can grow 8 different herbs in a single planter and control the growth of them. This planter also has a shelf for pots and tools. Check out the latest price on Amazon here. 

11: AeroGarden Harvest Elite

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

This one is also like a growLED herb garden. You don’t have to worry about sunlight to grow herbs indoors. You can grow in the Aerogarden in your kitchen without any kind of soil. One system can grow 6 different kinds of herb at the same time. 

Each plant can grow up to 12 inches in this system. Aerogarden comes with an LED grow light to maximize the photosynthesis of your plants. Check out the latest price of Aerogarden Harvest Elite on Amazon here. 

12: Grow Bags Herb Garden

Grow Bags Herb Garden

Grow bags are a great and cheap alternative of pots and other containers. They are made of fibers that contain numerous pores for air circulation between plant roots and environments. Grow bags can be bio-degradable and non-degradable. You can easily change the location of grow bags because they have handles to pick them. 

Along with herb, you can also grow other veggies like tomatoes, pepper, potatoes, and carrots in them. They are very great to use if you have a greenhouse. Buy grow bags on Amazon here.


13: Richoose Hanging Garden Planter

Richoose Hanging Garden Planter

These planters waterproof. These planters are a kind of verticle garden. They come with 3 pockets and you can adjust the size of each pocket. So you can grow 3 different herbs of your choice in each planter. 

These planters are not great with water-loving herbs. Although they are waterproof, still constant watering can destroy them. Check out the latest price of these planters here. 

14: Windowsill Herb Pots

Windowsill Herb Pots

These pots are great to grow herbs, succulents, and salad greens. This whole package comes with 3 pots and a tray. You can easily change the place of pots using a tray. Each pot has a drainage hole at the bottom. 

Again, you will need a potting mix to grow herbs in these pots. You can use LED grow light to increase the yield of your herb garden if you have a sunlight issue. 

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15: Vertical Garden Wall Planter

Vertical Garden Wall Planter

Verticle garden wall planters are an amazing choice for low space homes. You cannot just build a herb garden in them but you can also grow your own salad in them. Just pick a window that receives tons of sunlight. 
Each wall planter comes with 6 pots and they are removable. Each pot has a root tray riser and a drainage hole. Check out the latest price of the planter on Amazon here.

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