15 Indoor Plants For Beginners

This is the best idea to decorate your house with beautiful plants. When you grow beautiful plants in attractive pots then it will enhance the beauty of your living area. You must use plants to decorate the interior because they will bring you close to nature.

There are many benefits of growing plants in your home. 

  • First, they will make any place attractive at a cheap cost. With little investment, you will get a lot of advantages. The living plants will embellish your terrace, balcony, porch,  patio. You can place these plants in your living rooms, drawing rooms, kitchen, or even your bathroom to soothe your eyes.
  • Growing plants can reduce the stress level which is a good cure for depression. If you want to reduce your psychological and physiological stress then you should work with plants.
  • Plants are the best natural purifier that can improve the quality of air around you.

But as a beginner, you can’t maintain the plants easily. So you should choose those plants which need little care and attention. 

In this article, we are going to discuss with you what type of indoor plants are best for you as a beginner. This question arises in the mind of an experienced beginner. 

For the answer to this question, you should read this article and choose the best option for you as a beginner.


You can place this plant on your table desk or shelf. The leaves of this plant are thick, waxy, and drought tolerant. The leaves are found in purple, red, grey, or green shades. 

As this plant has ornamental leaves so you can use it for decoration purposes in your living area. There are about 1000 species of peperomia found in the world you can choose one

This plant is for beginners because it has a forgiving nature. Medium to bright light is perfect for the growth of this plant. This plant is not too sensitive to light fluctuations so you can move or change the place easily. 

The maximum height of this plant is 12 inches, you can select this plant if you want to grow a small plant. Make sure you use loamy potting soil with good drainage. Whenever you feel the soil is dried and water your plant avoid overwatering because it will result in killing your plant.


Spider plant is very popular among indoor gardeners. This is a hardy plant and can tolerate negligence. This plant has sword-like green, cream, and white leaves which look very elegant. 

If you grow them in a hanging basket then it will look great but you can also place them on the table or shelf in a bright room. This plant doesn’t need direct sunlight. 

This adaptable plant can settle in any environment which makes it a perfect option for a beginner. Bright light and moist soil make your spider plant happy; the spider plant needs water when the soil is dry so carefully examine the soil. 


The moth orchid is a beautiful plant that has attractive blooms. The blooms of this plant can last up to four months which makes it perfect for growing as a houseplant. 

This plant needs little maintenance so it is highly recommended for beginners. Moth orchids must be planted in clay pellets, sphagnum, or fir bark. When you see the potting media is fully dry then water your plant. 

You should keep an eye on the color of the leaves. The signs of wilting for the wrinkling of the leaves will indicate the problem of the plant.


The Zebra plant has a beautiful look and it is best for growing as a houseplant for beginners. This is a small and colorful succulent plant that has glossy green leaves. 

This plant needs bright indirect sunlight and sufficient moisture to grow. If you see the color of the leaves start to fade it means your plant needs more light. 

Keep in mind this plant doesn’t need humidity so it is suggested to keep it in a well-ventilated area or room. Grow your zebra plant in well-drained soil for better results you can add perlite or gravel. 

This plant needs fertilizer only once a year during summer. As you are growing zebra plants in your home so it is best to place the pots near east or west-facing windows.


This plant has dark green leaves and white flowers. Indirect sunlight is sufficient for its growth so you can grow it as a houseplant. The east-facing window is the best place for this plant. 

Make sure you are using well-drained potting soil. Whenever you feel the soil is dry you should water your plants. Overwatering can result in the dropping of leaves so avoid it. 

If you see the leaves of the Peace Lily turning brown then it means the water which you are using has a high level of fluoride in that case you can use this distilled water.


Little maintenance made aloe vera is a perfect houseplant. This plant has bright green leaves and can be reached at a height of 20 inches. As a beginner, you can choose aloe vera for growing because it can tolerate bright sunlight as well as partial shade. 

Sandy soil is a perfect growing aloe vera plant. Water your aloe vera plants when you feel the soil feel dry.  On cold days, aloe vera plants grow very slowly so you should reduce the amount of water.


Rubber plant has oval-shaped thick and glossy leaves. The height of the rubber plant can be reached up to 50 feet that’s why you should prune it. This will make the height of the plant under control. 

Direct light can burn the leaves of a rubber plant so place the pot in indirect light. Make sure the soil should remain moist.

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The leaves of this plant are dark green with white yellow or light green veins. You can grow this plant in a hanging basket then it will look great. Bright and indirect light is required for this plant. 

When you feel the soil is dry then water the plant otherwise not. Use well-drained and nitrogen-rich soil for growing English ivy. Keep an eye on plants because English ivy can gather dust and pests. 


Beautiful oval waxy leaves and thick woody stems make jade plants perfect for growing indoors. This is a succulent plant that is best for beginners. 

Partial or indirect sunlight with well-drained soil helps to thrive in jade plants. Make sure you are using an all-purpose potting mix with perlite to encourage the development of your plant. 

If you are living in a warm climate then jet plants will grow well. But it doesn’t mean that they like dry environments because they like to grow in moist soil.


This plant has heart-shaped leaves with dark green color. Make sure your plants get indirect light and potting soil for happily thriving. Fertilize your smile every 6 to 8 weeks for healthy development. 

If you see the minimal new growth of leaves then it is a clear sign that your plant needs more fertilizer.  Keep in mind that this plant is mildly toxic to children and pets so you should keep the pots on a shelf or table. 


This plant has a delicate look and can reach a height of 6 inches. The leaves of this plant are purple with clover-shaped. The flowers are miniature star-shaped which are found in white and light pink color. 

The interesting thing about this plant is that it is an edible perennial. You can easily grow this plant at your home because it is not harmful to children and pets. 

You should keep your pot near a bright indirect light source. Water is an important factor for the growth of any plant but this plant needs water when the top inch of the soil has dried out. 


This plant needs a high level of humidity and indirect sunlight. The color of the leaves is bright green. As you are growing this plant in your home so this plant may get a less humid level which will create tension in the plant. 

You can use a small humidifier to provide the best humid condition if you keep the soil moist then this is a successful trick for growing beautiful and healthy plants.


This plant can grow without soil that’s why it is best for beginners. About 600 varieties are found in the world. These plants need good air circulation or ventilation to survive. 

You should grow such types of plants in that area where they get fresh air. These are low-maintenance plants and need water only once a week. You should keep your pot in partial shade because they are sensitive to the sun. Keep your plants in a bright room. A moist environment is perfect for these plants.


This plant is perfect for beginners as it can survive in unfavorable conditions. Pothos need water on an infrequent basis. They don’t like to sit in the water for too long. 

It means you should first check the soil with your finger if it is dry then water your plants. A humid environment is preferable for their good growth. The best place for us is in our bathroom or you can also use a small humidifier. Avoid placing your pot in direct sunlight otherwise, your plant will dry.


It is a common belief that this plant brings prosperity and happiness to your life. This plant is also perfect as a starter house plant. Lucky bamboo is not fussy about light conditions. 

If you see that the plant is growing towards a light source then it means your plant needs more light for healthy development. 

Avoid placing your pot in direct sunlight because it will burn the leaves if you are growing your plant in a vase or a jar of water then you should place some pebbles to provide support but this will work best for bottled water.

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