How To Build A Vertical Herb Garden

Herbs are one of the easiest and most encouraging crops that we can grow in our kitchen garden. The best thing about herbs is the requirements of space. We don’t need a ton of space to grow them, we can grow them indoors in mason jars, outdoors in small pots and we can even grow them on our wall vertically. 

If you have a space problem in your kitchen garden, don’t worry, we will build our vertical herb garden. In this post, I will share a few vertical herb garden ideas and how to grow some of my favorite and easiest herbs. 

Vertical Herb Garden Ideas

Note: Before building any herb garden, you need to select a good location if you have one in your home. A good location means the location which receives a good amount of sunlight. Because herbs need sunlight to thrive, some even need 6-8 hours of sunlight. 

If you don’t have a wall that receives that amount of sunlight, you can build your vertical herb garden beside a window that receives sunlight or you can use led grow lights to provides the required amount of light for photosynthesis. 

Here are a few vertical herb garden ideas that you might like: 

1: Richoose Hanging Herb Garden

Richoose Hanging planters are made of special kind of fiber that is waterproof and it will absorb some extra water for your plants, so your plants will not dehydrate. 

If you are using Richoose hanging planters indoor, do not over-water your plants. Always check your soil’s moisture level before giving it water or you can over-water and kill your plants. Click here to check the price of these planters on Amazon. 

2: Cedar Vertical Garden

This one is also a great vertical idea. It also looks beautiful because of its cedar. You can build your own cedar vertical garden if you have woodworking experience. There are so many different styles of cedar vertical gardens are available on Amazon. Check out the price of my favorite cedar vertical herb garden. 

3: Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

This one is totally DIY idea. You cannot buy this herb garden from any store. There are different styles of plastic bottles garden that you can adapt to. You can also grow other vegetables in plastic bottles. Learn which vegetables are better to grow in plastic bottles. 

4: Stackable Herb Garden

This idea is an excellent choice for gardeners with space issues. You can place this beautiful herb garden in a corner of your house. This particular idea of herb garden can grow 20 different herbs at the same time. 

You can also grow other vegetables and strawberries in this vertical garden. Check out the latest price of a stackable herb garden on Amazon. 

5: Self-watering Vertical Wall Planters

Self-watering planters contain 2 inner baskets and two outer shell pockets. You can order these planters from Amazon. Order 3-4 sets of planters for your complete vertical herb garden. 

6: Mason Jars Herb Garden

This idea is a very popular idea. You can just fill your mason jars with a good type of soil, sow some seeds and you are good to go. Click here to learn the complete guide to make a mason jar herb garden. 

7: Aerogarden

This one is not a vertical herb garden but the idea is so cool. You can grow your favorite herbs without any soil, space, and sunlight. You can also grow so other leafy green vegetables in this garden. Check the latest price on the official site of Aerogarden. 

How To Grow Herbs In A Vertical Herb Garden?

  • First, make good soil for your herb garden. Normal garden soil or topsoil is not an answer. Make potting soil. Click here to learn, how to make your own potting soil. 
  • Now you can simply grow your choice of herbs from seeds, or you can simply regrow store-bought herbs. Learn how to regrow store-bought herbs and vegetables. 
  • Watering is very important for all the plants. Check the moisture level of potting soil before watering. If the top 2 inches of potting soil is dry, only then give water. You may have to water on a daily basis on hot summer days. 

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