Herbs That Grow Well Together – Herbs Companion Planting

A herb garden will add a layer of beauty to your kitchen garden. Herbs of markets travel from a long distance for many many days or even weeks. So this travel time can cause the depletion in vitamins, minerals, and taste. Because of this reason, you should grow your own herbs. You will love the freshness and taste of your own herbs. 

You can grow your herbs outdoor in the ground, in a raised bed or containers. But not everyone has space outdoors. Fortunately, herbs are very easy to grow indoors. Here are 15 indoor herb garden ideas for you to start. 

In this post we will learn which herbs grow well together, so we can grow them in a small space or any kind of container. Click here to build your bucket herb garden. 

Here Are A Few Categories Of Herbs That You Plant Together

Mediterranean Herbs: These herbs are very sun-loving herbs. And they also enjoy dry soil rather than higher moisture. Few examples of Mediterranean herbs are sage, rosemary, marjoram, lavender, oregano, and thyme. We can plant these herbs together in a pot or any other planters. 

Water Loving Herbs: These herbs are also sunlight loving herbs but they like a higher moisture level of soil instead of dry soil. Basil and parsley are moisture-loving herbs and we can plant them together. 

Mints: Mint herbs are very notorious because of its invasive nature. They can even take your whole herb garden in a few weeks. So it is always recommended to grow them separately in containers. We cannot grow mint with other herbs but some types can grow together like: spearmint, catmint, peppermint, orange mint, and lemon balm. 

Lemon Scented Herbs: Lemon verbena and lemon thyme are two popular lemon-scented herbs. We can grow them together and they will not mind. 

Here is a simple table for you to take notes about companion planting of herbs. 

How To Grow Herbs? 

Growing herbs is not hard at all. I have a full guide for you to learn about growing herbs indoors and outdoors. 

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