7 Gardening Activities You Can Do In Self Isolation

Stay Home – Stay Safe 

Staying home is the best thing we can do to stop the spread of this Coronavirus. As doctors are saying, Coronavirus cannot enter your home unless you bring it in. So please, stay at home to keep your self and your family safe in this desperate time.  

But that does not mean, we cannot enjoy ourselves by staying at home.  Especially gardeners can make this isolation pretty enjoyable by doing different activities and performing little experiments. 

Most of these activities require tools and materials that most of us have in our homes, but if you have to buy some tools, you can order them online from different online shops, you don’t have to go outside to buy them. 

Here are 7 activities related to gardening that you can do in self-isolation. 

1: Get Creative With Containers 

This is the best thing. I mean you can find any kind of container in your home and turn it into a small garden. Like, find some tires and make a new herb garden in old tires. You can use old tires to grow foods in them. 

If tires are too old, then don’t use them to grow foods, but you can still use them to grow ornamental plants in them. Before growing anything in them, use different paints to make them beautiful. 

Now add some potting soil in them and grow a hole herb garden. You can grow basil, mint, rosemary, sage, coriander, etc. I encourage you to grow more food instead of ornamental plants because we don’t know how long that isolation will take (I pray not too long). 

You can also use old milk crates, old jeans, old cooking pots and any container you can find at home.    

2: Teach Your Kids 

This is the best knowledge that you can give to your kids and I think this is the best use of this time. You can teach your kids the importance of nature, the importance of land and how to grow your own organic food. 

This activity can also keep your kids busy for some time so they don’t try to go outside in the parks. You should start with growing seeds in the cups. Start with fast-growing seeds, so kids get encouraged and learn more about gardening.   

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3: Learn To Make Soil Recipes

You can also teach your kids and teach yourself to make different soil recipes at home. You can make potting soil, compost, multipurpose compost and so much more. You can make these recipes using just kitchen wastes and garden wastes like dead leaves and grass clipping. 

Here are a few guides for you to learn about making potting soil and compost at home using kitchen and garden wastes. 

After learning these guides, you will be able to make your own soil at home, so you don’t have to throw away your kitchen and garden wastes. You can recycle them and use them in a good way. That is a pretty good use of isolation time. 

4: Build New Raised Bed Gardens 

Raised beds are amazing, especially if the soil in your garden is not very fertile. You can easily make your garden more fertile and way more productive by making raised beds. Growing food in raised beds is way easier than growing in normal land.    

You can make your own DIY raised bed by using bricks, cemented blocks and wood material. You can watch this tutorial to make your own DIY garden bed. 

You can also buy ready-made raised beds from Amazon. Here a few best rated raised beds that you can buy from Amazon. 

5: Only Grow Food 

We should prepare ourselves for pandemics like this.  So instead of growing ornamental plants, we should grow vegetable plants, herbs, and fruit plants, so we can be self-sufficient at our homes. 

Here are a few guides for you to grow your own food at home in isolation times:

6: Recycle The Plastic

This is the best thing you can do for mother nature in return for all those great things. If you have lots of plastic bottles of cold drinks, you can use them to grow different vegetables in them. Watch this video to get a few ideas to grow food in plastic bottles.

You can grow your salad greens in them like spinach, lettuce, kale, rocket and a lot more. You can also make your own plastic bottle herb garden. Microgreens are also great to grow in plastic bottles. 

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If you have plastic sheets at your home, you can try to build small green-house in your back yard. Plastic sheets and few PVC pipes can make a small greenhouse enough to grow food for a small family. You can also use this greenhouse as a seed starter house.

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7: Make Mulch

Mulching is a great tool in gardening to save your plants from drought and other stuff. Mulch can stop the growth of weed by reducing the sunlight of them. Because weed can be a competition of nutrients, space, and sunlight, so it is good to get rid of them. Mulch can be a great help in getting rid of weeds.

Mulch can also reduce the amount of water evaporation in hot summer days, so it will protect your soil from drying. Organic mulch will decompose after a certain period of time and will add extra nutrients to the soil. 

You can make mulch by collecting dead leaves, scrapping dead bark from the stems of big trees and collecting grass clipping from your lawn. These all are good organic forms of mulch. 

Remember, if there is any kind of disease or infection or pests attack at dead leaves, grass clipping of bark, you should get rid of that part. Because the disease or attack can spread to your crops. 

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