How To Make Houseplants Grow Faster?

Those people who are lovers of gardening when they see that their plants are not growing well and properly they are disappointed. And some questions appear in their mind. 

Why are our plants not growing well? What techniques do we use for it? The best solution to this problem is you take specific amounts of water, provide fertilizer, put it in moderate temperature and humidity. 

Keep Your Plants Clean For Sun-light:

The sunlight is necessary for the growth of plants. In the presence of light, the plants do photosynthesis and make food. Cleaning is the next step for the healthy growth of plants. 

Firstly we should give warm and clean water through a shower. In this way, we get rid of bugs, aphids, and other pests. Cut the dead and pale leaves so that plants prevent disease and green leaves absorb light directly. 

We should take the clean and bright light window for our plant. Those plants which need bright light we put them in a sunny window. 


Pruning is most important for the healthy growth of plants. Pruning has many other benefits. Pruning is best for air circulation. We should prune the indoor plants in their season. It is best for flowering. We should prune the outdoor plants 2 times a year for their healthy growth.

Without pruning plants grow not well and their damaged leaves disturb the other leaves. So pruning is important for every plant.

Less Watering:

Water is important for plants but access water can damage its roots and shoots, so we give water to plants in a specific way. 

Indoor plants need a little amount of water. Overwatering closed the air spaces. In this way plant’s roots rot. Because plant roots need air as much as need water. We should give specific amounts of water and don’t overwater the houseplants in pots and containers. 


Fertilizers are essential for the healthy growth of plants. With the help of fertilizer plants grow faster and make healthy fruits. Your soil test decides that which fertilizers are suitable for your plants. 

Commonly, we use NPK composition in plant fertilizers. (N) nitrogen is important for new green leaves growth, (P) phosphorus to require for strong roots and flowers, and (K) potassium is essential for plant cells. 

The process of fertilizer depends on your soil test. After the test, we know which fertilizers are the best for our soil. We can use organic and chemical fertilizers for plants. 

Organic and chemical fertilizers:

Organic and chemical fertilizers are the two types of fertilizers. But you take only one type of fertilizer at one time. Organic fertilizer works like a natural process slowly but steadily, while chemical fertilizers effects faster and we get early flowers and fruits. 

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Refresh the soil:

Refreshing the soil is an important method in potting plants for the best growth. We remove the plants from their old pot cleaned the roots and left them carefully in the new nitric soil pot. 

If we have the right knowledge about planting then we will grow healthy and fast-growing plants. We should not grow sun-loving plants in dark areas and dark lights plant in sunlight. 

Incorrect light spectrum:

Plants use light in photosynthesis. Plant leaves receive specific light colors for their growth. Plant use different lights in their different stages. We should provide a specific light spectrum in each stage. 

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Calcium deficiency:

Calcium plays an important role in the growth of every plant. It is a second essential compound that helps the healthy growth of the plant. The deficiency of calcium makes plants shoot purple and yellow colors. 

If calcium deficiency is present for a long time then the plant left work and goes to a dry state. So we should provide a specific amount of calcium to plants. 

All the above following methods will help you to grow your houseplants, you know that what types of plants you grow in your house garden and get lushly garden around them. 

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