Growing Sweet Peas In Hanging Baskets

The beautiful scent of sweet pea flowers can cover the whole garden of yours in spring and summer. Along with the scent, a big layer of beauty will be a part of your garden in no time. 

Regular sweet pea plants can grow up to 8 feet. You can grow them in-ground, in your raised bed and in containers. But these varieties are not suited to grow in hanging baskets.

Still, you can grow dwarf varieties of sweet peas in your hanging baskets.  Dwarf varieties can grow up to 3 – 5 feet in height. 

Best Varieties Of Sweet Peas To Grow In Hanging Baskets

Varieties Of Sweet Peas

As I mentioned before, you can not grow regular varieties of sweet peas in hanging baskets. Here a few dwarf varieties you can try in baskets: 

1: Flora Norton 

This is a strongly scented variety. Each stem of Flora Nortan will produce 3 flowers of clear blue color. A cold and mild climate is great for this variety. 

Hot and humid conditions are not very suitable for this one. They produce beautiful flowers in the blooming season from spring to fall.  

2: Virgo

Each branch of Virgo sweet pea plant can produce 4 flowers of beautiful white color. Full sun is great for these plants, which means 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight. 

Virgo can grow up to 0.5 to 1 meter in height, which makes it perfect to grow in hanging baskets

3: King Edward VII

This variety is also in love with full sunlight of 6 to 8 hours each day. For hot and humid areas, this is the one. 

King Edward VII will produce beautiful red color flowers. The plants can grow up to 1.5 meters in height. So you may have to prune these plants. 

Hanging Baskets 

There are so many benefits of growing sweet peas hanging baskets. The first and most obvious one is beauty,  hanging baskets looks so cool. The second one is a space problem. If you have no place to grow these beautiful flowers, the hanging basket is the answer. 

Because of the height of baskets from the ground, so many pests cannot reach to your plants. There is no direct connection of plants with the ground soil, which can save your plants from rot, fungal infections, and so many other diseases. 

The selection of hanging basket is a very important step, you cannot choose smaller baskets and expect to grow peas in them. Choose a little bigger basket for better growth. 

A hanging basket of 12 to 15 inches from top to bottom would be great. I suggest you buy hanging baskets that lined with the coir or peat moss. Here are a few hanging baskets you can buy on Amazon. 

Best Soil 

Soil is the most important thing when it comes to growing in containers (hanging baskets). Plants can grow their roots deep in the soil in the normal ground and takes nutrients from there. 

In hanging baskets or other containers, you have to provide nutrients and drainage externally.  The soil of your garden lacks nutrients and drainage. 

It means you simply cannot use the topsoil of the garden. You will need potting soil to grow in baskets. Potting soil has great drainage and can provide nutrients for weeks to your plants. 

Potting soil is a special soil to grow in containers. You can buy potting soil from the nursery, market or Amazon from here. Or you can make your own at home. 

When To Plants Sweet Peas? 

As I mentioned before, most of the sweet peas varieties love full sun. The best time to sow the seeds of sweet peas is in early spring after the last frost of winter.  An unexpected frost can kill your seedlings. You can sow the seeds in late winter if there is no frost. 

How To Sow The Seeds Of Sweet Peas? 

The seeds of sweet peas have a very hard coating of the seed coat. It is best if you rub seeds between sandpaper very carefully and gently, or you can remove the seed coat using a knife. 

After removing the seed coat, selection of the best variety, choosing the soil and hanging basket, now its time of sow the seeds. 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature of the soil to sow the seeds.   

Add a few gravels at the bottom of your hanging basket before filling it up with the potting soil. 

Seeds of sweet peas will germinate in 10 to 20 days. You can also use a seed tray to germinate the seeds indoors or in the greenhouse and then plant the seedling in the hanging basket after the last frost threat.  

What Is The Best Location For Hanging Basket

A location that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight would be awesome for most of the varieties of sweet peas (King Edward VII and Virgo). Flora Norton variety can survive in cold and mild climate.

If you live in an area with large buildings and only have shady places, Flora Norton will be your best selection. 

Watering Needs

Summer and sun-loving plants need more water than winter plants. Do not overwater your plants. Always check the moisture level of soil before watering. 

Stick your index finger in the soil of hanging basket, if the top 1 to 2 inches feels dry, only then water your plants. 

Water early in the morning. Water deeply and slowly. Do not water the leaves or flowers of your plants, it can cause fungal infections. 

Caring For Sweet Pea Plants In Hanging Baskets

Here are a few tips to take care of your plants: 

  • I already mention it about potting soil. Potting soil can provide nutrients to your plants for weeks. After 2 to 3 weeks, when you saw leaves turning yellow, it means you need to fertilize the soil. 
  • Use all-purpose plant food to fertilize them. Use once a week. 
  • If you saw any pest attack, use organic pesticide or neem oil spray to kill those pests. 
  • Pull the weeds and grass from your basket (if any appear). 

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