What Plants Can Grow In 3 Inches Of Soil?

Most people don’t have any garden or backyard for growing their favorite flowering plants and vegetables. If you are facing the problem of limited space but you are interested in gardening then it is suggested that you can grow in pots and containers. 

Most people don’t want to grow in large containers and pots.  So they try to grow such types of plants that can easily adjust in small pots. 

The success growth rate of indoor plants is very high. If you grow vegetables in small pots they will not be affected by the harsh outdoor weather. 

The life span of the plant will become longer as intense environmental conditions will not affect their advancement. You will get healthy and fresh vegetables for your kitchen use.

Plants Can Grow In 3 Inches Of Soil

This article will provide a list of plants that can easily adjust in 3 inches of soil. The question comes to your mind: how is it possible? Because it may happen plants will not get full nutritious value in a small amount of soil. 

If you keep feeding then this problem will not disturb your plants and you can easily maintain them. When you grow plants in larger containers or on the ground the maintenance will become very complicated but in small pots, this will not happen. 

3 inches of soil is sufficient for growing most of the plants. The roots of those plants will grow in such small pots. 

Why Do Root Depth And Soil Depth Matter?

Most plants can easily grow in the minimum depth of soil but they need enough space for their growth. They can easily survive in the 3 in of soil depth but if you provide adequate room then they will thrive well. 

If you grow plants in three inches of soil then you should maintain the frequency of water on regular bases. In the same way, fertilizing will help to keep a balance of nutrients. 

Before choosing the plants you should first consider the size of their roots of them. This information will help you in selecting the plants and size of the pots for growing in 3 inches of soil. 

Most of the plants have shallow roots like radish and spinach so you can use minimum soil depth for growing them. But small planters need regular watering as they have minimum soil depth. Hi

20 Vegetables That Can Thrive Well In 3 Inches Of Soil

Window pots and hanging baskets with the minimum soil depth can be used for growing different plants. Succulents and cacti can face environmental challenges but some leafy vegetables and flowering plants can also grow in shallow soil. 

You should use potting soil for growing plants in parts. Avoid using garden soil for filling your body because this soil is very compact. 


Radish is one of the vegetables that can easily grow in three inches of soil. Small containers or spots can be used for growing them. Solaris Hybrid is a variety that produces small and round radishes. 

If you provide favorable conditions to this variety then you will get bright red radishes for your kitchen all year around. This variety is ready to harvest within 25 days. 

Another fast-growing variety of radish is Cherry Belle. You can grow it in a small pot and it will be ready to harvest within 3 weeks.


Spinach is also included in our list of plants that can easily grow in three inches of soil. This leafy vegetable can tolerate partial shade happily. The shallow roots of this vegetable make it possible that you can grow it in a small pot. 

Not a deep pot but should be wide enough so this leafy vegetable can spread without any trouble. If you place your pot near a sunny windowsill then it will get enough light. 

Bloomsdale Long Standing is a variety of spinach that can produce green leaves within 45 to 55 days. The ornamental look of Okinawa spinach makes it one of the most adorable spinach varieties. The underside purple color of the leaves is very attractive and can be grown as a household plant.


This variety of onions can easily adjust in three inches of soil. The Tokyo Long White variety can be ready to harvest within 65 to 100 days and is best for growing in small pots. 

If you are looking for a fast-growing green onion variety then White Lisbon is a perfect one for you. Not much space is required for growing this variety and within 60 days it is ready to harvest.


The shallow roots of lettuce make it one of the vegetables that can easily grow in 3 inches of soil. You can grow it in a small and shady place. Burgundy Delight is a variety that has different amazing colors and tastes. 

You can harvest baby leaves of this variety of lettuce for making your salad more healthy. Crispy and crunchy burgundy delight lettuce can easily adjust in small spaces. 

If this variety gets full sun exposure, it will be ready to mature within 35 to 60 days. The peppery taste of Slow Bolt Arugula will give a different taste to your salads and sandwiches. Due to narrow and elongated leaves, this variety looks like dandelion leaves. 


Kale is one of the space-saving vegetables that are ideal for small pots. The flavor and taste of your salads will become incredible after adding the fresh leaves of kale. 

You should fill your pots with a high-quality potting mix so your kale plants get all the essential nutrients and thrive well.  Dwarf Blue Curled Vates is a compact variety of kale. 

The bluish-green leaves are ready to harvest within 55 days. The bright green leaves of dwarf Siberian have a sweeter taste. You can harvest it within 50 to 60 days.  


A natural environment and little maintenance is the basic need of chard plants. Chard is a superb plant for growing in small pots and containers. Within 50 days Rainbow Mixture is ready to harvest. 

This variety has red, white, yellow, and pink stalks that look so beautiful and attractive. Ruby Red Chards are ready to harvest in 60 days. This is another striking and colorful variety for growing in small pots. 

Dig the holes of ½ to ¾ inch deep in the pot and sow the seeds. If you want passwords then apply fertilizer to make your soil more rich and full of nutrients. 

When you see the leaves grow 6 to 8 inches tall then you can harvest. It is recommended that you use fresh leaves as they are full of flavor.


If you want to grow such a vegetable which is a good source of vitamins and minerals then kohlrabi is a good option. You can sow the seeds in half inches of the soil in a small pot. 

Well-drained soil and full sun exposure is the essential requirement. Within a few weeks, you plant ready to harvest if you provide favorable conditions. 


For indoor planting, you can sow the seeds 7 weeks before the last frost date. You can get all the information about the dates of frost from any local nursery. 

Make holes about ¼ to ½ inch in the soil and sow the seeds. Keep in mind cold and moderate temperature is needed for growing broccoli plants. After 60 days your plant is ready to harvest. 


There are many benefits of cauliflower plants. The most important advantage is that it helps you to fight against heart disease and different types of cancers. 

This vegetable is imported into our list as it can easily grow in shallow soil. You need to make ¼ inch of holes in the soil so the seeds. The plant can grow on the minimum soil surface but it needs proper room to expand. There should be 18 to 24 inches between each cauliflower plant. 

10- PEAS

This plant needs little maintenance to grow in a cold climate. The perfect time for sowing the seeds of pea plants is in the winter season. The nutrition value of peas is very high so you can choose to grow them at minimum soil depth. 

For healthier growth for your plants, your soil should be well-drained and rich. You can sow the seeds in soil 1 to 2 inches deep. The maturity time of peas is about 54 to 72 days. The flavor of young peas is sweeter than fully grown peas.  

11- MINT

You can grow mint in shallow pots at your home. Fill a 4-inch pot with three inches of soil. Make sure you are using rich and fertile soil for growing mint. When your plant is established, you can pinch out the top of the mint plant whenever needed. 

This is a vigorous grower so you should keep pruning. Fresh leaves are full of flavor and aroma. Whenever you see the top surface of the soil is dry then it is the time to water your plant. Keep the soil moist with consistent water. 


The colorful and attractive flowers of this plant make it perfect for growing in pots. This is a bushy plant so you should use a wider pot for growing pansies. 

It doesn’t matter if you are using three inches of soil but the width of the pot is very important. You can grow this small flowering extraordinary plant as a houseplant.  From summer to spring this plant produces full blooms.


If you want to grow aromatic plants in pots then Rosemary is a good choice. This is a fragrant herb. This plant is perfect for growing in shallow soil. 

The soil must be rich enough to provide all the major nutrients to your plant. Make sure the pot you are using must have drainage holes. Drainage is very important as it will prevent your plants from root rot. You can start rosemary plants with seeds, seedlings, or cuttings. 


If you want to grow any plant in a small pot but you can’t provide proper light then chives are a perfect herb for you. Chives easily grow in partial shade so it is an ideal choice for you. 

If you don’t have enough time to maintain your plant then try to cancel your problems as they need little care. When chive plants once established, they reproduce every year. 


Another leafy vegetable that likes to grow in shady places. This plant needs little attention so it is an ideal indoor vegetable plant. Keep the soil moist so your plant will thrive well. Regular pruning is recommended to keep the size of the plant according to the size of your pot. 


These plants easily grow in small pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes. These plants need little maintenance and care.  There are different varieties of colors and shapes. Make sure the pot you are using must have drainage holes at the bottom.


If you want to add colors to your growing area then this is a perfect plant for you. This small plant can grow 8 to 12 inches tall. The pincushion flower plant is perfect for growing in minimum soil depth.


Other plants that can thrive well in the pot, are urns, window boxes, hanging baskets, and planters. In summer, this plant produces cup-shaped flowers.


The color of this plant is bright green to maroon. This plant gets its name because each mother plant produces a young plant. If you grow this plant in a hanging basket with minimum soil depth then this plant looks charming.


This plant produces pink, white, and purple flowers. Petunia produces colorful flowers in spring. You can easily grow it in shallow soil.

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